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Priest Lake Idaho.  The lake is over 70 miles long, there are a lot of lakes, rivers here in the area. Makes for great water sport fun.
Priest River Cavanaugh Bay Marina  
  Priest Lake Idaho, 75 miles long
Blue Marina  
  Blue Lodge Marina Restaurant 
Priest River along the Idaho 2 to Sandpoint Look at the hill side along the highway and you will see
little water falls, this area is famous for it's rivers, lakes and water falls.
Sandpoint is about 28 miles from Newport and it is an old town established in 1890, just up the road from Sandpoint is a Wally-Mart.  So off we went The town is really small but the outskirts of cabins along the river are spread out to make the town a population of 690.  WOW is that small or what?
We walked around and the shops are all unique, lots of 60's stuff, like tye-dye shirts, dresses.  There was a fantastic men's store with muck-luks and fur shoes, We found a great little place to have lunch.  The Spuds Rotisserie & Grill.
We sat outside on the deck, looking down at the large boat dock. The weather was around 74 and the atmosphere was relaxing,
they serve Potatoes of all kinds, from the Papas Fresco(olive oil, tomatoes, avocado & green onions)
to the English potato (Butter).  Mike had clam chowder and I had the American Potato (butter, green onions, bacon and sour cream,
0H the calories but it was GOOD
We walked around the town so more, and Mike pointed out the brick walkway on one side of the street, it seems that people purchased a brick in memory of a love one and that made the sidewalk.
 We will be going to Priest Lake tomorrow so more pictures to come.  
See USK Pictures about 20 miles from Newport