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Last months journal See what we were doing on October 5, 2007
October 31, 2008
Trick or Treat it's Halloween and what a prefect day to go see the original Chicken Ranch, a brothel that has been around here in Pahrump for 40 + years.  Also the Chicken Ranch was a Movie with Dolly Parton and Bert Reynolds.
The Chicken Ranch, you are only allowed in by  showing your credit card.  Of course we did not go in as this is still a working Brothel.


The picture of Sheri's Ranch, Brothel Motel and Spa below, is also a brothel but they serve lunch in the sports bar and you can take a tour of the rooms, the rooms are very clean they look like a motel room, except you get the gal of your choice.  These gals are checked out once a week by a doctor, they are grandmothers, married and single making a living.


October 30, 2008
China Ranch Date Farm was the destination today.  It was about 40 miles from Pahrump in California, for those of you who do not know where Pahrump is, Pahrump located just east of California 28 miles and 60 west of Vegas.  Pahrump is all desert, I am not one who loves the desert therefore would never consider this as a place to live.  The weather is nice high 80's during the day and about 50 at night.   On to the date ranch, not too bad of a drive a lot further then I thought but no traffic and after several wrong turns finally got there.  It is amazing to see all of the sand hills in the area and too think somewhere in them is a date farm.  Reminds me of movies you see a person gets lost crossing the desert only to find a mirage and it is an oasis. 

The entrance to the farm is down a dirt road right between some very large sand hills

At the end of the road China Date Ranch

 bakery and gift shop Inside the bakery, which smells really good, Mike gets a date shake and I buy dates and bread.  All of the Palm trees are dressed in different fashion, protecting the dates, since it is harvest time. A wonderful Ramada with picnic tables are just outside the gift shop and a great place to have the shakes.  The sand Hills are huge and protected, no one can take there off road vehicle or cycle to destroy them.  The weather was just right too walk around, I would not like to be here in May-Sept as I bet it is extremely hot since we are only 50 min from Death Valley.

We explore the area and head on home to Pahrump. This area is also famous for the mineral pools, there are several on the way to the ranch, wish I hadn't forgotten bathing suit would have liked to try them out. 

Tomorrow we go see the famous Chicken Ranch.  I know Mike will have fun with this one.


October 25, 2008
Craft shows are here at the park on Saturday and Sunday.  I have started a new craft, making dog coats, so our dogs can be warm for the winter. No I have not gotten another dog this is the closest I guess I will come to owning one.  They are reversible with fleece on one side and denim on the other, the denim has embroidery with paws and a saying, example below shows one with "These Paws are made for walking", others might say My Walking Coat.  Doesn't matter what design they all are $15 each.
These are other crafters showing & selling there items,
these pictures will also give you some idea of the clubhouse.
October 22, 2008
They had Texas Holdem here at the park tonight, it was not want we usually played, this was Limit Holdem, Mike was not a happy camper, but he put in his $5 but went home in an hour as he had lost all of his chips.  I played the full 2 hours and came home with my $5 and $4.10 of his. 2 hours of fun for 90cents hey you can't go anywhere now days to have fun for that.  We will be having Hobo stew tonight at the clubhouse for 1 can of food and $1. wow are we living right or what.  Glad the parks have these dinners sure saves the grocery bill and me from cooking.  Hope this keeps up. Until tomorrow.

 Love Carol

October 21, 2008
Went to the hair dresser today, I asked for champagne blonde a color I have used forever,  Not too much to ask for right.  Was told by the RV park that this salon was a good one specializing in color, ok, a little more then I usually pay but if they are good then can't go wrong, ya right, told the hair dresser to make sure it had no gold in the hair and I wanted to just cut the split ends off no shorter. Here is how I came out of the salon you tell me is this champagne !  Guess I should be happy, at least no gold.  The only bad thing about full time is finding a hairdresser HELP!



October 20, 2008
The Nugget casino has Texas Holdem for ladies on Monday night, $25 buy in, so decided why not lets give this a try. 

There were 19 players, after the pizza break 1hour of playing, we were down to 12 players 1/2 hour later I was down to my last $300 in chips and there were now 9 players.  Had to go all in since I was short stacked, 2 people called got a straight on the river won that pot.  Down to 6 players, 3 go all in I sit out didn't have any good cards for the last 3 hands, blinds are now at 400 & 800, I look at my stack and think things better change or I will be the one out on the bubble. There are only 4 place winners.  Wow finally got a hand A Q of spades I raise the blind, I'm called the flop comes out great 10, K hey maybe I'll get a straight, the turn no good, now I am worried, hope a J comes out on the river, I raise anyway am called by one person, hope they don't have anything, the river comes out, whoopee a Jack made my straight, I raise everyone folds, now I have enough chips to stay awhile longer.  Finally 2 more drop down to 3 players. One of the gals raise all in another player calls, I sit out, down to 2 now.  The gal that is left raises all in, I have K 9 of hearts, what the heck I'll get second, I call.  She has nothing I end up with 2 pair and win First place, it was fun and I really enjoyed playing with live people, it took almost 3 hours and I now know I could not sit in any larger tournaments as my back could not take sitting that long. 

Guess I'll take my winnings and go get my hair done tomorrow.  Maybe I'll come back and play next week.

