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April 29 2009 Last months journal    Calendar of Journals
We are back in Hurricane, Ut. for two weeks leaving May 13th.  I have volunteered to help out with activities, will be putting on card bingo this wed., card golf on Tuesday, and Texas Holdem on Monday and Thursday.  Also I will be making chimi's this Thursday for the dinner.  I didn't realize I would be doing this much but will have fun with meeting new people and making the dinner for over 25.  The weather here is great not too warm and nice and cool sleeping weather at night. 

Mike is doing great, he has quit smoking and a little testy at times due to not being able not to light up,  I haven't wanted to quit yet but will as soon as this new order of cirgs. come in they went up to $21 a carton where before they were only $14.  So one more pleasure taken away.  I have also given up the casino's for at least two years, spent way too much while in Vegas.  Don't know why I went to them, thought I would have fun but the machines were so tight no one was winning.

I did win a couple of Texas Holdem Tournaments in Vegas so felt really good about that.

We will be leaving here on the 13th to Salt Lake to have the new motor put in on the awning, and have the washer dryer looked at.  Then onto Michael's he will have Brooke for the summer and we want to see her before he moves to New Jersey.  Then finally onto Washington where we will spend the summer, also in Canada for about 3 weeks.  I am anxious for the summer months.

Until next time travel safe have fun and enjoy each day. Love Carol

April 20 2009     
I know it's been almost a month since I updated the web site but so much has happened.  First as most of you know Mike had a heart attack, he is doing fine now.  Our son Michael came down and moved us to Las Vegas as we worried Mike could not drive the rig.  Boy were we wrong he drove it 2/3's of the way and Michael only drove about 50 of those miles.  It was great having him here, while he was here we went and saw the Jersey Boys at the Pizara Casino, they were really good the music from the 50' were sung as if Vallie were singing it himself. 

We are in Thousand Trails park right off of Boulder Highway,( see more pictures  of park) too close to several casinos but we are having fun, our favorite casino Boulder Station.  Mike and I entered a couple of Texas Holdem tournament, about 27 players each time.  I came in 3rd twice and 2nd once.  Mike hasn't had the luck with the cards.  We also took classes for the limit holdem and tried our hands at that game, I'm not good at that one but Mike holds his own.

The Las Vegas strip is busier then I could believe being the economy and all, I guess people visiting here for vacation do have money as the hotels are buzzing. 

Here is one of my favorite sights,   makes you want so M & M's.  Didn't go in as we were on our way to the Paris Casino to Valet the car, we do this so we can walk around and the cafe inside the Paris has the best food in town and not too expensive.  We ate Breakfast with Michael there and the crepes were to die for..LOVED them.

Tomorrow we go to Hoover Dam to take pictures of the new bridge they are constructing to cross over so there will no longer be 911 Security holding up the vehicles from crossing the dam. 

With Mike out from his attack and my cold almost gone we will start to go more places.  Can't wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow. 

Take care traveling to the north and talk to all soon. Love Carol