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December 23, 2010
Merry Christmas everyone, I wish you and your family a wonderful day and Happy New Year.

It's been awhile since I did this journal, a lot has been going on.

To begin with my right hand is finally on the recovery.  It has taken a little longer then the left one, but I am positive it will be fine in a couple of months.  At least I can type now, as for grammar that is still up in the air.

We have been going to doctors every week trying to get all that health stuff out of the way for another 3 years.  I have to have a colonoscopy on Jan. 5th so I will not be leaving the RV on the 4th. With all of these doctor visits, l am not home long enough to even do the cooking, eating out is so much fun, no dishes to do.  

On Thanksgiving we had a great buffet at the Augustine Casino, there were about 8 of us, then we stayed and played the slots,  I did win a jackpot which was real nice, got to do Christmas shopping with it.  We will be going back there on Christmas day for the buffet, there will be about 24 of us that day, they are having Lobster and Champagne, all for just $17.95 can't beat the price and the food is gourmet.  Hope to hit another jackpot wish us luck.

Mike has been teaching Keri to run along side of the bike,
She seems to like it, I have not tried running her along side the scooter as I am afraid of getting her paws too close the the tires.  Mike says she does fine with him on the scooter, have not been home to see her with him. 

We have been keeping busy at night also, putting on Texas Holdem on Sunday and playing on Thrus.  I have been setting up my puzzles and business cards display on Thursdays at Indian Waters and Saturdays here at TT.   Now that my hand is better I hope to get around the area for new photos and make new puzzles. 

We had a fund raising here at TT for a memorial to Kathy, I donated the Kachina I had been carrying around here in the RV, money raised bought a great fountain, which Kathy had wanted here in the park.  Everyone was extremely pleased with the results will have photos on the fountain next month. The Mayor of our park Joann and Ursula did a wonderful job, Kathy would have loved it.

I guess everyones up to date of what has been going on, so will close for now and see you in the New Year.  If you read this and are in the park, come join us for a potluck lunch on the 24th at 12:30 PM, meet new friends and enjoy the sunshine with us.  After 1 week of rain we are all anxious to be outdoors. 

Love Carol