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October 13, 2010
We are here at Palm Springs and as you saw on the home page it is not very full yet of RV'ers.  The temperature, around 100 or higher each day, suppose to get to the high 80's next week.  We are staying inside for most of the day.  The new Activities Director, Sue, seems very nice and has a lot going on for us this season.  We have WII bowling Tues. thru Thrus. Only one person showed so we played, I did win, not by very much, and will play again tomorrow.  There is Water Volley ball and Aerobics each day also.  We will begin having Texas Holdem next week, and while Mike & I are at the park will have the tournaments on Sundays and Tuesday like we did last year.  Sue has our schedule as to when we will be in the park so we will be on the activity sheet all this winter. 

I will have my hand surgery done on Monday, so this will be the last journal for at least 6 weeks, I have been practicing everything from typing to putting makeup on with my left hand, it is not working, so will just sit back and take it easy, as if I am not doing that now.   Mike will take over with Keri, that should be interesting as she gets up around 6:30-7 AM to potty and Mike gets up around noon.  Don't think Keri will be waiting that long. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and drive safely while coming south.
October 09, 2010
We have had a great time here at Silent Valley, almost wish we did not have to leave, if you are ROD, you have to come up and experience this park.  We have meet some new people who are now great friends, I know we won't be able to come back next year but hope to the following year.  They had October Fest here today, a Oomph Band, which was really good, bratwurst was the menu and of course plenty of beer.  We will play our last game of poker tomorrow before heading down the mountain, thank you everyone who made our stay so enjoyable.
1st photo above is Jackie and Mac, next photo Drew and Rita, next is Mary, we all played Texas Holdem together, they are great people to get to know, watch out for Rita. Jackie and Mary they are great Poker player, won several hands from me, Drew holds the tournaments along with Angelo and others.  I will miss these folks, in just a short time they have made us feel welcome and they have certainly become part of our RV family of friends.
October 4, 2010
Here we are back in the south, came back early and the park we are in is at 3500 ft. so we are not hot in fact it is comfortable and a great park to come to.  If we had to choose another membership to join, this one just might be it.  However, since we do not you can come in under ROD.  I really like the park and everyone we have meet so far are becoming great friends.  Do not however like the drive up to here, the roads are winding and up and up and up.   Took us about 40 min. as we had to use the turnouts a lot to let other cars go by.  Today it is around 66 degrees with a slight breeze, back to wearing a light jacket in the mornings.  We are so blessed, we have had to wear heavy to light coats all summer and now it looks like the same for the winter, my sister is dying with the heat there in Tucson, so I won't complain about our weather.  Hope everyone else is staying cool.

You can see photos of the park by clicking here

This morning when walking Keri the scenery was beautiful with the fog rolling out

There are abundance of squirrels here, they overrun the park,
and are fun to watch, Keri still is not sure of what to do with them, she just stands and looks. 

We traveled to Thousand Trails on Sunday which is about 16 more miles up the road, I did not like the park, all the sites are on hills there are no level ones that I could see and only about 6 had septic.  Since you must go up that horrible winding road, do not want to go there, they are closing down for the winter right now, they keep it open but only a few sites. 

Here are a few photos I took of the TT at Idyllwild. 

Even though I did not like the road, there are a lot of places to stop on the way up to Idyllwild, the town looks like an old hunting town with lots of log cabins and bed and breakfast places.  I would go to the town but not to the park.