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July 29, 2007
Garden of Eden

After traveling from border to border and ocean to ocean I must admit that of all the climates, I like the Northwest the best. In the summer anyhow. We might just try the winter and see how it really is. We have been told that the wet really isn't all that bad, just that the grey days are depressing.  What ever that means. Heck, if we can't really cut the mustard, we do live on wheels and I know where there is a game of Texas Holdem is running in Rockport just east of Corpus Christi.

We have been here at Randle Washington for about 2 weeks and planning to move down the road about 30 miles to another park. I kind of wish I had booked Randle again, and just came back up the road being that this is such a wonderful park.
Carol, has put on Texas Holdem for the last 2 weeks with a pretty good turnout. Everyone had a blast. I keep telling them that they should donate to Mikes' retirement fund, but, they are supposed to let me win. No one seemed to agree with me on that.
Here are some pictures of the card game, and a shot of the FINAL TABLE. 

Do, take note of who is NOT in the picture. All of those card sharks started pickup on me, and yep, wouldn't ya know it. They put me out. Hey, I had Queens. I had to bet them. Rick had Aces. The wooose. I still think that his wife Tammy (standing up in this picture) sitting right next to him, passed him the cards. Hey, that is the only way that you could beat me. Being the great poker player that I am. Naw, there isn't no ego thing here.  Claudia came in 3rd and Carol came in second (Friday she came in first, and everyone asked for new cards) after a long hard battle, and she even has the scars to prove it. The chips were flying back and forth between the players so fast that you had to wear a hard hat just to keep from getting clobbered.

I think that the next time that Carol puts on the game, I'm going to go down to a Army Surplus Store and get me a bullet proof vest to wear. The loser would not just place the chips on the table, but, grab them and throw them the length of the table at the winner. Hey, he felt better that way. Until, a guy who thought he had lost his chips, and then realized that he had won. "Hey I want those chips back!" Only then, did he realize what he had just said, put his arms over his head, dove under the table and waited for the chips to fly. Actually, I think he got a lot more chips than what he won. Everyone wanted to get into the action. Poor Guy.

Oh yes, before the game started, Mike cooked again. Meet Dennis doing the cooking, he made great hamburgers. Ah, a man's work is never done. Pulled out that trusty little piece of paper that said DINNER and ate at the clubhouse with all the folks. ((Rick and family, salesman for KM)
Hey, ya don't have to do dishes. That has got to be a plus anyhow.

They even have a cafe here. Yep, COFFEE. Tell ya what. When ya get up in the morning, or afternoon, like me. It sure is nice just to walk a short distance and order breakfast and have a cup, listening to the birds and watch the clouds roll by. Here are some shots of George, Juanita, and Heather. Super duper people, and food was absolutely great eating and Carol didn't have to do the dishes nor hear about not making coffee for the master.
Well, better get out of here. As ya know I have people to see, places to go and things to do. Maybe, I just think about that for a moment. Ok, I thought long enough. Time for a siesta.

Take care

July 26, 2007
Been busy the last couple of days, on the 23 we finally got out of the motor home and did some sight seeing.  Wanted to see Mineral lake so had to go through Morton, an extremely small town but it does have a Radio Shack, which by the way even carries fishing poles, and live bait.  We found a wonderful Mexican Restaurant off of 12 turning onto hwy 7 The food was just as good as you can find in Tucson, I became a very happy camper.

When we got to Mineral Lakethere was a little boy about 4 catching small Bass, he showed us his catch and was so excited, wish I had put my fishing pole in the car, oh well, don't have that Washington license, it's too hard to get a fishing license in every state we are in, so we just fish in the private lakes that some of the parks have.  Anyway, after the day's outing came back to a great bonfire that Sherry and Roger were putting together, meet a lot of new friends and we did it again last night (25th) meet even more new friends. 

Today Mike and I finished washing the coach, with a few grumbles from him yesterday when we started, but that doesn't last long and today without me saying anything he started right in and finished.  Love the old man, he may grumble but in the end he has such a good since of humor!

