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May 8 2017
We said we would not be coming back to Tucson unless something happened will here we are!  We are staying at Prince of Tucson RV park till April 30 2018 as we had to purchase 1 year for Mike to have his treatments

Mike found out he has small cell cancer which not only is in his lung but also in the brain. They are doing radiation here at Banner Hospital in Tucson, pior to that he had one Chemo treatment at Eisenhower Hospital.

3 weeks later his hair started to fall out so he decided to just get it over with.
He wanted us back here in Tucson since our son and my family lives here, should anything happen to him and we could use all the help we can get.  I still am not suppose to drive as my back needs to heal, taking longer I think as the first week back we were going every day for 2-4 hours to his doctors.  Most of the time he drove but I had to drive when he had to take on of his anxity pills, and today he starts 10 days of radition since they found some of th cell in the brain.  So I will have to drive.  All of our friends have been by to see us including my twin sister who I hadn't seen in years. Fran has been fantastic she drove out twice to Palm Desert to help us, our son came out to drive our rig back to Tucson, glad he did Mike keeps saying he could have but he doesn't reliaze he is lossing some of his memory.

I pray he doesn't lose much more.  I now know what a caregiver goes thru, no one could understand including me until it happens to you.  Mike has had to take care of me while going thru his problems.  Last night I don't know what happened got up to go to the bathroom next thing I know I am falling and my cane catches on the sleeve of my pj top, Mike has to help me figure a way of getting up, I had fallen on my replacement knee and good not get it to move, we finally got me up, but what if he couldn't have after his chemo and raditation it kept me up the rest of the night thinking about it, guess its time one of us got one of those life alert buttons.

I will  let you know how he does on the radiation, right after that he starts chemo 3 days on 3 weeks off for 6 sessions so that would put him done around September.

I had major back surgery Below are photos of where I stayed after surgery. Fran my sister had to drive out to Palm Desert to help me, you see while I was in the hospital we learned Mike has Small Cell cancer which spreads rapidly.

ManorCare below where I stayed after surgery
This is where I spent 13 days after having my back surgery, don't really know why has the doctor did not want me to do anything but walk.  It was a very carring facility, all of the staff worked hard and where there when you needed them. I had no problems here.