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December 29, 09 
Here are some picture taken of the Zoo and the USS Midway, WOW what a ship.
Took Pictures on the outside, the crowds were so bad it would have taken us hours just to get a peek inside so decided we would come back at a future date. Apparently there is a football game this weekend Arizona and Nebraska and seems they all were at the zoo and the harbor.  It was a perfect, comfortable day down at the harbor, we had to park and walk, too far for me so a bike ride it was, No, Mike did not have to peddle, our peddler was Diane who also acted as tour guide for no extra cost, giving us history of the downtown area as she took us up to see the Star of India and the Russian sub in the harbor. 
Of Course Mike is in 7th heaven, since he has coffee in one hand and an arm around a younger and pretty gal. 
 We then went to the Farmers Fish Market and had lunch, the food was not bad but not a place I would come back to eat at either.  At least we had a great view of the harbor. 
  The picture to the left, Iron Sculpture, tribute to Bob Hope, they had clips of radio broadcast that he did while on the Midway for his Christmas tours every year, it was fun listening to him again. 
Lots more pictures to see  > >   See Zoo and Midway Photos Click here
December 27 09
The Yorkie is not going to be,  Joyce called on Friday to tell me the lady had changed her mind and was giving it to her Aunt.  It was a huge disappointment, guess it was not meant to be.

We went to the San Diego Zoo today, it was a zoo within a zoo, there were thousands of people, asked one of the bus drivers for the zoo if it was like this all of the time, she said only during the holidays and Spring break.  We enjoyed it, this time I remembered to bring the scooter and the key, we were able to see a lot more and I did not get tired.  The Animals were all out and giving us a great view of themselves, got some great pictures, Will have on the web tomorrow.
December 26 09
Before I till you about Christmas, I want to tell you a couple whom we meet last year in Hurricane at the WHR RV Resort, Lonnie and Sandi, they saw the web update that we were in the San Diego area.  Sandi emailed me to say they too were in San Diego would we like to visit them.  So last Tues. we went to the RV park that Lonnie is working at, after visiting for awhile we all decided to got to a restaurant called Dick's Last Resort. Before entering the restaurant there is a small sign that says they have the right to give you a hard time, enter at your own risk.  Before, Sam our waitress could do that, we gave her the hard time, she started telling us the special and I interrupted her, asking her to repeat what she had just said.  After she got through telling us all, we asked her to repeat again.  She said she was the one to give us the rough time not us.  It was a fun place and we really enjoyed having friends to share the time with.  Thanks Lonnie and Sandi
Sam, our waitress, we gave her the hard time Lonnie and Sandi
The World Market was right across the street so we went window shopping.

I meet two wonderful ladies here in the park, Susan and Bev, they each own the embroidery machine like mine, Susan has the 3D Pfaff, while Bev just got her brand new Pfaff which is bigger and can do a lot more then mine.   They are giving me lessons and will continue at the next park as we all seem to be heading the same way, & same day, I will get to finally learn my machine, I can't thank them enough.

AW, Christmas day, the park did not provide any meal, they only had a sign up sheet for a pot luck.  Normally we don't do pot lucks, but Mike and I both did not want to go anywhere, so we signed up for the dinner.  There were over 50 who came and the food was wonderful, if you walked away hungry it would be your own fault. Normally the park provides the meat such as turkey, ham.  We want to thank those as they turned out great.   

 I am so disappointed in this park, the manager, whom I have not meet (funny all of the parks we have gone to before we see the manager around and they introduce themselves) but not this one ,does not seem to care about RV'ers there are no activates, no meals except breakfast and no meat for the holiday dinner. Everyone I have talked to are saying if they can arrange it they will not be coming back here. 

The first picture is of Bev( also my embroidery teacher) who helped with the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes.


When we were in Benson, and it was Black Friday, I went to Wal-Mart to get Michael, our son his Christmas gift, they had the Tom-Tom on sell and that was what he wanted, I then went to Tucson for my sister to color my hair, we went to Best Buy first, that's where I purchased my Christmas gift ,a WII with the fitness platform.  My Christmas came early.

I am also getting another surprise gift.  Lou & Joyce, who I have talked about before, are coming to Tucson for the winter.  We talk at least once a week, to make a long story short, I am getting a Yorkie.  They have a neighbor who has two dogs, the Yorkie is 7 months old, since they both work split shifts, it is hard for them and the 2 dogs, they wanted Lou and Joyce take her, but it is too soon after the death of their dog.  They told the couple about me looking, they looked at the web site and said YES, Joyce will bring Molly with them to Tucson and Mike will drive over there once we get to the next RV park.  I can't wait to get her, she is only 7 lbs and won't get much bigger, have not seen a picture of her but Joyce says she is the cutest, minds well.  So my Christmas will actually be two, today and when Molly gets here.  Will show her picture on the web as soon as I can.

