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Utah Photos 2009
Spanish Fork along Hwy 6 from Salt Lake
along Hwy 6 towards Moab The colors of the cliffs are amazing
Utah Photos 2008
Salt Lake City

Taking the I-15 to 600 S we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City


The picture on right, was taken May 1st 08 driving into Hurricane from the frontage road by Leeds


Driving home from Logan we stopped to see Devil's Slide
it is off the 80 going north about mile post 109
A wonder of Nature, natural rock which has made itself into a rock slide

Mirror Lake Wasatch Cache National Forest
July 2008

We took the 132 south to Kamas, from Rockport, then turned onto the 150 East,
 we stayed on the 150 all the way through the forest onto Montana
and came back to Rockport via the I-80

Provo River 
Duchesne Tunnel built in 1949 to get water from Mountain now it just has a small amount coming through as the water has been diverted down river
Bridle Veil Falls  
The National Forest is 10,000 ft elevation and some tops of the mountains still had snow, the Bridle Veil falls is water flowing into the Provo River. It is forest you should not miss if you are in the area plenty of dry camping areas as well as snowmobile, snowshoeing, off road ATV'S are allowed in certain areas of the park.  The camp sites are big clean. There are over 25 areas you can camp in including one right at Mirror lake, the lake is more for fishing then boating but all can enjoy.
Park City Olympic Village June 2008


What a site and feeling, you felt like you were right in the middle of all the Olympic games.  Students were out training and we were able to see what they had to go through


  You can take a ride on the ski lifts all year around looks like fun! We had a bus tour ($5.00 ea. as a senior citizen) it was the best way too see the park, Jimmy our tour guide was servicing at the Olympics so really had a lot of information about all of the games


  Above the ski runs are used all year round as a practice field, Training on trampolines, the athletes come to train all year round what a site too see

Ya I got to go skiing too!


  There is a small ski jump run for the beginners  

The loge is something to see up close I wouldn't want to run it, although you can, for $75 you will get a trainer and 1/2 a day on the loge

  Someone goes down the loge every hour in a sled to maintain the track, if they did not do this then someone would have to walk it to make sure it is clean, the sleds do not go fast enough to hit the finish as there is only one person in the sled, and it would take 4 to make it across the finish line  
Rockport State Park in Utah

Snowed the week we got here as you can see in the picture to your right.  Off of HWY 132 exit 155 off of 84 south

  just 30 min north of Park City

It is a beautiful park with the Rangers and staff very friendly and the sites are wonderful see more about the park


Kolob Zion National Park

This is part of the Zion National Park about 20 miles from the ST. George RV park, we are right off of the I-15.  It was extremely hazy the day we went so the colors of the photos do not reflect the true reds and orange's in the mountains.  The park is full of wonderful areas to park and take pictures, you can do the drive in about 30 min., of course we stopped every turn we could, so I could take picture and take in the view

This is the first scene you see after leaving the ranger station, by the way the Golden age pass works here if you don't have one it will cost you $10. per person to enter the park which is good for 7 days at both the Kolob and Zion

There are a lot of walking trails, I wished I could have walked them as at the bottom of one of the trails  a large pool with the rocks jutting out, am told it is spectacular
SEE ZION National Parks Pictures


Quail Lake
This is a reservoir just behind the Western Horizon Park, we can't see it but you have to drive around the lake to get onto any street leaving the park
Red Cliffs State Park

The park which is located right across the freeway from our site, you can see the cliffs from our window and in the morning when the sun shines on the cliffs it is like a red glow with purples and cinnamon as well as the deep reds. It will cost you $2 to day camp and with the Golden Age pass only $1






RV Parks to stay in while visiting Utah
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