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A lot of you have asked us why SD license and mailing, we us Dakota post ever since we started full timeing, they did everything over the phone all we had to do was drive up there to get our drivers license. We have been with them since 05, they are wonderful to work with their web site is http://www.dakotapost.net they are out of Sioux Falls, we have never been to Sioux Falls as we go to Rapid City to renew drivers license.  To get a drivers license for the first time you will need your previous Drivers license, birth certificate or current passport. A recipt showing that you spent one night in Rapid City, if you have a partner you will need one for each of you, also something mailed to you from your Sioux Falls adress. The cost is $20 you can make an appointment online with the DMV, I did this last year (we go up every 5 years to renew) and was taken right away no waiting.  the cost for your mail service is about $149 a year plus your postage.  We have our mail sent to us once a month, I just call and tell them where and they send it out the 3rd of each month you can tell them when you want it.  Also they have online a way for you to see your mail so you can decide what you want sent. By the way SD has no State Income tax.  If you decide to go to Rapid City to use a mail service( there is one but I don't have the name of it) you will not pay a wheel tax.  We pay a Wheel tax being as we use Sioux Falls. Our wheel tax for the rig is $59 right now.
I hope I have answered your questions on this if you need any more info email me carol856@gmail.com  put in subject line SD mail forwarding.
I wanted everyone to know if you have a problem with your rig, and are in the Liberty Lake WA area between , Coeur-d'Alene Idaho and Spokane, WA.
 R & R RV Service Center 23203 E. Knox Liberty Lake, This is where you will want to get your rig fixed, they are great and will help you anyway they can, they are also reasonable in price.  We thought we had a hot water leak, we called from Missoula, WY on the 18th they took us in as soon as we arrived on the 19th, Rob our service rep had  great smile and said they were extremly busy but would try and get us in ASAP, by noon the rig had been put in the bay and by 3 PM we had it back, could not find anything wrong and only charged us $67 to take a look.  Anyone else would have been in the $100's and probably not the same day.  We are very pleased with this company.

Some have asked who we use for mail service.  We are using Alternative Resources out of Sioux Falls, SD. We had everything done over the internet except for our drivers license which when we were ready in Aug 05 drove to Rapid City SD to get.  2011 meant we had to go back to renew. 

Our trip back was great and we stayed in a wonderful Park called Rushmore Shadows check them out by clicking here
People are always asking me how many membership do I need if I am full time. 

I have to say as many as you can afford.  Let me give you example of how we use our memberships.

In the winter we go down to Southern California, now you could stay all winter at Thousand Trails Parks without any other membership however,  I don't want to stay at Pio Pico as I do not care for that park, and Wilderness is nice but again only if I have to have a park to go to because I can't get any other reservations (We have been doing this now 3 years and so far no problems), and you need to travel about an hour or more from all the parks. Why not stay in an area that is only 20 min. from each park.  The only reason we tried the 2 parks above last year was Mike wanted to see what they were like.  Will we found out.  Wilderness is one we would go back to but not Pio Pico

That being said.  We stay at 4 parks for the whole of winter if we need to.

First we go to Indian Waters Indio under ROD Plus, where we stay 2 weeks, then to Thousand Trails in Palm Desert for 3 weeks, back to Indian Waters under AOR ($10 a night) for 2 weeks then back to Palm Desert for 3, back to Indian Waters under ROD for 2 (if we cannot get in under ROD then we use RPI or AOR both are $10 a night.)If they are full then we will go to Desert Pools in Palm Springs under ROD or Catalina Spa under RPI.  By using the 4 memberships we are able to stay within 20 miles of all parks without so much wear and tear on the rig. And hey where can go in Southern California to stay either for free or $10 a night (that's only $140 for 2 weeks.) Indian Water is will worth the money as they have lots of activities, close to everything and all of the personal are fantastic.
We love TT as they also have a lot going on, we can be at another park and since TT is close we can go back and do their activities too.  Which we do especially Texas Holdem, also we have made lots of friends at both TT and Indian Waters. 

Since we can make 120 day reservations with TT I can start booking in July for the winter. ROD is 90 days so I start that one in August.

While at Thousand Trails we listened to Valerie on updating our membership, she was honest and answered all of our questions, we decided this would be a great move for us.  We now have 3 weeks in all TT parks and can make reservations up to 120 days in advance, and we can go park to park. Staying 3 weeks in the TT/Naco and 2 in all Leisure time parks.  Mike got online last month and made our reservations for the summer we are good to go all the way to 1st of Sept.  We made a great choice in upgrading.  If you are a full timer then having a Thousand Trails membership would be a smart move.  We bought our used one from Chad out of Florida, he is the one to go to, as he is honest and will find the right used membership for you.  Then we did the upgrade, altogether we might have paid a little less or maybe more, by doing it this way, you will need to check that out for yourselves, no matter it is worth every penny.  Our membership upgrade was the Elite Basic, make sure you call Val and tell her we recommended you.

