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Retired and loving it touring the USA and visiting as many RV parks and
National wonders this country has to offer.



Arches National Park, Moab, UT off Hwy 191 236 miles from Salt Lake going East.
The Colors are amazing as well as all of the rock formations or I should sand formations, the park lies atop an underground salt bed that is basically responsible for the arches, spires, balanced rocks and sandstones.
The Elevation is around 5000 ft, we were here in Aug 2009 and the day temp was around 85.
The area above and below, called Park City, I guess because it looks, once you walk the path, like apartments.
We stopped at as many turnouts that we could, so I could take pictures, I took over 100 and had to choose which
ones were best for the web site. 
Balanced Rock is just one of the many stops you can take pictures of walk the paths to site.
 If you look close at the picture on the right there are people walking up to the rock in the lower left corner
Over time the wind has eroded the sandstone and parts drop to form arches.  Below the area is called Windows
There are huge Window areas you can walk through as you can see in the picture below left.
The picture above reminds me of a Spanish Conquistador Take a look at the picture above the rock looks almost like
an alien's face in it.
If you ever get to the Moab area plan on a week, as there is a lot to see and many adventure business that will make sure you
have a great time, from jeep tours, rafting, hiking and they are building a tram to the top on one of the cliffs.  There are a lot
of RV parks, motels, and restaurants in the area. 
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