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Our son Michael took all of us to the Exculber Show in Vegas  
Michael flew Brooke in to stay with us over the Thanksgiving Weekend, picking her up at airport, we had a great time it was the best present our son could ever have given us. It was a wonderful
Thanksgiving as the whole family was together
Gracie, Liz, Brooke and me at Exculiber Christmas show & Dinner  
We took Brooke to the Shark Tank in Vegas
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Hoover Dam
Right now you can drive over Hoover Dam
but by year 2011 you will cross over where
 the new bridge is being made.  You can see the
cables being raised and the supports placed into
 the mountains.
The Welcome center is built into the mountains, too me it is historic as you will never be able
to drive across the dam again.  We were lucky to be here at this time.  Homeland Security checks
all vehicles going into the dam area, that is one of the reasons the bridge is being built, the other is
with all of the weight on the dam from vehicles, trucks and buses the dam is cracking, wouldn't
want to have all of that water rushing down the mountains into the valley.  Also notice how the
lake has reduced in the amount of water it does hold, the picture on the right shows where the
water level used to be ,notice the white area, that was at one time the level of the water.  We are
running out of water in the southwest for sure.   Below is the lake view of Lake Mead. 
Las Vegas, NV
Here we watch for the music to come on, you can see the water is clear and the mechanism that makes the water shot out to the music. Once the music starts the water dances, it is a sight not to miss.
  Caesar's Palace and bottom first sight when entering
Make sure you bring water when walking downtown Strip, the heat can get to you, of course you can always stop inside a casino to rest and get a drink.  We saw the Jersey Boys while here and WOW what a show.


The Paris Casino is a great place to Valet your car then walk the stip,
since there is no parking anywhere this was the best way to get around.


Boulder Station right down from the TT park we stayed in.

Pahrump, NV

Taking the I-15 to the 160 west we end up in Pahrump


Terrible's Pahrump, NV

Chicken Ranch and Sheri's Brothel


Chicken Ranch Brothel
 (this is where the "Best little Whore House movie was filmed starring Bert Reynolds and Dolly Parton)
 It is still a working Brothel





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