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Retired and loving it touring the USA and visiting as many RV parks and
National wonders this country has to offer.


Zion National Park April 2008                       
Zion National Park, the beauty of this park cannot be described in words, you must see all of the colors in person but I have tried to do so on the photo page. There is a Tram that takes you everywhere in the park exception of the tunnel which you take your auto to drive through. 
There are 7 stops in the park and each one has walkways and trails, some are hard and some are handicap walking trails, we got off at the second stop to stretch our legs and take photos
we walked the easy walking trails such at our next stop the weeping rock, did not make it all the way to the weeping rock but what we did see the Angel River running and found out the rain seeps into the sandstone and as the sand gets soaked it flows out of the hard sand as seen below.
lily pads and plants with water bubbling out of the river bottom.
Our next stop we got off so we could take photos of the climbers on the side of the cliffs
As you can see in the next photo they are going straight up and the wind was blowing extremely hard so it looked to us that there equipment was swinging back and forth
there is one ahead of the other and their equipment is off to the side.
The colors change from rich purples and blues to orange like seeing copper through out the area, but it is not copper just a mix of sediment over time that has the area full of color
After riding the tram we got the car and drove over to the tunnel. It is man made through the sandstone about 1.3 miles.  It is so small as it was made in 1929 when the park was being developed, if a motor home, bus or anything larger then a car is going through you wait, as they take up the whole tunnel.  We are waiting here as you can see and it was a tour bus coming back from the other side.
The colors and change is real noticeable as soon as you exit the tunnel on the opposite side
I call this one "OH MY"   since it looks like a face in between two hands. Look closely and see what I mean
sandstone has rings almost like tree rings, this is the wind tearing away at the sand, the area lays in a fault  rock is constantly pushed up out of the earth
As we were coming around a corner I told Mike to stop as this was the only flowering tree I had seen in the whole park, it surprised me as there was not another one around.
Whiles taking the picture above, another car had stopped and also was taking pictures,  but he was taking them of the rocks across the street, he ran over to me and said look at the top of the mountain and see the Wild Horned Ram, the ram looked my ram just as I snapped his picture.
Leaving the park we stopped at the human resources center and watched a movie about Zion.  It was like flying over the whole park.  Mike said he wants a plane since seeing it this way,  was he most enjoyable moment.
We then started heading home where we stopped and eat lunch here in Robertsdale.
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