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Retired, touring the USA and eating our way across America



Seaside Oregon    For a Great Chinese dinner  try Great Wall Restaurant, 4340 Hwy 101N Gearhart, OR
they are about 5in. from Encore/TT Seaside RV park  They have great prices and the food is fantastic so is the service
Nuthouse Grill located at 8874 Bender Rd. Lynden WA 360-318-0588
Great food and friendly staff, and you get to throw your peanuts shells on the floor, on the way to Sumas border crossing you really need to plan a stop here for the fantastic food and great hospitality.
Ribs are great, and the fresh baked yeast rolls are to die for. 
Big Al's Diner Blaine

Located at 234 D St. Blaine
Great food and not a bad price, clean and our waitress Christi was wonderful. Had wonderful pieces of old, was great to look at all of the old signs and symbols.

Sand Castle and Hotel
Across from the bay, you drive on Bay Drive
It is a Restaurant and Bar
Food ok, music loud, but you can't beat the scenery. Great service. Price for a hamburger., fries--Halibut and salad with coffee and ice tea came to $35 plus tip.

Aquadel Restaurant walking distance from TT Cultus Lake

Our Waitress was friendly and helped us with tourist information, the food was wonderful, 2 lunches with coffee and ice tea around $40
Relief Pitcher on the 101 a great pup and fantastic Pastrami Cheeseburgers price not bad either
Seaside, OR 503-738-9801
Benson's Restaurant in Long Beach, WA
Open from 7:30 AM to 2:30PM everyday, nice little restaurant breakfast served all day, Mike loves that. You can walk the town from this restaurant so have your meal leave your car and have a great walk.
Quincy, WA

Great little restaurant center of town, true taste Mexican flavor
709 First Ave. S.E.
Sheridan, WY
Ribs Louisiana style, Pete at Pete's RV recommended this restaurant, the staff was efficient and made sure Mike's coffee cup was always full, the ribs however were not the best I have ever had but they were good.  A large stuff baked potato and salad came with the meal
Menifee, CA

We went for Breakfast and as some of you know I love cheese Blintzes, we have been to many IHOP's in a lot of states and I have to say this one had Blintzes that were out of this world.  Reminded me of New York. Loved them
Astoria, OR
The Bowpicker is a favorite of the locals and tourist, they fry Tuna as your fish and chips dish, and it is good, you eat outside on the picnic table, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the people you have lunch with or just pick some up and take back to your rig while you are in Astoria, they are right off the main drag and you can see them from the Maritime Museum.
Long Beach, WA (Seaview)  
There is a new restaurant opened about 4 weeks ago here and we were told it was great food and the prices are reasonable.  After setting up the rig here at the park we all decided to try it out.
 They have burgers and salads along with some fish sandwiches.  The burgers where wonderful and tater tots which come if you choose instead of fries or you substitute with a salad. It is reasonable the price for our drinks and dinner was $23 before tip.
Cannon Beach, OR

This Cafe is next to a Hotel in fact it is attached,
they have great coffee terrific breakfast and at a decent price.  Cannon Beach is only 15 min. from Seaside
Hawk Creek Cafe
Hawk Creek Cafe is just up the road north of the Neskowin RV park in the town of Neskowin, they have great pizzas, sandwiches and dinners.  We ate there for lunch and the following week had the pizza.
After eating walked around the back and got these photos, we were a long ways away from the beach and ocean, so the first photo taken has a lot of haze.

