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See Oregon 2010
The Oregon Trail has many great sites to see this is just one of them, going east on the I-84 from Washington towards Idaho, we stopped at a viewpoint and it was raining the clouds were beautiful.

 Oregon 2007
Cannon Beach

Mammoth Rock Formation
The Mammoth Rock is about 1/2 mile walk on the beach, and to see this formation standing so erect out of the ocean to me is amazing. The first time we found it the tide was out but could not find a way down to the beach, when the tide is out you can walk across to the rocks.  On the second try we found the beach entrance and the tide was in, although some people were trying to make it across, as you can see in the picture


   There seems to be some sort of light house in the distance (picture on left) and the formation of rocks is up and down this beach.  This is a town not to be missed and if I had a chance to live here I would.  The cost of living is high since it is a tourist town, but what views and beaches.


  I had the best time here in Cannon Beach, OR

It is a small town, on the ocean with lots of tiny artist galleries and craft shops & restaurants.

Seaside  September  2007
We had a wonderful day yesterday, walking around the town, from the beginning of town to the end where we sat and watched the ocean and kite flying. Lots of restaurants and shopping

  Lewis & Clark End of the Journey