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Newport is on the border of Idaho and Washington, when you  go out of the park turning left one street you are in Idaho. Our first day took us to the Abeni Falls Dam in Idaho, there are no falls now as the dam was created where it use to be, the river eventually flows into the Columbia River. 
Kallispell Tribal Reservation
this reservation is off of WA-20 located about 20 miles from Newport WA.  they have a field of  Buffalo which are a scared animal for their tribe.  They roam free on the tribal land
 Taking W-20 from Newport going past the Tribal you head to the Manresa Grotto,
a walk up the trail will lead you to the ancient caves where the tribe at one time lived.
Manresa Grotto      
we walked the easy trail up to the Grotto, where we found the caves, actually only 3 but they were impressive. Below you will see the caves are large and the rock formations were colorful and amazing.  Take a look at the one I call ancient man.  See if you can see what I did!
Inside the cave, where they still hold holy ceremonies
The formation to the right makes you wonder how it was formed, notice Mike in the lower right corner and you get an idea of how large this cave is.
Take a look at the one I call ancient man. 
 See if you can see a face & the fish below the face. 
 There was nothing to say that this was in the rock
I just happened to see it and took the picture.
The View looking down from the caves.
See Sandpoint City Pictures about 28 miles from Newport