TT has a lot of parks along the coast of Oregon, Calf and in Washington as well as a few in the center of the country.  We have found the people running these parks are friendly and make sure your stay is one you will remember.  Some parks do not have septic, we have not stayed at those as of yet, but the three parks we have stayed at Thousand Trails, Las Vegas and Seaside (OR) are great wonderful parks. 

Over the winter months we used RPI, ROD, AOR and TT, the cost totaled for all 5 1/2 months was $600.  Now we have more free parks since we have the TT ( there is a $3 night for 50 amps). I don't mind paying that, just think of the savings in the long run.

It may take us 2 years to revamp the cost but I would rather do the upgrade then go to parks that are charging anywhere from $450-800 a month plus electric.


(See update at bottom of page, 07/07)

Here is the story of how we are now Members of KM Resorts, Resorts of Distinction, and RPI

We went to Camping World on 10/1/2006 while there we meet a salesperson (Bryon a great guy) who was selling the above memberships, since Mike and I are on a very tight budget and the RV parks were running any where from $24 to $34 a night (except passport America about $15 but stay only 3 nights) we decided to listen...
after about 2 hours of asking questions and making sure our figures were correct we joined.

The cost was around $5000..but we now have quit a few parks that we only pay but $8.00 a night and some are just electric of $1.00 night to stay, the only stipulation to these parks are .. you must make a reservation, in for 14 out for 7,  almost like the state parks (which by the way we have found are running around $21-$25 a night and  do not have full hook-ups.) Any way the other parks that you can stay in will only cost $8.00 a night and there are hundreds to choose from all over the US, some in Canada & Mexico.

We have heard horror stories on joining these memberships but when we did the figures, for instance if you were only able to stay in the $8 a night parks and not ever go to the free ones, your cost for the 365 days (after all we are full time) would be $2920 plus your yearly membership of $539 which equals $3459 divide that by 365 actual costs per day is $9.47 what a savings !!

The first year, because, you have paid for the membership your cost per day should you only stay in the $8. parks would be around $21 a day where are you going to find RV parks all the time for $21 ??  Good luck too you if you do. As of December 06 we have not had to pay anything as we have been staying in the ROD parks which do not cost us a penny.  If you need to stay in parks longer then 14 days this might not be for you, as you cannot stay in the parks for more then 14 days peak season and 3 weeks off season, This does not bother us, as we are ready to move in two weeks anyway, we have talked to several RV'ers and they too feel that in 14 days they are ready to see the rest of the USA!

We have found that the parks are clean, lots of activities and now we have had a chance to stay in a few, they are great.

Elma was the first and although I can find some fault such as all back ins and some space's with only 30 amps freeway noise, are the only faults with this park!  We have since stayed in a couple more. check out RESORT parks and would stay in all of them again as each might have a small flaw, but they are worth it. The people you meet at these parks are wonderful and we are slowly adding a list of great new friends.

Will be able to tell you more about other parks as we continue on with our retirement, since we plan to do this for years you will be able to keep up with the parks and too see if this is profitable for you!!  Now we are on to first park in Texas to use with membership.

07/07 Update

It will be a year in October, since we purchased the resort membership (KM) which included ROD, RPI and Coast to Coast. We have used mostly ROD (no cost to us, except some charge $1 a night for 50 amps, and I have no problem with this policy) going from park to park about every 2 weeks, and as I stated in our journals, all of the parks keep getting better and better.  There were 1 or 2 that were a tight squeeze between trees, but we did not have a problem, even with our big rig.  We have dropped Coast to Coast, we did not use it, and had heard too many stories about the difficult time getting to same of the parks. Can't tell you whether they were ok or not but I can tell you the ROD parks are the top of my list.  Some of the RPI parks which you pay $8 + tax a night for were a little hard to find,  but then again for the price they were worth it.  You can see the list of parks and my comments about each at RESORT PARKS page. 

We did purchase AOR, Byron suggested that was not necessary, but at the time Western Horizon was dropping a lot of the RPI parks, so we needed a back up.  We paid the full price for acquiring this membership, they also charge $8+tax a night to stay in an AOR park.  Guess what, Byron was right, we did not need it, as of today we have not used AOR.  But who knows we probably will, after all if you can't get in under ROD or RPI you can use AOR, which many full timers, we have meet are doing. Most all of the parks ROD, RPI and AOR overlap each other.

Thank you KM and Byron for being outside of Camping World with your Booth, if you had not, we might have had to settle somewhere and never traveled, RV parks who are not connected to the membership idea, are way too expensive on a retirement budget, and we may have had to give up the traveling if it wasn't for you guys. We are now going on our 2nd year of full time on the road, so stay tuned, we will be using many more parks that are with our membership, we will staying at a lot of the resort parks in Washington. (Home of KM Resorts)

Mike and Carol  PS if you join KM please tell them Mike and Carol Carmichael recommended you as we will get $50 off of the dues.  Thank you




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