We were suppose to go see Mt.St Helens again today but it is cloudy and know once we got up there we would not see much.  So tomorrow off we go.  It is suppose to get up to the 80's today but right now it is in the lower 70's.  Boy do we love this weather.

We had some good news a couple of days ago our Niece Bry, (the one who won her medals with the Women's Junior Bowling League) is getting married in 2009.  So we will be going back to Tucson after all, don't mind as of right now the wedding is to be held in Oct. which is a great month to be in Arizona.  Even if it was in the summer we would still go.  So Tucson friends you will be seeing us in 2009, hopefully Michael, Kathy and Brooke will be there with us.

Ok time to fold the wash and get busy here in the park with friends.  Having the Texas Holdem night tomorrow, hope I win for a change.  Mike came in first the first night we held it, and the second time he came in third....MY TURN!

Keep Cool

Love Carol

July 21, 2007
Mikes' acookun

Now anyone that has been following these web pages, knows how Mike cooks. Carryout Pizza, Chicken, or get in the trusty little Lexus and go to a restaurant.  So, you should not be even a little surprised that Carol got set up AGAIN.

It all started when I told her that no matter what, I would take my weekly shower, on Saturday, and take care of dinner. Bar-B-Que. Ahh, come on now, ya got to take a shower on Saturday whether ya need it or not. That's what I was told when I was just a little tot anyhow. Ya don't argue with Mom and Dad.

So, Carol is all excited when I get the Bar-B-Que out and all the hardware and set it on the table. "I can't believe that you are actually going to cook me dinner." "This is great." "Of course you are going to do the dishes afterwards, aren't you?" Hey, she knows that there is going to be paper plates, plastic cups, and all that plastic silverware. "Sure, no problem, I just take care of it when it happens." Hee, hee!

Well, it's about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and were are all spiffed up, shower, clean clothes, and even combed my hair. Carol, is getting a little worried that I haven't got the steaks out to let them thaw out, and has no idea what is going to be served with it.
Let's see.....Corn...naw....beans....naw....bread......naw......maybe just steak and that is all.

Man, I could sure use a cup of coffee before I get started...soooo...party please, can we go down to the office so I could get a cup...Pleeeessee.

We walk into the office, where there is always a pot brewing. Yep, I check these things out whenever we get to a new park. Carols, stomach is growing like a lion and she would like to hurry up and get back to the coach and get something to eat. " Ok, ok." Just for you my dear. I pull out this trusty little piece of paper that I got a couple of days ago, and give it to the gal behind the counter. "2 please". Now Carol is really confused. "What are you doing now, getting tickets to a movie." No, sweetheart. Let's go this way, and you will see.

As we walk into the dining room, she remarks," No fair, you promised that we would have bar-b-que tonight, and you are going to have to live up to your promise. "No problem, I'll take care of it."

Let's see, what are we serving.. Oh yes, "BAR-B-QUE CHICKEN", with side dishes of course. Cole slaw, potatoes salad, and even a piece of cake for desert.

Ya really thought I would cook. Ahh, ya silly person. YOU should know better than that by now. Me eat, Carol cooks. That works for me.

Here are some pictures of the Bar-b-que.

Yep, this is a Bar-b-que. I'll let you guess where the cooks are.

Right here, taking care of all the leftovers. There is one thing that is a good thing. They are eating the food that they cooked. So it must be alright for me also.

Yep, here is the serving line And last but not least a picture of the dinning hall. 

And, not to be left out, a Picture of Byron working on a sale that he just made.  OOOPS, I don't think there is any chicken left. 
Sorry, Byron, but you are working, and as we already know, you have to take care of the customer first. There is always breakfast in the morning. You can wait that long, can't ya?

Here is one of Carol and Byron.

