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October 25, 2007
Finished our second week here at De Anza RV Resort.  Was great, only went around in  once or twice. I can now open and close the office.  

 The other Camp Hosts Lou and Joyce enjoy working outdoors so they maintain the grounds along with Nancy (one other camp host) Nancy and Chila are partners co owning an RV and doing chores together, Chila works in the office she and Nancy have been here at the park for over 1 year and apparently love it. Mike right now is the fix it guy, which he loves, hopes he does not have to do cutting of the grass with that hoe and weed eater.  There are another 2 couples coming to help out, starting in January this place will be full not only with winter visitors but with groups that caravan down to Mexico.  The RV park is only 30 min. from Mexico, so this makes a great stop over to get all of the caravans together and info to those going down.  Adventure Caravan, Baja Winter, Fantasy Tours are just a few that use this park. So if you are going to Mexico stop by and say hi we would love to see you.  We are only 40 min. from Tucson.

Mike and got to do a little site seeing, not that we are new too the area, just wanted some Amado pictures for you to see.  Arizona Photos There is a restaurant just across the freeway from us,  I use to play hooky and come down to it to go swimming when in high school the pool is gone now but the restaurant is still there. Across the street from the Cow Palace is the Longhorn Grill another favorite from the past.
You can see the mountains in the background.  We are surrounded by the Madera Canyon Area.  Not only is there a lot too do in this area you also have beautiful scenery.  I hope someday everyone who reads this journal will be able to get down to Amado, AZ .  February 8th-12th is the annual Tubac Artist Festival and that is something no one should miss.  Artist from all areas of AZ as well as outside come to display and listen to bands, the Indian Casino just about 10 minutes from here also put on Bluegrass Band events and pow-wows.

Will be taking more pictures in the future...Until then happy travels &

 Love Carol



October 20, 2007
Four Letter Word

Ok, here we are at The De Anza RV and Pet Resort. Were going to try this Work Camper thing. We have had a lot of suggestions on what to do and will share them with you.
When we were in Washington, met Ron at a Newmar Rally and his suggestion was to start with the Fish and Game.  Normally, you would only have 3 mo. obligation and you would be able to use the equipment that is available . Like a boat to go out and count the fish, needless to say, you take your pole with you or go sightseeing all over the everglades. Doesn't really sound all that bad. Oh well, we have already said that we would do a 5 to 6 mo. job at this park. Being that we are from this area and Carols' sisters and doctors are here, so what the heck. As much as both of us do not want to be in the desert, Tucson is going to be hard to beat during the winter.

Now the folks here have got a lot of work and ideas of how to make one of the best parks in the area. This park has a lot of potential and the space to do it in.  For those that don't know, this was a greyhound dog track for a lot of years. After it closed a guy bought it and had a construction company come in and build it into a RV Park. Sure, like a contractor knows what is going on. The water is on the wrong side, sewer is below ground level, but the streets are blacktopped. Oh goodie for contractors.

The present owners are in the process of fixing all of these problems, but it is going to take time. They plan on doing some heavy construction this spring and not only take care of some of these problems but get some pull thru's built also.

Here is the address to let ya know what is in mind.
De Anza Trails RV Resort

Ok, what makes me qualified to do this job. Well, my great wisdom of heavy machinery should help. Hey, if ya can drive a train you should be able to handle just about anything. So Brad, one of my Bosses, started to read off my duties. Whoa, how long is this list anyhow.  Ok, let's start at the top and start working down.  Looks like there is a whole life time there.  Hey, I aint no spring chicken guy, can we cut this thing down just a bit. How about all this equipment that we are going to be using.
Oh sure, I have only one question, "where do you put the gas in these things. I don't see any gas cap."
Now what the heck is this thing?
By now Brad has figured out that he has his work cut out for him with me. But being patient and understanding, he starts to inform me of what a hula hoe is. "Ah WHAT". "How do you start this thing."  Ok Mike, here is all you have to do. Just drag it over the weeds and it will take the weeds out of the ground. "Well, heck, being that we stayed in Texas last winter I got this thing all figured out." Ride it like a horse.
And then I saw it! I think I must have one to heaven. Look at all the tools, and shop to work in. WOW!

So much for my Heavy Machine operating, looks like I don't really qualify, and believe me there is a lot of things to clean and fix just to keep this place running. It never seems to end.

The Main Building is 30,000 sq. ft. With the shop and dog buildings, two outback buildings and plenty of acreage in order to grow in the future.


As I walked into this room,

since I had been a skating instructor I knew I was at home, and looked at Larry and said thank you for my personal skating rink, WOW am I going to have fun...Carol where are my skates!

