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December 27 07

thought everyone might want to see how Koko is growing she will be 4 months on the 29th.

Pictures of the Madera Canyon at sunset

Our Christmas was great my sister and her husband came over for dinner along with Ken and Marylou (park hosts here) and another RV'er who was by herself.  We also had the Christmas party here at the park on the 23rd, There's Mike heating up the little breads I made, Suzanne who is standing in the next picture is the wife of the owner Larry sitting in the next picture,         good food and lots of it was eat by all. The next picture is of DR. A he is staying here in the park and plays the sax, played great jazz music, hope to hear him again.

Now the New Year is upon us and it will be tax time!!  It seems like one year is just rolling into the next faster and faster since retiring, I don't feel older every year (ok, so my body says so but my mind and heart say I am very young yet).  Anyway we have had several offers for Activities Director and office work from work camping, we have yet to decide which one we will take or if we will.  We do know that we want to go north again for the summer, so maybe it will be the one in North Dakota or ?????? who knows.  Anyway we wish all of you a very Happy New Year

December 12 07
Only 3 days till Christmas, wow where did the time go.  The weather has turned cold, froze last night got down to the low 20's. Had to go out and buy KOKO a sweater, boy is she growing here she is at 3 months, she is a fast learner, taught her to come so now she runs out a ways and sits and waits for you to call her so she can get a treat.  Also she has learned to walk on a leash and sit.  Only wish I could get her to stop whining, she whines every time she wants something from going outside to potty, to wanting to be played with.  Tried the spraying of water but it's not working anyone out there got any ideas?

Mike and I are putting on the Christmas party here at the park along with the owners.  We will have a jazz player and gift exchange.  There are only 10 rigs in the park right now so probably will be only the park hosts and owners there but hey we still can have some fun.

Getting anxious to start traveling again, can't wait till April!!  Hope everyone has a great NEW YEAR and will be on the road soon, hoping to meet up with some of you.

Love Carol

December 12 07

Yes there is snow on them there mountains.  The Madera Canyon in back of the clubhouse, became a wonderful site after the snow storm that came through the valley.  We had lots of rain and wind, had to bring in the slide out so we could sleep as the new topper is not as tight as the old one.  The cold weather has settled in and there are few warm days.  Today was great long sleeve shirt was enough. We are losing one of the park hosts here as they are going back to Tennessee, I will miss her as she and have become great friends. 

We finally played Texas Holdem on Saturday and Mike was first out I thought I would be out next but got 3 Jacks and did a come back, and ended in first place.  Just wish there were people here this park is empty, from the reservations I have been making it will be almost fill come the middle of January but not with full timers as we are use too.  Most of the people that come to this park on their way to Mexico and this is just a stop over while they get there papers ready for the border.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas & settled in for the winter

Until next time love Carol