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November 11,2009 
We have now been in Benson for about 7 weeks, we will leave 1 week from tomorrow going to California for the rest of the winter.  Our first stop will be Wilderness Lakes, we have been told that when the wind blows the right way we are in for a blast of cow air.  Guess this park is next to a Dairy Farm.  Hope it does not blow or we are out of there.

I talked Mike in going to Tombstone one day so we could get our Buffalo Burgers. The restaurant is only open from AM to 2 PM and the burgers are great and not expensive. You turn onto the street, from 80 , that says Tombstone Courthouse and it will take you to a stop sign, on the right is the restaurant.  We then walked around the town to see if we could find some great pictures for me to make into puzzles found the ones below and made them into jig saw puzzles.


I have been volunteering here in the park, putting on Card Bingo, Computer classes and Texas Holdem we have had a great turn out even though the park is not full yet.  Loved the people who came and since I did the bingo's with a twist am told that everyone, including those who left with out the candy they started with, had lots of fun. 

Keeping so busy in the park has made the time fly by, I can't believe we have been here that long.   My sister Fran put together a Mexican pot luck so Mike and I could see everyone before we left so I took a family picture
In the center standing next to me is my twin sister, we are 5 min apart at birth, we don't communicate that often and when she walked in she had red highlighted hair just like mine.  I guess twins do things alike without even knowing it.

We have meet a great couple here who are from Washington Mel and Pat Wright, Pat is hysterical and has made a lot of fun at my expense and I intend to get back at her someday soon, they are leaving Friday so will have to come up with something real soon. 

We have done nothing and yet we have done a lot here in Benson these weeks, but we are ready to move on, so until we get to our next stop hope everyone is enjoying their winter. 

Love Carol