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Last months journal See what we were doing on January 2013
January 17,2015
The end of the Season for me
I have a lot to do and have had a great time doing all of the events and activities.  Today March 19th, I only have 5 more activities and then we will pack up the rig and head over to Verde Valley for 3 weeks then onto Bullhead City, AZ for 2 weeks then up to Bend Or. for 1 week then off to the coast for the rest of the summer.  I have been asked to come back and Mike said ok so we will see what happens over the summer, if this park is still open or not. 

Here are some photos of the last events I have done, First the HO Down, we decorated 28 tables for this and had dinner that was fantastic.  Mike (Joan the managers husband) cooks all the meals along with his help Cec and Margo, all of the food has been terrific and at a great price for everyone, with all of the activities going on and the meals there is no reason to leave this park.
That's Mike, Joan's (manager) Husband, who is a great cook
We had brisket, cooked for almost 24 hours in the pit
We had set up and decorated 28 tables as we had over 100 at this event
Joan she is so much fun, it was great working with her, liked it so much we just might be back next year
to do all of the activities again
Ron and Art starting our bon fire You just have to have a hangman at a HO Down
Sunset over the lakes, this made the HO Down a great ending.  There are so many sunsets here at the park and they are all different.

Now that the HO Down is over time for St. Patrick's Day

To the Left are Margo, CEC, Mike and Joan
Brown bag Bingo Had 36 dollars for Blackout winner
Horseracing And they are off
Cec Won the best dressed for St. Patty's Day

I really think Mike should have come in 2nd if he
hadn't lost all of that face stuff, he went back to the
rig and did not stay for the party.