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Dec 04, 2014
We had a wonderful visit from Brooke over Thanksgiving, she has grown so much since seeing her 4 years ago.    I pray it will not be that long next time to see her.

As some of you know we have decided to stay here in the St. David area till April 1st, I have taken on the Activities Director job (no pay but we get our space and electric in exchange for 30 hours a week).  It has been hectic as I have been going full out since getting here, there are not enough hours in the day to do all that I want.  I will have an assistant starting next week, so looking forward to having her help.  It has been cool at night, got to be around 27 some nights, and today it rained all day, tomorrow suppose to be sunny again.  I had forgotten what this area was like, all desert and very cool compared to Palm Desert, CA.  So far I know we will not be coming back here next year, love the California weather too much to not go back.  

This will be the last year for our web site, the cost to keep it up and the time to do it has gotten me down, I will try to do a blog if I can.  I want to thank everyone who has read and seen our photos over the last 8 years will miss letting you all read about our journey. 
Nov.. 16th, 2013
We are in Indian Waters for our week out, love this park, we are on the gravel side this time thinking we could get could free WI-FI, our mistake can't get it, they say they are working on it, but we will be leaving on Monday back to TT for 3 then back here.  Their prices have gone up here $21 a night and in Jan. we will be paying $23, will have to rethink next year as they are getting to high to pay.

Finally got Mike to take me downtown Palm Springs where I could get so photos for a Palm Springs Jig Saw Puzzle CD.  The Marilyn Monroe Stature will be leaving the area at the end of Dec. it has been here since 2011, the artist made it years ago and has been traveling around the USA also the Follies which is a legend around here, the group is made up of women over 60 who dance and put on a show almost every night with 2 afternoon shows. This is their last year.

Ben and Jerry Ice cream located next door
to the Plaza
Plaza Theater The Last Hurrah Follies Show

I took more photos of the desert area so I do have a new 20 puzzle CD
Nov. 8, 2013
We arrived at Thousand Trails after spending 1 week at Soladad Canyon, it is a camp ground made for the weekender not the full timer, we had a nice spot with full hook ups, lots of ants, the metro runs right outside the park so if you wanted to go to LA for a day perfect place to camp.  Pat and Mel where with us and we got to play our pegs and jokers almost every night, we so enjoy their company, they have been the best friends I have ever had.

We will be here till the 11th then out for one week and then back into the park.  We were suppose to go to AZ for Dec. but that has changed I have some health problems the doctors want to help fix and they are saying that I have to have some more tests and some of those can't be scheduled till the 11th of Dec. after being on some medicine they have given me, I won't go into details as I don't know the results yet.
We had told our son we would be there for Christmas so we could see our granddaughter, whom I haven't seen in over 4 years.  I am so disappointed but right now my health has to come first.

The shingles are still letting me know I have them but the eye has healed almost back to normal, the skin still folds over the eye when I get tired but at least the eye is ok.

Haven't been doing anything other then Texas holdem and having so many doctor appointments from the 6th to the 11th of Dec. will see at least 2-3 doctors a week.  Would love to turn back the clock and become young again, another reason the doctors are all doing the test now is because with Obama Health they don't know if Medicare will cover the tests I have to have.  And I honestly can't afford to pay them myself.  Most of my tests are down, still have a couple more to go, found out I have a peptic ulcer which is why I have been bleeding.  Taking meds. now for that. Knee is a little better after getting the 3 week shots, but still hurt.  Dr. Sinha says I will need that knee replaced soon.
  Guess that's all for now.

Love Carol