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Since we have been staying at our Resort parks, there are many, I have added a page where you can pick the park you want to see All RV Parks   
Seaside RV Park (Leisure Time,RPI)

Aug4th -25th 2016

It rained about everyday that we were here, there was a typhoon out of Japan that hit the area,
we had 85 mile winds no damage to park or rigs.  I got a lot of sewing done. On the 3 days we had sun went into Warenington and did the shopping of course stopping in Joann's each time.

I am making Tortilla Warmers and Oven mitts, hoping they sell when we get to Palm Desert.

If you are looking for a great Chinese dinner then try Great Wall Restaurant,
4340 Hwy 101N Gearhart, OR they are about 5in. from Encore/TT Seaside RV park

1703 12th Ave
Seaside, Oregon 97138

July 28- Aug 11, 2010

June 23 -July 7 2010

Our space #162  Sept. 2007

 Rv spaces north side
Here it is 2010 and this park has changed, since they no longer have work campers, employees only, the ones they hire seem not to like their job.  Some are very augmentative, others seem to not care.  One example when I asked the housekeeper person who looks after the pool area if they could raise the temperature about 2 degrees so that it was warmer in the mornings she gave a very loud why the manager would not allow her to do it.  She came across like she did not care, she went on to say how busy she is doing everything from mopping to pool bathrooms etc.  She says she does not have enough hours in the day to complete her work.   Then we go to the spa which by the way she has just told us it was checked and it looked bad due to high usage Saturday night.  Susan turned on the jets and oh my, there was looked like vomit coming to the top, I know what you are thinking didn't she just say she checked it?  The pool is closed everyday from 1-2 for cleaning so why is she putting cold water in the pool in the morning?  Susan & I both looked at each other and went what the ....is going on with this park all of a sudden.  Is it us?  Guess not just talked with several people and they too have the what is happening here.

When going to breakfast on Saturday, usually you have a great meal a little pricy but you don't have to drive and the food is good however there again the cook was telling us that we could not get hash browns due to the fact so many people ordered pancakes, now think about this if you can't get hash browns because the grill is full of pancakes, then what are you going to order since hash browns cannot fit on the grill due to the pancakes, does any of this make since, several of us looked at each other and said "WHAT"  Maybe everyone was having a bad weekend but they should not take it out on the RV'ers. 

The park is still well maintained and the people at the gate are wonderful, some of the ground crew are friendly but the ones you do see almost everyday such as housekeeping act like they do not want you here. 

This park is located right off of Hwy 101 south turning on 12th East about 4 blocks, 8 blocks from the ocean and tourist attractions, about hour southwest from Astoria.  Has large back-in sites, 50 amps full hook ups on North side of park and 30 amps on South side altogether their are 221 sites.  When you enter the park you are meet by the Ranger (don't know if they really are or just called that) and they are extremely friendly and helpful. The first site was WOW, this looks great, you can choose which side of the park you want to be in, the north side has the enclosed pool and spa along with the small clubhouse and cafe, where they serve breakfast from Fri-Sun, very good food, also have a bar-b-que on Saturdays until the end of season, which is around September 24th. They have 70 acres of forest that adjoin thousands of acres.  The management takes pride in this park you can see it wherever you go and everyone is helpful and friendly, I know you will enjoy your stay here, the park was full under ROD and AOR so we came in under RPI, the cost of $8 was worth it. Love this park

Things to do while in Seaside. you can walk down the main street of Seaside and find a lot of different stores, from original candies, beach items, and toys including fun time riding the bumper cars, carousel, video game center and more, with many different types of restaurants, the Pigs in Blanket have over 35 kinds of pancakes and breakfast items. This town is lovely to walk around in, there is also a Safeway within a few blocks of the parks as well as an outlet center. So bring your pocketbook or better yet leave it behind and put on your walking shoes. The Main street is one way, we parked at the beginning of the town and walked to the end where you will find Lewis & Clark statue End of the Trail 1805-1806.  It is a town not to be missed.


****Parks we would stay in again, large pull through, full hook ups, well maintained, activities,  50/30 amps
***Parks we would stay but do not have activities full hook ups/30 amps
**Parks that do not have pull-through (back in only),30 amps, traffic noise, railroad noise
    (since Mike retired from the railroad this is the number one thing we do not need to hear )
*Would absolutely not go back

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