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UPDATE 10/2016
I have been an activities director for the last 2 winters in St. David Az. Loved every minute of it.  Loved working with the crew and Manager Joan, Big Mike, Joan's husband who did all of the cooking for our dinners there.  CeCe, Art, Margo, Jim, Crissy, Lin, Sherry, Danny (who passed away suddenly this summer and will be missed). Will miss everyone of these wonderful people.  We were able to go see CeCe and Art in May in Canyon City they live in a great little town.

Mike does not want to go back to the area as he says we have been in AZ for so long that he would rather stay on the coast.  So back to Palm Springs for the winter and stay on the coast for the summer.  I will continue to look for some park that needs an Activities Director (as long as it is a Senior park as it is just too hard doing it with kiddos, did that at Neskowin, althrough I had fun it was just too much work.

We have meet so many new friends and I hope that we all will stay in touch.  I am now into another craft idea, sewing and making Tortilla Warmers, pot holders and Oven/Bar-b-Q mitts.  I hope they sell. I still do my jig saw puzzles infact have 3 new ones on the web.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary this last Dec. Our son and his family along with my sister Fran  and her husband came over to Yuma where we where to help us celebrate it was a wonderful 3 days.

It has been one year since I updated this page, so here goes.  We became snowbirds in Palm Springs and Indio, Ca for the winter and for this last summer we stayed up in Washington.  We have decided not to work camp since we have so many parks we can go to.  Thousand Trails, since we updated our membership, has a lot of parks in the USA and we can stay in them for 3 weeks park to park.

I will volunteer at these parks which I have a lot of fun doing.  Right now we are Las Cruces, NM visiting with Mike's dad, he has been ill and we hope he will get better soon.  By the way anyone who knows of someone with a small Yorkie please let me know, I miss our beloved Brigg so much its time to get me a new puppy.

We were at  Rockport State park in Utah about 30 min. from Park City working as Camp host in the Juniper Campground, for the summer of 08, we were in charge of all of the 34 sites restrooms and grounds.  It really is more on Mike this time as he seems to want to go and meet everyone at there site, I handle the questions and taking in the money for sites and showers.  Making sure everyone is having a good time here.  May 15th-Sept 10th park closes for the winter.

We also did a camp host job at De Anza RV park in Amado, Az. taking reservations, checking people in and other duties in the office. Mike did site clean up, light maintenance and jack of all trades. We are also putting on activities every week.  (I don't do cleaning but boy do I make people feel great since I love to help them with having fun) Oct 15 07-April 1 08

Mike and I married 45 years ago this December 2010, in California, about 3 years later we moved back to Tucson, As where bought our first home and had Michael our only son.

I worked in the banking industry for a time and then when Michael was born started working as a property manager, seeing over 250 apts. Mike did the maintenance while he worked at the mines.

Later in life I worked for SCI, as a counselor for the cemeteries and became manager where I was sent to oversee other Cemeteries in Calif.  Meanwhile Mike was working for Southern Pacific RR where he stayed for 30 years retiring from there.  Together we also owned a business in Tucson. 

As the years progressed I went back into Property Management working in Westwood, CA and in Santa Monica, seeing over 300 units for professors and foreign students, my duties included renovating apts and hiring Maintenance crews for all of Moss & Company's property. While Mike stayed in AZ.  After 10 years seeing each other once or twice a month, we both came back to Tucson to move to Vail, AZ building our 3rd home. There I opened my own business, making custom dinnerware hand painted, from liquid slip to the finished product. I developed my own web site and shopping cart, by the time 12 years had passed I had 3 employees and we had moved to larger home and building, building a home in Benson, AZ. where we stayed until retirement.

When Mike was ready to retire, I retired too. I do miss the web business but am so enjoying our life and meeting all of the full timers out there. Our home on Wheels

When we enter an RV park the first thing we do is look for activities, Mike and I love being around people and this is where you meet them.  If they do not have activities then we will suggest Texas Holdem, since this is the most popular card game among young and old.  We have great turn outs and we even have a following now.  Several RV'ers keep an eye on us so they come to our games, we also have put on Bingo, other card games. We love it!!  Mike seems to always be around when a crisis happens at a park and as always helps out.  He can go for a cup of coffee only to be found helping another RV'er setting up there dish or what ever the problem is he helps to fix.  Many a time people thought we were the camp host.  We have been asked by KM and other parks to host, but it is too wet up here in Washington so we will head south.

That is one of the reasons I developed this web site, for our friends whom we have meet on the road and to give information about the parks we have stayed in across the USA. Also a selfish reason, I really enjoy doing this web site, love working on the computer.

So there you have it, our life in a nut shell, so look for us down the road and join us for some good times, since we will be full-timing for a long time to come.

Carol & Mike