After Mike made dinner, or should I say the Resort made a great chicken dinner. We put on Texas Holdem, we had put the poker game on Friday and everyone wanted to come back and do it again. Mike had won 1st place and I think everyone just wanted to get that money back.  It was great fun as always, and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves, in fact the ones that are going to be here on Sun. 22nd wanted us to do it again, being the great poker player that I want to be, of course we said yes.  I thought I had a large pot won in Saturday's game, when one of the players put me all in, let's see I have a full house 2's over 3's there is nothing on the board to give you a winning hand EXCEPT, let me think, could that 4th 3 be out???? NO what are the odds, ok, lets do it,  I call....yep you guessed it he had the fourth 3!!!  Oh well, that's poker and just playing with all the great people around makes it all the more fun. 

Let you know who wins on Sunday, by the way Mike came in 3rd on Saturday.

July 17th, 2007
We have hit Washington, at about 4PM and I am ready to call it quits for today, Mike wanted to get a long day in so we could be in cooler weather, he got his wish, we hit our favorite state at 75 degrees and low and beholdTucked away on hwy. 86, going from Yakima to Randal Washington, is Snug Harbor RV park, we stopped to spend the night. Our site was #25 right on the water, large site with water and electric.  Surrounding us with trees, listening to the birds, seeing the fish jump and the smell of the pine, felt as if we were all alone on a deserted island, temperature got down to around 50 at night and the day was in the 80's, , it was one of the best nights we have had since leaving Canada  Laura the owner, a delightful and very accommodating person, bought Snug Harbor in Naches, WA. in 2004,has been fixing it up ever since.  See park photos.  The cost was $25+tax, and well worth it considering some of the parks around are going for much more and having nothing to offer.  Of course, she would have a boat slip, made Mike start thinking about that boat again.

This is one park to come back to in the future. 

We are now set up in Randal WA. we had been here last Sept. and will stay two weeks, I hope to explore more of the area and take some new pictures of Mt. St. Helen.  It is drizzle and cloudy right now, and feels so good.  A cool 65, I don't ever want to think about hot weather nor be in it again.  So you folks there in AZ. try and stay cool we are.

Have already met some nice new RV friends, we keep meeting wonderful people, I was told they are all nice since no one has any pressure on them, everyone just R&R's (rest and relaxation) it is great, nothing to do and everywhere to go, the time goes so fast because we all are so busy, doing what I don't know but boy are we having a blast!!

July 14th, 2007
Today is my birthday, feels like I am 22 again, wish my body said the same! Mike's gift to me was one of my favorite authors, Nora Roberts, Fran sent me 3 birthday cards via email and friends have called to wish me the best.  I really love all of you for remembering me. Thank you

The sunsets here in Utah are just a beautiful here as they are in Arizona 

We have spent some time with our granddaughter, Michael and Kathy, although it was a short visit, we had a great time.  Brooke has grown and we know the next time we see her she will be talking up a storm.  Right now she is putting words together with her sign language, she is learning the sign language only so adults can learn what she wants without being frustrated.  I was frustrated as I do not know the language, guess I will have to start learning.

The kids have sold there log home and the acres, they will be moving to Lincoln Montana next year.  It will be cooler to visit in the summer, which we plan to do.  They are as bad as Mike and I, moving every 5 years or so.  But Michael wants his dog team to winterize in the snow, which means, living outside instead of the inside kennels.  Michael is planning to run the Yukon Quest in February in Fairbanks Alaska.  He asked for us to come see him race, and of course we said NO,  can you imagine being in Alaska in the dead of winter, with only darkness, let alone the cold, too only watch 20 behinds leave the starting line. We love him dearly but to have a hobby such as his to be only participated in winter is not our cup of tea.
Right now he has around 30 dogs and his web site, if you would like to read more about what he does, go to
Carmacks Siberians .

