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today's journal
February 5, 2011

Dedication Ceremony was held for Kathy today, her brother and brother in law and wives came to help with this wonderful celebration of Kathy's life as we know it here at Thousand Trails.  Ursula Frunke gave us a beautiful poem that is now on a permanent plague on the fountain.

Ursula, Kate, Joann, Nancy, and many others gave us memories of Kathy in their dedication speeches,
There were a lot of tears and laughs as we all enjoyed hearing how once again Kathy inspired all of us.

Garry (brother to Kathy) on the right Ursula center and brother-in-law on the left
A lot of folks were in attendance and we all had one thing in common and that was how Kathy affected our lives, she is so missed by all of us.
September 1,2010
Kathy Howerton,
Kathy lost her battle with cancer
today August 29, 2010.

Services will be held at St. Matthews Episcopal Church on Sept 11th 2 pm in Grand Junction, Co. In lieu of flowers, they said anyone can make a donation to Collier Hospice 2420 W. 26th Ave. Denver, Co.

Kathy will be missed so much, she was the activities director at Palm Springs TT.  Many of you knew her, she always had a wonderful and bright smile, Kathy did more then what was called for, she made sure all of us had activities every hour of the day while we were in the park and you could talk to her about anything, her door to her office was always open.

From fixing us breakfast every Sat and Sun. (which were wonderful eats), arranging entertainment for all of us on Sat. and the trips around the area, she always was finding new and wonderful adventures for all of us, having Mike and I, along with Nancy and Ray put on Texas Hold-em. 

Kathy was always happy and made sure you felt the same way. Even when in April she
was sick , you would have not know it as she still had that happy smile and joyous attitude.
I along with many, who go south for the winter, will miss her, she made you feel as if you were her sister, comfortable to be around and her laughter and disposition made you want to be her sister. There is no one who could replace Kathy for what she did and how she made us feel. In my books she was the No. 1 Activities Director in all of Thousand Trails parks.

I will miss her, she was my friend.