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Our Pictures   Places Visited   What we Saw


Fulton Mansion March 2007
  While at the restaurant on the right an oyster boat came in and started unloading his catch. All of the oysters where already in the bags and were unloaded then taken to be de-shelled  

Fulton Mansion built in 1876 as a retirement home for the Fulton's
  Chandler as you enter the foyer
Mr. Fulton's parlor
(Mrs. Fulton would only allow smoking in this room of the home)
  The Main Parlor of Living Room

Rockport  March 2007

Across the water Maritime Museum
Of course had to take pictures of the sailboats at dock


Reddish Egret
Great Egret
Snowy Egret

Birds that are in the area, tried to see them at the bird sanctuary but could not here are what they have in the area along with turtles and alligators

  Spent today 3/17 shopping for shrimp and at the beach, .

The owners of the Flower Shrimp Shop, own there own shrimp boat and boy did they have large shrimp Can't wait to eat them

Big Tree  Feb 2007
Texas State Aquarium
  Sea Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle

  We had a wonderful day yesterday, we finally went to see what everyone was talking about, "The Big Tree" it is across the long bridge over on Goose island and in the Goose Island Park. If you click on the picture you will see the details of this 1000 year old tree.  And in the next picture you will see Mike behind the tree walking the dog.  This will give you insight as to how large this tree is.   One of the things that you need to look out for all around this area are the alligators. Haven't seen one but with these signs are always on the lookout.

USS Lexington Feb 2007

Entrance to the USS Lexington
   View of the city of Corpus Christi from the main deck of the USS Lexington

Mike finally puts me in the brig

    The BB 57

is a model that took10 years to make


Waiting for ferry to Mustang Island
  Ferry crossing the shipping lane, ship carrying oil, we had to wait until it passed before proceeding   What we see from the ferry of Aransas Pass  
Our exit

Our Welcome to the Island

  Homes on the ocean 
These look expensive and each are on the water with their own boat docks

Impressive but I don't think I would want to be there when a storm hit, although this area has not been hit with a hurricane for a few years but then again it could happen.

  We stopped at Moby Dick's Restaurant on the Island for fresh fish and shrimp, the coconut shrimp was not anything like in Port Angeles, but I haven't found good food like Port Angeles anywhere yet including Mexican. You would thing being here in the Corpus Christi area and so close to Mexico that you would fine good Mexican food but not so, they call it Tex/MEX here and it really is an Mix



Rockport January 20,2007
Maritime Museum

Here we saw replicas of ship from the 1800's and stories of the lighthouses from around the area

   Gulf of Mexico shrimp boats across from the Museum

Corpus Christi and Rockport January 18,2007

Entering Corpus Christi all you see are oil refineries

Outskirts of Corpus Christi

  Here we see the bridge that will take us to Rockport where we will be staying for 6 weeks

crossing over the bridge
  This is the first thing we see while crossing the bridge,
the USS Lexington
Mike got excited as this is one thing he wants to visit

The Alamo San Antonio Texas January 12,2007

What a site, it is amazing how one can go back into history to see how our founding fathers helped build America



The grounds were so beautiful, words cannot express what I felt when first seeing the entrance to all that has been preserved. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.




  On January 11 we are finally going to San Antonio TX. Here are some pictures taken along I-10 as we headed to our destination  

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