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Last months journal See what we were doing on October  2010
Nov. 17, 2011
Where has this month gone, we have been so busy with the activities in and out of the park.  Several of us go to Augustine's Casino for their All you can eat Steak and breakfast, with a players card the cost for Mike and I $9 if you go away hungry it is your own fault. the food is very good and they make your eggs or omelets any way you like.  Of course you must stay and play.  They have free slot tournaments , the first time I entered I won $15 free slot play on top of my weekly $12 free play.  Seem to be having a losing streak right now hope that changes soon.

Texas Holdem has been going over great, now that more people are here the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize has been great. 

The park has a new restaurant lessee and he is having Thanksgiving dinner $12.95 ea. person, I do hope the food is good as there are about 14 of us sitting together as a family.

We will be going back to Desert Pools on the 28th for 2 weeks then back here for 3 or 4.  Weather is wonderful high around 79 and the nights around 54.  Could not ask for better weather.

Since we are in the area have no new photos to share, send me some of yours would love to see where and what everyone is doing, let me know if I can put them on the web and make sure you tell me who took the photo and where.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone till next month take care and enjoy whomever you are with for the holidays.  Love Carol

October 24,2011
 We are now at Desert Pools in Desert Palms, CA about 33 min. from TT., be here for 2 weeks then back to TT.  The park has been cleaned up some still all gravel and dirt.  Not many here as it is still early in the season, but they do have activities, pickle ball going strong, Texas Holdem Tuesdays,  Thursdays.  Crafts on Sat. along with Cinnamon Rolls.  Dinner sat. night for $6.50 includes drink and desert how can you beat that.  I finally bought a bathing suit, going to use the hot mineral water spas while here hope it helps the back.  Seeing a back surgeon tomorrow to see what he can do.   Jane who used this doctor says she is finally pain free, boy I hope I can be soon.

TT had their welcome back party last Saturday, Sherry came back to cook the dinner all you can eat spaghetti, it was very good.  About 50 people came and we all had a great and fun time. As you can see in the photos below.

Above 2 of the people who work at the office, next Nicky, assistant activities director, she is a great and cheerful person, love being around her,  next we have Nancy, Ray, and Irish with Marge's back to us, next photo center sitting is the Mayor (Joann) behind her is Sue the former Activities Director, next to Joann is another lessee, bottom photo is Jane and to her right is Donna (she cuts everyone's hair and is also the water aerobatic teacher)

This was the first time since coming to TT we were able to be here for the Welcome home party, it is one I will not miss again if we are coming to the area.  Love it Fun was had by all and the staff and Kate the manager did a wonderful job.  Thanks to all of you.  I feel we are coming home every time I am with all the people at TT. We have made such wonderful and lasting friends.
October 04,2011
We are here at Palm Springs and as you saw on the home page it is not very full.  The temperature, around 100 when we arrived, windy today and suppose to cool off by the end of the week. Not many RV'ers here yet they are slowly traveling down.  We will put on the first Texas Holdem tournament on Sunday, don't expect too many to show. 

Our travels down was not want we expected, first we left OR. in cool weather, low 70's and hit CA. with temps in the high 100's.  The generator for some reason would only work when we were stopped so it made a very unpleasant trip since we could not use AC.  The refrigerator on LP would not work, Mike was finally able to fix that problem.  We find we need new shocks for the coach, as the I-5 has got to be the worst road in the USA.  It was so rough even Mike now has a very bad back. 

All in all, we are here for the winter.  Have not had a problem booking our weeks out yet, but can see that in February we might have a problem.  Hope not.  As of now we are booked till Feb.16th. 

Tomorrow Keri will finally get her hair cut and bath. She really needs it, pour thing looks like a shag dog.  She has been an angle, no matter what we do she just looks at you and wants to be held.   I find I am carry her around like you would a small child. Her belly has to rubbed at least 5 times a day, and while traveling she lays on the sofa and sleeps.  She has been a great rescue dog.  Keri now goes to other people and dogs, she did get a scare at a rest stop on the way down, a St. Bernard got out of his choke collar and run over her, wanting to play, it acted friendly but Keri did not know that. in fact she showed her teeth.  Imagine a 9 lb. dog showing teeth to a 50lb. dog. It was a little funny.  The owner apologized and wished that Keri would have really been more aggressive.  I did not want her to so picked her up and all was well.

Guess that is all I have to say right now will let you know what we do this winter.  Travel safe down and those of you who are staying home stay cool.

Love Carol