Rogue Brewery

As you cross the Newport Bridge heading South the next turn to the right before the light, are several places to visit such as this Rogue Brewery.  Of course it is beer, but also Gin and the restaurant serves all kinds of sandwiches and fish.  Wasn't so crazy about the main dishes but the cheesecake is to die for.  I love cheesecake and this rum one will make you want to take the whole pie home.  It is so good as good if not better then a New York cheese cake.
Chalet Pie House, Newport, ORA Family Restaurant award top for the area, it is also a bakery and the food was fine, not expensive about the same if you where to go to IHOP, Denny's.
It is right on the coast Hwy, in the Safeway shopping center.
Indio, CA
Jackalope Restaurant 80400 HWY 111 in Indio,
great place to take friends and out of Towner's to Happy Hour.  Not expensive if you go between 3 and 6 PM.  Get there early around 3 if you can as it does get crowded. 
You will love walking around the gardens they are wonderful, make sure you take your camera.
La Quinta, CA
We have found a Mexican Restaurant that serves hot and I mean plate hot food.  They are at 111 Hwy and Washington, 78480 HWY 111 in La Quinta. The food is good, I can't call it great but if you want to eat Mexican and not go to far from the RV park here is one to go to. 
Menifee, CA
Here is a Hamburger Joint, ah Restaurant, the Red Robin has the greatest hamburgers I have ever eaten.  They serve other items but they are famous for their large and delicious hamburgers.  When Lindsey our waitress introduce herself with a friendly smile we told her this was the first time we had visited a Red Robin, she took our order, I order the Bacon Avocado with mayo, now let me tell you, after ordering Mike showed me the calorie count  Holy Cow it was enough calories for two days of eating.   But who's counting if it is GOOD!!  The General Manger come over introduced himself, Dan Anderson, and after hearing this was our first time, me telling him if it is good I would add him to this page.  He went to the cook and made sure we had a great hamburger, I am sure they would be good even if he didn't, and he served it, now how many times does have you seen a manger who really cares, he is on the top of my list.  They were so great and large with steak fries (all you can eat). You won't be eating the steak fries as the burger filled you and you will want to finish it as it was so GOOOOD .  I could not finish mine, so go to a Red Robin close to you, and see what I am talking about.  They are at 30142 Haun RD in Menifee and there is one in Palm Springs at La Quinta.
In Tombstone try the O.K. Cafe Buffalo Burger, on Hwy 80 south to 10th right towards the old Tombstone Courthouse.
La Mesilla, NM has one of the oldest restaurants in NM it is called La Posta,  the last time Mike and I ate there was in 1983, the food is still great.  And the town is wonderful to walk around after having your meal.  Billy the Kid gift shop was once a bar, and it was also the government building and used as the state capital of NM and AZ.  You will love this restaurant and the walk around.

The Town of La Conner, WA offers many restaurants to suit the fish lover in you as well as the normal hamburgers, steaks, etc.  We found "The Pub" to be the best in food and price.  Fran while visiting loved the Clam Strips and I love the tempura fish, the food was good and the scenery on the bay spectacular. The pub is the first building on the right of t
his photo

In Friday Harbor we found the Restaurant (which we had gone to the last time Mike & I where on Friday Harbor, it still had great food and we sat on the patio watching all of the boats.
Blain, WA right across from the bay, we went to the Beach House,
were we were able to see the bay and have lunch, the food was not that good, service was fair, but the view was great prices were high.

Bar Harbor, WA on Widbey Island has a great Mexican Restaurant called El' Pueblo,  to get there is sort of easy, you follow the highway 20 which leads from Deception Pass downtown through Widbey Island.  Almost at the end of the highway, there is a Safeway on the right, go past it and the light, the next light make a left, go a couple of blocks and you will see a Wells Fargo bank on your right, make the turn right there, then immediately turn right and the restaurant is on your left across from the bay.  It didn't look like it was even open.  We parked in the back and the door was open went upstairs to a great gal who waited on us and we order, the food came quick and the food was wonderful, on top of this it was not that expensive.  So go and look at the bay and have great food.

Sandpoint, WA    Spuds Rotisserie & Grill 102 N. First Ave. 208-265-4311
A little restaurant that serves Idaho potato with anything and everything.  We stopped to  have lunch, Mike had the clam chowder and I had the American Potato,  (sour cream, green onions, and bacon) boy was it good, I know the calories are horrible but hey you only live once.



Hurricane, Ut
The Rusty Bucket in Hurricane, Ut is at
460 W State St
Hurricane, UT 84737
(435) 635-2700

they opened around the 1st of April and the food is homemade, we ate there on May 1st had spaghetti and meatballs, I must admit it was almost as good as my homemade dish.  It was the first time I actually wanted too bring home the left over's. I know we will try this one again as the owner/manager Michele ,was very nice and made us feel at home.  I would rate this one as a 8, clean very well managed and the service was great along with the wonderful food, the only draw back was I wanted desert and they did not have the homemade pies ready yet ! 
They have live entertainment on Friday and Saturday, for example there will be a dinner special of Prime Rib for $13.99 on May 1st 09, along with an Elvis impersonator.


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Washington the best Bread pudding in the USA
Saginaw's is right down Main Street in Elma, Washington.  They make homemade bread pudding everyday and it is to die for.  We have bought several people here & each have said that when someone tells them a good restaurant they are disappointed but not this time.  You just have to go here for the Bread Pudding.  Note as of 2012 Saginaw's has closed due to the economy we will miss this place as we loved the Bread pudding and the friendly staff.