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Old Town of La Mesilla
On Nov. 16th 1854, an American Flag was raised in the plaza to mark the signing of the Gadsden Purchase.
This treaty annexed Mesilla along with much other land in the
southern NM at a cost of about 10 million dollars.

 In 1858, the Butterfield Overland Mail and Stage Line set
up its regional headquarters in Mesilla.

At that time Mesilla was the largest town in the southern part of the
New Mexico territory with a population of 3,000.

In 1861 the Confederate troops entered Mesilla.
 Mesilla was declared to be the capital of New Mexico and Arizona territories.

La Posta has been here since Billy the Kid, when you look at the building,
all the original entrance is under the vega's.
San Albino Church is one of the oldest churches
in the Mesilla Valley
New Mexico Old Town of Albuquerque,

Old Town of Albuquerque,  New Mexico

Most of the buildings have been around since 1775,
so they say, all are just updated to modern times.

There are a lot of wonderful gift and restaurants in the
shopping area.  The old church was so beautiful,
There is public parking on the street if you can
find one, otherwise as you enter, just behind the Monument
is fee parking, around $3 for 3 hours.


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