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Trip along the 365 HWY
Clakamette State Park
After leaving Seaside we stayed here so we could go to Clackamas on Wednesday to have washer dryer fixed, cost was $20 a night with 30 amps no septic it is a nice little park for a one two night visit right off of the freeway so easy access, if you like to fish the river runs right next to your site.
Traveling south on the 365 about 5 hours later, just before you hit Klamath Falls, we stayed in the parking lot of the Kly-Mo-Ya Casino, where I won $200.  It was quiet and nice weather. They have a dinner buffet and you can order breakfast at the casino grill.
The scenery along the 365, until you leave Bishop is wonderful, after Bishop it is all desert and the roads are not great, 2 lane highway. 
We stayed at the Sparks Marina and RV resort in Sparks, NV
We had called around and found this was the only one that had a site available for 2 nights, we did not know until we started calling that it was Street Vibrations weekend,  over 100,000 Harley had hit the area, they were there for their rally and the trip to Virginia City,NV
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The drive from Sparks NV to Virginia City great, overlook area as you can see by the photo below, had many of the Street Vibrations people taking a look at Reno.  When we got to Sparks, we did not know that over 100,000 motorcycles where here for the Street Vibrations Rally all for Harley's.  I had to call around just to find an RV park to stay at for 2 nights. Finally found the Sparks RV and Marina park, very nice, cost $52 a night, close to freeway and Reno as will as Virginia City.
Virginia City downtown, we could not park the car as the town was only allowing motorcycles so we found a person who owned his property and for $5 we were able to park in his lot and another person had a golf cart who took us around the city.  He did not stop for me so I took as many photos as I could while he drove.
As you can see everyone was having a great time.  Below photos of a bridge being built across the dam, next photo we are leaving following the 365 hwy to Banning, Ca.
The drive from Sparks to Bishop, rough road till you get just outside of Bishop, then you have a great road, when you hit the turn off to Victorville, CA. again very rough road and all uphill.  once you hit the outskirts of Victorville you will have 8 stop lights and the traffic is as bad as a Monday morning commute, of course, we hit all the stop lights.  I would not recommend coming this way, this was different then taking the freeway and some of the scenery is wonderful but Mike did not like the up and down with all of the traffic, most of  the 365 is mainly 2 lanes.
Below the Highlands RV Park just north of Bishop, CA  a nice little park, very busy, there is a Indian casino a few blocks away, would have like to stay a little longer to explore the town of Bishop as it looked old and nice.
Keri traveling great, she loves to ride on the sofa, or my lap.