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Trip 2016
Lupe and Bob stopped by while we were here in Coplis Beach, a wonderful surprise, we have made so many great friends from St. David RV park. Lupe made a Mexican night at the park, I decorted and she and CeCe, Mike did the cooking. Bob loves to go out on his 4 wheeler, he took Mike out along with Jim & Arte close by they stop to see you.

LinLin and Chrisie called to say they were in the area we met them at Pigs and Pancakes in Seaside, (another favorite restaurant of ours). They too worked at St.David. I have been so pleased with all who have become friends from St. David, it they are close by they stop to see you. I will miss all of these wonderful friends.
Elma Travel Inn where it rained almost every day June-Aug. 2016 Elm Variety Store they have rows and rows of wonderful fabric
Cannon Beach Area
Oregon 2011-2015
along the 101 Seaside every day rain
Trip down the 101 from Florence 2015
Symons State Park in Ocean Side OR The town folks call these rocks Turtle Rock
Town of Ocean Side OR all built on the hills
 on the Right photo just outside of the Maritime Museum in
Below photos along the 101  
Below Yaquina Bay Bridge we stayed at Whalers Rest south of the bridge about 4 miles.  
Shore Acres State Park,  Coos Bay (Chesterfield City, OR)
Can you see the whale in the Lava Rock?   
Here is one that if you look close you can see the fish in the top of the Lava Rocks  If you look close at the bottom of the Lava rock in the waves you will see a bed of Lava rock that looks like a sea lion 
Sea Lions   
  If you would like to see more of the South Acres Park
I have photos of the Gardens   click here
The Dunes below is just about 4 min. away right behind South Jetty Thousand Trails park. This is another State park and all kinds of sand vehicles are on the dunes every day.     On almost every corner you can rent and ATV to go out on the dunes.  It is about 50 min. from Florence to Coos bay and the Dunes are all along the coast
 On the Left Olive House, you name it you will find any olive your heart desires, also any flavor of Olive Oil, Olives, Jam (Olive) and much more, all right in Old Town Florence.  Carnival and Rodie ( Rodadendra Festival) 
 Drove about 30 miles from Florence to the Umpqua River Lighthouse.  They were in the process of cleaning it with a very powerful water sprayer.
 You can see the difference from the top to the bottom   
  Look close and you can see the guys from the inside cleaning the windows.   
View from across the Lighthouse.  Whales migrate the month of Nov. and in May. We were too far away to see anything other then the ocean which was fantastic  Umpqua Museum
Front of Museum  Old ship next to Museum 
White Sand along the 58  
Fall along the 101 1000 flags honoring Oregonian's who have given their lives in service
Tillamook Cheese  
Travel down the 101 from Seaside OR to Neskowin OR  Sept. 19th 2011 
Astoria 2010
The Columbia river was named after the boat Columbia, the captain could not find the entrance to the river. The birds perch here on the rails looks like a theater, they are waiting for the movie to start
Looking out over the Columbia from the Columbia Maritime Museum The Trolley runs along the outside rim of the Columbia, thru the downtown area, it only cost is $1 and you can get off and get back on anytime if you want to pay another $1
The Bowpicker, was a boat used in fishing until they decided to park it in an empty area, they make fish & chips only, the fish is tuna and is quite good, cost for a full order is $9, half order $7 comes with fries.

The Column tells the story of this area, about how people came to the area. You can walk inside the 184 steps to see all around you.  I did not as that was way too many steps. You can see, from the photos below, all three rivers

View from the Column Park
Seaside and Cannon Beach
The above Sandcastle were on the Cannon Beach
Along Hwy 101
Boiler Bay State Park
  You can see Lincoln City in the background
Yaquain Lighthouse  
Lincoln City, Neskowin and Pacific City area
Left photo taken about 1 mile away, from Hawks Cafe ,in Neskowin

 Below view from Pacific City Beach
Whales where in the water and have been for about 6 weeks now, only saw the blow and tips of backs.
Winema View point along hwy 101
Sea Aquarium in South Beach (Newport, Oregon)
The Newport Sea Aquarium is rated as one of the top 10 in the nation, it is informative, not too large and has a layout that is easy to walk with lots of volunteers to answer questions.

This Otter stayed in front of the Plexi glass window, in the water, showing off for the school kids that where on a field trip, it was funny to watch and great entertainment for me too.
Sea Birds As we turned the corner to the live fish tanks there were divers in feeding the fish, hope you can see one of them giving the thumbs' up as I took his picture

"Japanese Spider Crabs"
Aquarium Village in South Beach, OR
Lots of neat shopping at the Aquarium Village in South Beach, really Newport, OR
Entering Oregon  Crossing over the Newport Bridge in Oregon
  Barrows House 1895

View of the Pacific from State Park Whale watching is common from here and up
and down the Costal Hwy.
Sea Museum Town of Newport
Ripley's Believe it or Not Wax Museum
There are paintings on almost all of the building in the old section of Newport bay and harbor area  
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