Keep in touch


October 15, 2007
Arrived today at De Anza RV and Pet Resort see park photos, large well maintained park.  Had a tour of the buildings and what our job might entail.  There is a lot of work and it looks over whelming  but with 5 couples as park host but be easier then we can see right now.  Will let everyone know what it is to be a camp host.  We love being around people so this shouldn't be too tough!!  We are bedding down for the night and wouldn't you know it we heard the whistle blow from the Nogales local (it is a train route that Mike did when he first became an engineer), oh will, seems we will hear that whistle blowing each night, shouldn't be too bad as they only run 2-3 trains a day.

One nice thing about being in this park for the winter, it is close to Tucson, which means we can see my sister and our friends once in awhile, also it really is close to Mexico and Tubac an Artist town.  Looking forward to re-visiting all. 

Meet one of the camp host Chila, she has been here for over a year and loves it.  Very friendly and nice 

The weather down here in Amado is cooler then Tucson not much but enough to make it comfortable during the day and cool at night.  It is almost Halloween and I just had to buy a pumpkin, lights up at night I love the holiday's and am getting in the mood for Christmas. 

Had some bad news today found out I have diabetes, going to see the doctor tomorrow to find out what this means and what can be done. Now I know why I have been so dizzy lately (Mike keeps saying I am just a dizzy blonde) anyway know I will have to change diet which is good as I hope this will make me lose some of that weight.

If any of you are in the area stop by and see us, we would love to see you.

Safe Travels.

Love Carol

October 13, 2007
We have our new microwave and TV.  Beaudry could not find anything wrong with the Convection/Microwave so I baked them brownies and guess what no one wanted to eat them as the batter never got done, and by the next day we had a new Convection \Microwave.  We had to purchase a new TV but they did install it.  It was expensive week but thank goodness it is done and we can move on tomorrow to our jobs.  The weather here has been hot and is suppose to be cooler by tomorrow, looking forward to winter.

Will be taking pictures of the new park we will be in and telling everyone about our jobs so stay tuned and Mike will be writing something soon I am sure.

October 5, 2007
Here it is October and we are at Beaudry RV resort, paying $36.90 a night, waiting for all of the repairs on our coach.  We keep saying that we will never come back here for service and yet we have not learned our lesson.  The service here at it's worst.   We had the coach in on the 4th, they had it for the full day and nothing was done.  The Convection Microwave has to be fixed, but they did not even take it out until Friday, the TV which could not be fixed was finally replaced on Saturday, only it was not the same as what they took out it is an old tube TV with no stereo and looks like it might have cost $100.  We are going to call Good Sam on Monday to find out what is going on.  When you bring the coach to Beaudry their service people start to work on yours but if a new coach is sold all work stops and they go to the new one, as this is their priority.  What should have only taken a day will take another week.  WE HAVE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF BEAUDRY, AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND COMING HERE FOR SERVICE OR TO PURCHASE A COACH, by the way we are not the only ones who feel this way, as we were sitting around waiting for the coach several others who were waiting also expressed they would not come back.

Before leaving Oregon we had Carrier Brothers fix the Toilet, water heater and the water pump all was done within 24 hours and we had great service, I am so glad they where recommended to us, they were friendly and kept their people on our rig until all was done.  I would highly recommend if you are in their area and need service you go to them.

The weather is starting to be cooler at night and around 90 during the day, much better then when we first got here, just hope it stays cooler.  We checked out the De Anza RV park that we will workcamp at and I had childhood memories just pulling into the place.  You see the park is the Old Amado Greyhound Race track and as a kid my parents would take us with them to the dog races.  When I entered the building it was like going back to the days I would ditch school to go to the Cow Palace and swim which is across the freeway from the RV park,  the building which used to be for the race fans, of course has been changed, there are still all of those concrete floors and there are a lot of them, a large area has been set aside for dancing, in one section there are 4 rooms, one for billiards, 1 for a library, 1 large room for exercise and they have lots of exercise equipment, and then there is the salt water swimming pool along with shuffle board and games.  There is also a huge room for games and activities along with a kitchen.  The park has 81 spaces and the new owners who purchased it 2 years ago are doing lots of improvements.  I can see why she and her husband need 5 couples to work.  There is also going to be a pet resort, (when it was the greyhound park there was an area for the dogs to be housed and groomed), they have kept this and are planning for you to be able to bath your pet or have the groomer do it as well as having a pet sitter. The laundry room will be moved to a larger building and easier access, they have plenty of washers and dryers.  Over all this park looks great and in the future will be someplace everyone will want to stop in for overnight or to stay longer.  Each back in space has a concrete slab and 50amps. As far as we can tell there is plenty of room for big rigs and your auto. 

Just before you get to the park Amado is being reborn, they have a wonderful artist, craft, cafe, and small inn.  This used to be one of the Race Track owners ranch and now has been turned into an Artist Colony.  It is breathtaking, you will need to go have lunch and take a walk around the grounds.  I am really happy we choose to come to this park as our first time and will let you know what is like to workcamp in the future.

Until next week safe travels to your winter destination and keep the wind at your back.

Love Carol