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Sept 29, 2008
We leave tomorrow for Hurricane, will be staying there two weeks, deciding if we will work for the winter and not next summer or take the winter off & work summer, such hard decisions in our life. HA HA.  We will miss the people who have camped here as they have become our friends and especially the 3 Rangers Steve, Joe & Chris, they will always be our friends and we will never forget their care of us or the rest of the staff here at the park.  Sometimes it was hard work but the good out weighed the bad, and I have already forgotten the long nights people partied and Mike had to quiet them down, being the park was full all of the time we can't complain as everyone had so much fun.  I will not forget the great pot lucks Joe but on nor the wonderful friends we have made.  We have been asked to come back by the Rangers and the Campers whether we do or not "WE HAD A GREAT TIME"  THANK YOU ALL
August & Sept 2008
Sunset over the Lake

Wow already the end of our Camp Host Job, we leave on the 30th to be at Western Horizon Park in Hurricane (near St. George UT), on the 1st of Oct.  When we think about it the 4 & 1/2 months have gone by quickly.  Mike would love to stay here for the winter, thank goodness the park is closing on the 4th.  Joe put on a last time pot luck after labor day, Mike was sick with a cold so couldn't make it, which was ok everyone got to have more food that way. Joe has put on 3 pot lucks where he cooks the meat and we bring the fixings, and the food that was bought was finger lickin good, have some of the recipe's on the recipe page.

The colors around the park are changing,you guys in AZ who don't often see these colors here is what fall is beginning to look like.

From Rockport State Park we say goodbye, and head onto our next adventure.

We want to say a special Thanks to all of the gals who worked the entrance station, Cheryl, Chelsey, JoAnn and Marlene, they took care of us and made sure we had a laugh a day, Bryon who helped us every chance he could, to Leon and Marge who have turned out to long life friends, and last but not least to the 3 Musketeers, Chris, Joe & Steve who made our job easy, we had a great time and just MAYBE we will see you next year.

Love Mike & Carol

Thought everyone should see what exactly we do here at the park,
Cleaning tables & pads Gotta get those grills, Mike gets the fire pits
Since it's the end of the season no more Ajax will be bought, Mike says we will leave if he runs out, ha ha.  Guess he will just have to use his elbow grease.
We each have our own golf carts, you can see which one of us has the cleaning equipment.. He has the power wagon that can go up hills and places the golf cart can't go, better put, I won't go. He is trying to figure a way to take the power wagon with us, I don't believe the rangers are going along with the idea. When asked to come here we where told we did not have to do sites, they would get done on Friday and Monday's, we choose to do them so they would always be clean when someone comes into the park. It's really not that hard too do.  I was able to do them when Mike left for 3 days and Sunday's are the worst as the park empties out so all 23 sites needed to be done, of course that was the day Mike left.  I had fun doing them so no big deal.

 August 24 2008

We took a trip to Salt Lake on Sunday to spend the night, we needed to pick up Michael at the airport first thing Monday morning.  Picked a hotel close to the airport (about 10 min away). So we figured we would finally get to go see the famous Mormon Temple.  Asked for directions and where told to take the 15 to 6 South then make a left about 3 streets down towards the temple.  So off we went, should only take about 20 min. to get there, as we are driving we pass lots of exits including 600S, Mike and I look at each other and wonder if they meant 600 instead of 6 oh well we will find 6, 40 min later we know now that they had to have meant 600, we end taking an exit says Welcome to Murray, IHOP is next light we need to eat and right across the street is Costco.  Great we can get some shopping done there too.

We ask the waiter where the Temple is and he says take 6 South off of 15, ok guy we tried that could you tell us if by chance you mean 600S?  Oh yes, I forget we here in Utah drop the zero's sorry we forget visitors don't know that. 

We shop then head to Temple Square.  It is easy to get too when you know the exit, take the 15north and exit 600S, go down about 2 lights turn left and about 3 more lights on the right is the square.  Parking the car on Sunday was easy, we go to the Visitor Center and find out the Temple is closed inside for visitors on Sunday, ok we can at least take pictures on the outside.

On the way home from Logan by way of the 80 to the 84 we finally got to stop and see Devils Slide it in about mile post 109 going north on 80 It is really a wonder of nature.

Michael and Kathy have now moved to Sealy Lake Montana, we will miss seeing the kids especially our granddaughter.   We will be staying here in Rockport till Oct. 1st then head on down to Nevada, I want to be in Vegas for Christmas and New Years.  Other then that we don't know where we will be for the winter.  We are thinking maybe Pahrump and then Quartzite. One nice thing about being retired you only have to worry about where to go next.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day and see you down the road.

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