We hope everyone had a Great Day, if you celebrate New Years drive carefully and know we love you all. My wish for everyone in the New Year is to be prosperous and healthy.

Until Next year Happy Holidays
Love Carol 

December 12, 09

We arrived here at Pio Pico late in the afternoon of the 14th, we took a coffee break on the way here, stopping at the Acorn Casino.  Came out ahead by $165 so it was a great stop had I lost don't think I would be as happy about the stop.

We proceeded to the campground got here around 3 PM, found the first site back in the back where we were told probably would get cell service, Mike backed in and decided to try the TV first, will it didn't work couldn't find the signal, he then drove down about 60 feet and found another site, we parked the rig in watching out for the trees, turned on the TV, he tried the dish again.  NOPE doesn't work.

 He is tired, I am tired, but he wants a site with a signal anything.  OK, he drives around again, meanwhile I get all of my Xmas things from under the coach before we let the slide out.  He's found a site that will work, GREAT I want to set up and have some dinner, it's 5 PM now,  we back into the site, he turns the satellite dish on and guess what NO TV.  He throws his hands up and says we are out of here tomorrow, ok that's fine with me, I can't get cell service nor internet and I really need to get the email, do the banking web etc.  We talk to the guy next to us, he is leaving in the morning, he gets the TV, cell with no problem, IF we have a booster for the cell phone, what's that I ask, he says talk to the guy who sells them, he is just down the road from this site. 

We set up just for the night because we are going to move again in the morning, I tell you one thing if we don't get the TV or cell in the morning I am leaving, enough with changing sites, I say OUT OF THE PARK.  Mike goes down and talks to Bob, who sells the booster's, remember the winning at the casino, bye bye, they pay for the booster.  didn't want to hang onto money anyway, it just burns that hole in the pocket.    Guess there is always a reason.  The stop to the casino was not on the agenda, the other sites where not right, and Bob who just happens to be in the park is waiting to sell everyone those booster's.
We are Happy Campers now, we do get internet and cell service, (cell only if we unplug the internet and re-plug the phones into the rooter). If you try calling me cell won't work, sometimes a text message comes through but not often, as I found out today.  We went to Wal-Mart to get milk and other daily items, my phone beeped as soon as a signal came in and there were 10 text messages.

We are here for 3 weeks, there is not much activities here in the park, so I talked to the activities Director today and she is happy to have me offer to put Cards with Carol on Tues and Wed.  Guess I did it again, if that's the only way I can meet people and play then it has to be.  I will put on Mexican Train night and Pegs & Jokers.  Now let's see if people show up.

There is also craft day so will see if my jig saw puzzles for the computer sell, and will try to unload a lot of the Christmas things I no longer what or should say Mike no longer wants, that's ok, it seems we get later and later each year to set up the decorations.  Will have the tree inside and some lights outside that's enough.

Guess I am rattling on so will stop for now and give you more updates as the week progressives.

You can see the park we are in by clicking here

Wishing you and your families a Very Merry Christmas.

Love Ya Carol


December 12, 09
We are finally on our way for the winter with a 12 day stop over in CA but really Yuma. Staying at the Pilot Knob RV Resort. 

We had a great time while in Benson and St. David, I volunteered at Valley Vista, by holding Card Bingo on Halloween (it really was a Witches card bingo ) and everyone who attended will tell you they had the greatest witch, ME!!  Also put on Texas Holdem at both Valley Vista and Twin Lakes.  I had a lot of fun with all of the activities.

Thanksgiving at Valley Vista was beyond good, the food that everyone bought to the feast was so good I ate way too much.  One of the salads created by Gailean, was terrific, look for it on the recipe page.

  Ron cooked the turkeys, Jane was the kitchen help and the last picture, well can I say anymore just look at all of that food

Now onto other parks and new adventures, we hope to see those of you whom we have meet in the past, can't wait to catch up with everyone.

Until next week and a new park. Stay warm, the weather here has turned a nasty cold and rain is suppose to be here on Monday with the cold front.  Came this way to get out of winter guess it is following us.  Hope Pio Pico is warmer

Love Carol