Someone asked me the other day what is that 3 wheel bike on the back of the RV? When we were in Tucson, waiting for Mike to retire, I had a normal bike. Tried riding after the back surgery and found I just could not.  We were at Desert Pueblo Mobile park, where there seemed to be everyone over 50 riding these 3 wheelers around, they even had races. The roads were asphalt, and smooth to ride around.  The streets would whip around a lot of curves, which made riding more the fun.  So naturally I asked where you get such a bike, and they said the best place was AZ. Bikes, right down the road from the park. So I bought my 3 wheeler and I was able to ride around the park, didn't join the races as I could only go about a mile a day. I really enjoyed being able to sit and ride. I only have about 30 miles on the bike.  Since retiring, the roads in the Rv parks we stay in are not for riding and with the kind of tires I have on, we need to change to dirt tires just haven't found a bike place yet to do so.  Mike is ready to sell it, but I am determined to ride it sooner or later.  In Tucson that's all you see in the parks,  3 wheeling and golf carts being driven by all us old folks.  So if you see me 3 wheeling watch out I may just run over you!

A must read The Master Speaks

July 8th, 2007
We are here in Utah, staying at our sons for about 3 days and off to a RPI park for about 12 days.  Our visit was great, Brooke has grown not only in size but in intelligence, of course I am prejudice but she really is smart.  She loves playing with jewelry and riding the ATV.

 Mike had to work on the RV and she wanted to help.

She also loved to come into the coach, she would set at the table and eat her cookie while watching TV or she would lie on the bed with Mike and the two of them watched TV, cartoon time.

We had a great time with her and the kids. You can see some more new pictures of Brooke. Brooke took my camera and started taking pictures herself, this is one she took of her dad. 

We will be here in the Logan area for about 1 week while our mail catches up with us and to see a doctor about my left hand, don't know if it is arthritis or what, but hope they can take some of the pain away. the weather here is hot around 98 but the nights are real cool and comfortable around high 60's. So not too bad in Logan Utah.

Safe driving and stay cool.

Love Carol

July 4th, 2007
It's been a heck of a week, leaving Canada on June 29th and heading to Washington, hoping to be there by July 21 after a stop in Utah. We decided to not stay in Canada as planned since Brigg death and the weather looked like it would be hotter in the East. So here we go traveling, and meeting wonderful people along the way.

But first we needed to cross over from Canada to Michigan, waiting for about 1& 1/2 hours to get to the toll booth 

It took at least 2 hours to get across, we were behind another RV that customs was searching, we had already left all of our food in Canada, so we knew if we were to get searched we should not have any problems, and we didn't.  I wonder now if we really had to get rid of the food.  Guess first stop needs to be Wall-mart as soon as we can, replenish the food.

While waiting to get across, Mike wanted to stop and get rid of the car and get a boat, Lake Michigan is huge it looks like you are at the ocean. Wouldn't mind having the boat, just can't see Mike going to the grocery store on his bicycle.

Working lighthouse, first site into Michigan

While traveling through Iowa and Kansas, all you see on the highway corn, corn, and more corn. 

We had stopped each night at an Passport America park, our first stop was in Iowa at the Amana colonies, this famous place is a National Historic center.

Mike and I know nothing about, but should be on everyone's list to stop at. You can walk down this community and do shopping in the old colonies. This colony was started back in the late 1800's by the Amana people who had come from Germany then onto New York, there communal grow so large they needed to find a larger area to support all, they sent 4 people to search in the west and they then purchased 27,000 acres in Iowa, then later on purchased more land.  All monies at that time was used for all and the kitchens were set up to feed everyone every day.  Today the people still support the communal but are independent. this is also where Amana Appliances was started and now Whirlpool.  Mike and I really enjoyed walking into the past. Although only the wine and some of the merchandise is made here now.  There is a Textile Mil that is still operating and they have beautiful blankets, etc.  A must see in action.  It is the same original mill built in 1880's See more of Amana

Amana Colonies RV park

They were having a working dog show the day we arrived, this RV park is used for there Fairs, Farm Days and any other celebration they put on through out the year see parks 

After leaving Amana we traveled the next 5 days to Utah stopping to sleep at night, we crossed, India polis, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Wyoming all in 6 days, I will not go that fast again.  But the heat of the summer was on our mind and we just wanted to get to Washington fast.  I must admit the drive across the states was very comfortable we did not hit any warm weather until we got to Utah.  Temperature while driving was in the 80's.  Loved it!!

Next stop to see our Granddaughter, can't wait.

Love Carol