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This page is of Arizona and mostly of St. David where we had a lot going on

Bullhead City
As Seen From RV park in Bullhead, City Laughlin at night 2015
St David
Monastery in St. David Cross
Christmas Party New Years Party
Our Tag along to Gammons Gulch Just one of many buildings at Gammons
Cameo Ladies from Tombstone Our Tea party with the Cameo Ladies
Valentines Party this is our resident Entertainer "Delta Jim"
& his wife Margo
 he has a great voice and has so much joy to
share.  He would give me a hard time all in fun, loved being
around him.  Will miss him and Margo
We set up 28 picnic tables for our Ho Down
Ho Down "Delta Jim"
St. Patty's Breakfast And our Tag along to Tombstone
Sunset over the Lakes
Temperance Ladies were out today They went into Big Nose Kate's letting people know
not to drink, it was great time, lots of laughs
  4 Brothers singing in Tombstone
Gammons Gulch  Promerene in Benson
What a great place to visit all  buildings have been given to Jay or have been put on the property from a movie
being made.  It is not a tourist trap, you go on a tour and Jay tells you all about how each building came to be and when
he is funny and tells you a lot of facts about the area.  You bring your lunch and have it in the saloon while he plays the piano, if you do not like all that the tour has then you don't have to pay him the $7 per person.  They are open Wed. thru Sat. 10 to 4PM .  If you are in the Benson area this is one place you do not want to miss.

Monsoon Time

Looking out from Krazy K RV park towards Jerome, AZ
This area got over 8 inches of rain and as you know I-17 was closed for a couple of hours
due to the flooding, this photo taken as the rain started to clear.
Sedona Shopping 2014
  Tlaquepaque Shopping Center just off of 179 from 89A
Lots of fountains and areas just to sit and relax Deb found a wonderful looking hat for just $25 and
she looks great in it should have taken a photo.
Chapel on the grounds of the Shopping area this did not have any
notice as to how long it has been but looks like it was here first then
the shopping area built around it. 
2014 Jerome AZ
  Town of Jerome AZ. built in the 1800's gold, malachite, were all mined here it is said there are over 300 tunnels running under the city. In the early 1940's the town actually started sinking that is why the Bartlett Hotel is no longer there.
Bartlett Hotel  
Wanted to go to the Haunted Hamburger but the steps up were unbelievable to walk, so ate at the Mile High Grill okay food. Scenic View along the 82 hwy, you do not want to go from Jerome to Prescott this way the road has lots of turns and it has a sign saying nothing over 55 feet I can see why
Arizona Photos 2009
Tombstone Courthouse, Boothill, Old Town, Gunfighter Skelton, and the Stagecoach all taking place everyday in the city including the O.K. Corral gunfight
Sunset over Benson, it was beautiful to see.
Arizona Photos 2008
Taking Hwy 82 A out of Flagstaff was one of the best moves Mike has done lately, the view of the mountains, Indian reservation and then to see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was spectacular, the first picture when you click on the Thumbnail you will see Mt. Snowball Flagstaff in the background what a site



  I had Mike stop several times so I could take pictures, the color of the cliffs and mountains were like seeing a Rainbow with all of the reds, purples and greens every color in the spectrum was represented

The Navajo Indian Reservation



  Fourth or 5th stop taking pictures of the North Rim



  Fort Verde in Camp Verde, AZ was a base for General Crook's U.S. Army scouts and soldiers in the 1870's and 1880's. Some of the original buildings still stand.    In August 1865 a tent camp was established overlooking the farms at West Clear Creek, 1868 the name of the camp (Camp Lincoln) was renamed to Camp Verde.  The Army's main duty was to put and keep the Indians on the San Carlos and Fort Apache reservations.    



    Medicine Soldier and his tent with equipment





Montezuma Castle
Off of  HWY I-17 exit 289 east

Montezuma Castle was settled by the Indians and became a National Park when Teddy Roosevelt visited it  in the late 30's

The Verde River runs inside the park and down the valley where we are at in Camp Verde

Sedona, Arizona

About 46 miles south of Flagstaff and 118 north of Phoenix.  The pictures do not due justice to the scenery as the rocks are red with greens, purples and cooper running through them.

Sedona is well known not only for the color of the rocks but for the artist living in and around the area

  We ate at Shangla's Restaurant where the view was fantastic  click on the picture too see the view

Chapel Hill,

here a chapel sits in bedded in the side of this rock cliff


Sedona promotes health and well being ( there are a lot of  crystal shops)  It lies at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon with towering Red canyons from ancient deposits of limestone, mudstone and sandstone. An 1.8 million acre Coconino National forest is included in the encompass of Sedona



Camp Verde

Founded in 1865

The town is small and is along the Verde River, our RV park is right on the river

  It is high desert and windy all of the time but cool so it is comfortable for April

  Cottonwood is about 10 min away and has all of the shopping ( including Wally Mart, Home depot)

Tubac an artist community

founded in the late 1700's Tubac at one time was a quiet little town, the original church still stands old adobe homes are renovated and has become one of the largest Artist communities in the southwest if you are ever come to Tucson a trip to Tubac is a must,

      It is about 53 miles south of Tucson and around February 6th the town is full of artist from California, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado make plans early in an RV park or you won't find any room any where as it is held the same time the Gem show is in town.       

Aqua Linda Farms, Amado Az


Peaceful, and a working farm with fresh meat, vegetables and lots of gourds for crafts. I could have stayed here all day it was so quiet and with the fire burning in under the veranda we could just picture ourselves with a margarita and never leaving

Fran is purchasing honey made by the bees here around the farm.

Santa Cruz Spice Factory, in the mountains of Tumacacori
Spices come from all over the southwest including New Mexico (Hatch) we found spices we did not know excited

Fran (my sister) had fun shopping, so did I, I bought Mike "Hot Sauce from Hell"  so they say

Madera Canyon


Deanza RV park with Madera Canyon in background


Madera Canyon

    Sunsets taken from our site in De Anza RV park on 11/10/07 the pictures really can't do justice too the beauty of what this was like   Madera Canyon 12/07

Snow on them there Mountains


  Amado Territory is an Artist ranch, it use to be a large Cattle ranch and now has been rebuilt to be Artists Studios an Inn, cafe and a restaurant. It is beautifully done.  The old ranch house still has the running water fall and it a joy to set out and watch the wild birds while eating.   Cow Palace

both of these been around since the 50"s, food not bad
Longhorn Grill

  View from Junction 82 going to Sierra Vista from St. David

Coming back a storm came up and we had a wet snow, it turned really cold down to 19 seems to be getting colder here every year.


Today (12/14/06)
we decided to visit
Tombstone AZ  



Stetson the oldest mercantile in Tombstone still sells Stetson hats, this is where we bought Mike his
Australian hat
This was a great site Christmas in Tombstone, makes you wonder what it was like in the 1800's, I am sure that there was not the kind of merchandise that there is today and I wonder if they really would have put a tree in the middle of town?

  December 14-27
We are now in St. David Az in the desert, the sun set tonight was great so I thought I would share an AZ sunset with you

  Traveling between
Wickenburg and Phoenix on the  Joshua Hwy the Joshua trees are not anything like Joshua CA but it was gave us a nice site

Looking from Az to NV
  December 06
Laughlin NV as seen from our RV space at Ridgeview RV Park in Bullhead City AZ.
  Laughlin at night


Leaving AZ in Aug 2006

Dragoon Rest stop east of Tucson on I-10



  See our trip to Washington thru our photos


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