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Last Months Journal   Last Years Journal
Nov. 8, 2012
It has been 10 days since having the scope down on the knee, they found a large meniscus tear, saw the doctor today says I need to stay off of it another 10 days and have physical therapy. Will start that tomorrow.  I will still go to our Texas holdem games but don't think I can do the crafts for another week.  I am looking forward to being able to drive myself around Mike is being great but he hates the waiting while I am seeing the doctor etc.  Keri is not happy as she still runs from Mike and he is getting very upset with her, don't know why she is so afraid of him.  She goes to him when he has treats but not any other time.  Anyone know what to do about this?? 

Prior to surgery (the day before) Pat, Mel Mike and I went to College of the Desert, in all the time we have been down here I had not gone.  Thanks to Pat who talked Mike into taking the scooter out of the car I was able to go.  It is a very large outdoor shopping area.  They have it every Saturday and Sunday lots of neat and different items can be found here.  I was able to have a pinky ring with a turquoise stone and sterling silver band made while I waited cost was $15.00 yep that's right love the ring.  We had a great 4 hours.  Mountain view from the College is so different the mountains in AZ.

When we left here 3 weeks ago our refrigerator cooling system decide it no longer wanted to keep our food frozen or cool.  Thanks to Pat and Mel I was able to save some of our frozen and fresh foods.  3 days after surgery they called and we had to drive the rig in for the replacement. I stayed down on the bed while they worked on it.  Mike took the photos

It is not an easy job, they have to take the refrigerator out and turn it upside down to replace the entire back. 

It took about 6 hours working non-stop, it was decided not to put back in a Norcold instead we have the new brand made by the Amish called Dutch Aire  it has a 3 year warranty and double cooling coils.  It seems to be worker better then our old refrig.

We are in site 298 here at TT, it is suppose to cool down tomorrow and this weekend and finally get back to winter temps. 

Oct 27, 2012
Finally decided to update and web and could not believe that 2 months have passed since I did, where did the time go!  We have been with Mel and Pat since leaving Washington on the 12th of September.  Yes we are still friends as of this writing.  We are having fun going places and playing Attack Uno, Mike usually only likes playing Poker but he has put that aside to play with us and enjoying it. 

We came down early so I could get my knee looked at here it is the end of Oct. and after seeing the doctor and getting all those X-Rays I am finally going for exploratory surgery on the 29th, hoping they can fix it at the same time. 

The season here has started lots of RV'ers are coming in from Canada, looks like gas is going down, if you call $3.89 good, remember when it was under $2 and I can remember when it was 25 cents a gal.  Times sure do change wonder what it will be when our grandchildren are able to drive.

Hope to have some photos from College of the Desert tomorrow, taking the scooter and Mel is taking his so the two of us will be on wheels and Pat & Mike walking behind.  We have been coming down here for 4 years and this will be the first time I get to go to College of the Desert.  They say the vendors have lots of neat things will let you know.

Time to finish watching the World Series right now top of the 6th Giants 2-0  Hope San Francisco wins.