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November 23, 2008
Mike finally won some money at the slots.  I told him to put the max in and he won about $100, this is the first time he has ever put the max in and I was so proud of him, and it paid off.   So we came home about $60 ahead for a change.  We went to the Fantasy Casino up the road in Indio, we were going to have the buffet but the prices were $23 each, we decided we could eat somewhere else for that kind of money.  We are thinking of going to a Casino for Thanksgiving we will see.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already here, this time last year we spent it in Tucson, the weather here is cooler then Tucson but I think the area is dirty,  the railroad is on the other side of the freeway and when a train goes by it feels like you are in a minor earthquake.  You can't hear it with the windows closed and they seem to run trains in the night more so then day.   We really like the park just wish there were more too do here.

Won't be writing anymore this month so until we get to Indian Waters RV park up the road, have a great Thanksgiving.  Love Carol

November 22, 2008
We have moved to Thousand Trails RV park in Palm Desert, what a long trip about 20 miles from Desert Pools.  We didn't even need to put the car on the dolly, Mike & I each drove.  The park is huge with lots of Palm Trees.  We found a site after parking in one that did not have electric, the TV was the first thing to try to see if we could get and it came right in the next step was the Internet it was as easy as pie to get.  We are all set up for the next two weeks.  The park has very few activities, but they do have a large swimming pool and spa.  There was craft show on Saturday that I participated in, at $5 a table it was not worth it, I paid for my table but there was hardly anyone who came to look.  Guess it is too early for people to buy or the economy is affecting the sales of crafts, poor doggies they need a coat!!

You can see pictures of the park on the TT park page.  We are in site 240 for anyone who comes this way.  We are off to see if we can win at one of the casinos in the area, there are about 4 around here.

Will let you know how we do.

November 17, 2008
Ever wonder why this area is called the wind mill state, when you come down the 8 from San Bernardino and over the hill the first thing that strikes you are all of the Wind Mills in the desert, we took a ride over to Palm Springs today, about 5min away, there are more beyond the mountains this is just a sample.


The wind blows every day around here, today it is about 5 miles per hour, which is not bad but when the Santa Anna winds start look out everything standing blows away.  Which is way California is always burning as you have seen recently on the news. 

We are leaving here on Thursday for Thousand Trails in Palm Desert.  It is about 15 min. away from here.  We are close to Palm Springs, Indio and Palm Desert.  In fact the Wal-Mart on Monterey serves the whole area.  There are about 3 casinos in the area, the one in Palm Springs is said to pay off much better then all of the others, when we come back in Dec. to this park we will try it out.  Downtown Palm Springs has plenty of walking and sight seeing, and the restaurants are abundant.  When driving from the freeway to the city I had the impression we were in the wrong town as it looked run down and deserted, however once you get to the original downtown area it really changes.  Most of the affluent people have moved over towards Monterey and Desert Palms, where you will find Diana Shore Drive, Gene Autry Drive etc.  It is quite luscious with gardens and fine homes.  The rest of the area is really really desert, in fact, I like the Arizona desert much better, can't believe I just said I like the desert, this area is nothing but trash along the freeway and brown dirt, no pride in their state. Mike and I keep saying how in Utah we never once saw trash anywhere.

Oh well other then Texas and Arizona you can't beat the weather, about low 80's during the day and around high 50's at night.

Until next week love Carol

November 13, 2008
We haven't been doing any site seeing but that's about to change today, we will be going to the Palm Springs Air Museum, it is said to be the best Air Museum of WW11 also the Wind Mills are in abundant here and will have pictures of them, when you see them you will be amazed at how much wind comes through this valley.

Mike and I held a No limit Texas Holdem game here last night, we used our new set of chips, the old sets did not have money value on them and it was hard for people to understand what the chip value was for each color.

They have never put on a no limit game here, they only have played limit poker, which most we have talked to say is not as much fun, we had a great turn out considering the park is not at its peek season yet. Peak season starts Jan 1st until April 15th.  One of the reason we are staying here in the area, in fact we have booked our sites at the parks until the middle of February, we will then start to head north to Logan.  Will explain that one later.

15 players  
Final Table Down to 3
Dan won 1st place, Pat 2nd and Maureen came in 3rd

We live next Thursday so will probably put one more game on before we leave.

Until tomorrow with lots of new pictures. Love Carol

November 05, 2008
Before leaving Pahrump we decided to go to the casino for dinner, the Nugget did not have any restaurants open so we left the car and walked across the street to Terrible's.  Went back to get the car and decided to gamble a little before leaving.  I sat down and played the quarter poker deuces wild machine, after putting in about $8 and nothing happening said to myself one more time and then I'll go to another machine WOW A ROYAL FLUSH, it was the first time in all of the years I have played the poker machine I had hit a royal.  My twin sister seems to hit them all of the time, anyway sure glad we decided to play a little. 

We are now in Desert Hot Springs, Calif.  spent the night at a casino before getting here, so we didn't have to drive all of the way into the area.  We are in site 265 here at the park, pictures, as the week goes on will tell you more about the area right now have just arrived and wanted everyone to know where we are.

Love Carol