October 17, 2008
Pam & Ralph who took KOKO, now named Cookie are here in Pahrump.  We got together at their site over at Western Horizon Rv park ,and I got too see how she is doing.  For those of you who do not know the story, I bought her from a puppy farm and after 8 weeks Mike decided he did not want another dog.  So Pam & Ralph came along and since they seemed such a wonderful couple we gave her to them. It has now been 8 months and boy has she grown. Here she is at 4months
and this is her at 1 year she is not a miniature poodle she is just short of 3 Inches of a standard, she is playful and very alert, loves to give you her toys.  It was great seeing her, Pam and Ralph are great parents.  Someday I will have another dog, trade you Mike for a very small puppy. HA HA

  Speaking of trading Louise (she worked the gate in St. George RV park) decided she would auction Mike off at one of the dinners, there were no takers even when she said she would help me pay for someone to take him.  We had fun teasing him Mary the manager even tried to think of a way for us to stay beyond our 2 weeks but since it was Senior Olympics there in St. George the park was full.  She would have gotten her hands full had Mike stayed longer, what a fun park that is.

We go to the Western Horizon Park on Wed. Hope they have lots of activities and craft sales. Will let you know and have the pictures on the web by Friday.  Till then Drive carefully and keep the wind at your back. Carol

October 16, 2008

Arrived in Pahrump NV on Wed.  feels like we are in Arizona again.  Everything is so brown and it's warm here around the high 80's.  We are staying at an RPI park just behind Terrible's casino. 

Mike & I went there today paid our dues and had breakfast.  The park is nice with LONG pull through & lots of activities, we are planning so much ourselves don't know if we will attend any.  We will, when we get to the Western Horizon park just up the road.  It only took us 4 hours to get here from Hurricane and the drive was nice, even going through Vegas was not too bad, there was road construction which tide us up for about 10 min. but other then that nice smooth drive. 

Stopped at Rest stop just before Pahrump to finally have that cigarette, Mike had gone that long without one and his nerves were about to hit the roof.

There is a Super Wal-Mart here and looks like they are building a lot of new homes.  We haven't figured out why people would want to stay here during the winter as the desert is not a turn on to me but then I've talked to people from back east where there is so much green and snow and they think its beautiful around here.  So much for what I know.

The satellite on the top of the roof for our TV won't work so I am without my shows and that's like going without cigarettes, ok most of you don't know what that's like how about no chocolate, no activities, no eating...you get the picture...I am not a happy camper.  Mike has a appointment for next Wed. at an RV repair place I hope they can fix.  Anyone know what's going on with Grey Anatomy and CSI also Survivor.
Gotta know!!

Until later Love Carol by the way we are in site 213 here at Preferred if you are heading south and this way stop and see us.


October 13, 2008
So much going on, we have been busy.  I am making dog coats to sell, they are made of fleece on one side and denim on the other side, embroidering the denim with dog paws, which make them reversible.  We are also putting on Texas Holdem Monday nights, taught a class on Sunday, Mary one of the students played on Monday and took me out, I must be a great teacher.

For the first time I played in a real tournament in Mesquite there where 27 players and I was taken out in 16th place, I did collect one bounty ( a bounty is paid when you take out another player) at least I lasted a lot longer then Mike who was taken out in 21 place. Had a great time, I will look to see if there are any tournaments down in Pahrump and enter one.  Mike is enjoying catching up with his guitar lessons from the web, he did not take the guitar out at Rockport so he is finally going to learn something, after 5 years of learning you would think I could hear at least one song, but no, he says he's not ready for anyone to hear him. We really have been taking it easy, not doing too much participating in the activities here at the park,  I won card bingo and pokeno so have lots of pennies they must weigh 2 lbs.

We leave for Pahrump, NV on Wed. staying there for 3 weeks then we head on down to Palm Springs area for at least 2 weeks and depending on which park we can get reservations we will stay longer hopefully for the winter and then we head up the California coast to Washington. We are looking forward to seeing all of the great people we have meet up there. 

Hope too have lots of new pictures on the web when we get to Pahrump, see you all there!

Love Carol

October 1, 2008
Heading from Rockport we decided to stay in a Passport America park.

 Beaver Canyon Campground from I-15 north, you take the exit at Beaver turning east onto the main road stay on it till you hit 153 on the right, 1 mile down across from the LSD church ,you will find one great RV park.  The sites are pull through and long, each are 30 Amps with septic, we did not hook up as we were pulling out early the next morning. It has it's own Authentic Mexican restaurant and the food was excellent.  Our cost $9.50 plus our dinner what a bargain!!

See more about this campground

We are now in Hurricane, by the way it is pronounced Hurr-i-con, and believe me people here in Utah will correct you.  Staying about 2 weeks, putting on the Texas Holdem games on Tuesday and maybe another day also.  We are in site 39, can't get the satellite for TV, Mike parked under a tree,  Guess we will due without the tube for awhile.  Mike is already wanting to go back to Rockport, the temp here today is in the low 90's not use to the heat, it will be down to about the low 80's by the weekend so he will be a happy camper.

We will be driving down to Mesquite which is about 45 min. from here to see about staying there a couple of months before heading on down to Las Vegas for Christmas.  My sister is flying in for about 2 days, and I have never been to Vegas at Christmas time, so now's the time to do it, can't wait seems like the holidays are coming faster every year.  Don't exactly know where we will go from there but know it will be fun.

Will let you know what we find in Mesquite, I just might join a table of Texas Holdem while we are there!