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September 25, 2007
Poem by Bernita Poutney 17326

Seaside Oregon Rally

Weve traveled across the country
Though, not nearly as long as some.
Weve met some terrific people
From every direction, theyve come.
Our lives were once so different
But now they are much the same
As all our fellow fulltimers
Who were getting to know by name.
Its always a special time
When were together in one place.
Getting to share our stories
And find comfort in a familiar face.

We thank everyone for your friendship.
Its been really great to be here.
Special thanks to John and Velma,
To you, a great big cheer.
Your time and work is appreciated.
Weve had a wonderful time.
Its people like you that remind us
Our lives are quite sublime.
We wish everyone a safe journey
Wherever your road may lead.
Well follow your path for now
With your emails that we read.
So, farewell for now as we depart.
We look forward to the next time we meet.
For us, well be heading south.
Its time to find some heat.

The Newmar Rally ended with a chili dinner and social hour, Gary one of the members on the left Velma and John on right, were great hosts and we had lots of fun ,
the above poem written by Bernita Poutney says it all. I know I have put on the pounds with all of the food that was provide, the men cooked the last breakfast , the pancakes were so will done that Linda thought she was eating a disk, joking aside they did a great job plenty of food to eat and coffee too.    
We don't know when we will be at another Rally but do hope all of the friends we meet here at this one will be there also.  As we leave Oregon we will never forget our first rally and the friends we have meet.


September 22, 2007
Shame on me!

Ok, Carol has finally shamed me into putting something on the web page again. I keep telling her that I don't have anything to say, and today I thought I would try a different approach. Like, We have done so much, I wouldn't know where to start. It didn't work. She gave me the evil eye, and those famous words," OR ELSE". I still don't know what, or else, is. But, I do know I don't what to find out. So here goes.
Here I thought I was the only one that had "Murphy" setting on my shoulder. Ya know "that" guy. If something can go wrong, it will. Just give enough time.

Well, when we were at Copalis Beach we met this great couple, Ron and Bernita Poutney, that informed us of the Newmar Rally in Seaside, and that we should go and meet some other Fulltimers. After checking my appointment book, that has nothing but blank pages in it, we figured, what the heck, let's go see what is happening in that part of the world.

Remember Murphy? My good buddy, Ron, found him. As he was checking into the park, there was a fifth wheel that was on his way out. No problem, except the clearance was a little close. OPPS, there goes Rons' driver mirror. Ok, no problem, chit happens. Well, we'll take care of it. Now he tries to go get a spot that he can get wifi on his motosat. Sure, the place he gets is right behind a tree. Bummer.

Now for you' all that don't really know about fulltime, you park your rig, set it all up, yell back and forth to each other, get the TV sat working, hook up all the utilities, and elect. Whew, he got all set up and turned on the motosat only to find that darn tree. Now what do you do?. Well, either the tree has to go or move the coach. By the way, this tree has got to be 200 ft tall, and to cut down would probably fall on 15 rigs here in the park. "Naw, don't want to do that." Ok, pack everything up, get all the hoses and cables stored, pick up the jacks, bring the slideouts,ect,ect.  Of course, Bernita has all ready set up house inside, and now she has to undo everything.  Ok, Ron, your on your own. She was giving him the evil eye. "Hey we do this all of the time no problem". 

Oh well, this is part of RVing.  Let's find a new spot, if we can. Hope there is one that is open, Now wouldn't that be the pits. Give up your spot, and not find another for you to park in.  Of course I had to mention," there is always Wally Mart".  That is about the time I left, for my own well being.  As Ron's Coach rounded the corner on two wheels, I saw Bernita standing in a vacant stall, and another coach at the other end of the street racing toward her.  Must say, Ron must have been a race driver, he got there first....Ok.....As Ron steps from the coach, with the best little smile he can muster, he says," guess, it is time to setup,,,, Honey".  Yep, he could feel and see those eyes. And they start all over again with the jacks, hoses, cables, side-outs, and so on. "Ah...we are finally at home.  Let's turn on the Motosat and get on the internet.  Uh Oh, it can't find the bird. As Ron sits in front of the computer he can feel, The Eyes, on the back of his neck, and oh so softly in the background. "I AM NOT MOVING AGAIN".  Well, to make a long story short all turned out ok. Ron lived another day, with Bernita's permission.

More on the Rally later

P.S. Just the shipping for the new mirror was $400.00 Thank goodness the other guy had insurance.

We have attended our first Newmar Fulltimers Rally, here at Seaside, OR.  We have meet some wonderful new friends, who like us have so much in common, not just owning the Newmar coach or 5th wheel but because we are all full timers have stories to tell.  There are several here who Geo Cache and have found some great fines in the area.  Then there are those of us who explore the towns, everyone has something to do all all of the time while here and traveling.  I met someone yesterday who is not a Fulltimers and he asked what do with do all day?   I told him I don't know, I just know the day ended without me doing everything I wanted to do.  The days are going so fast, can't believe when you retire there still is not enough hours in the day.  We leave on Wednesday for Hillsboro and will hate to leave all of the friends we have just made but we do know we will see them on down the road in the future.  Thank you Velma and John who have worked there tails off making us welcome and putting this Rally together, they made sure everyone was happy and everyone had a chance to meet each other.  Also Linda and Barry, who were co-hosts and were great help to Velma. 

Now for the real news you know that 4 letter word "WORK"  we have taken a job in Amado, AZ as workampers.  You heard right WORK, we wanted be in the south for the winter and also near doctors, family etc.  So we answered an ad in the workamper magazine and found the De Anza RV and Pet Resort were looking for 4 couples to work 4 days a week each person doing 3 hours a day.  Hey that's not so tough right?   So we applied got the job and start Oct. 15th 07 till April 16th 08.  So come on down and see us if you are in southern AZ. We also hope to put on some TEXAS HOLDEM nights so everyone come on down and play poker with us.  It may be the first and last one we take but who knows maybe we will like it so much we will be spending all of our winters there.  We will keep you up to date on what happens and how much is involved as we do the job.  So until we land at Amado AZ this will have to do for our weekly journals.  We will be back writing as soon as we settle in (and we will also let you know how we made out in Hillsboro getting all of the things fixed on the coach) 

Safe travels everyone and for all of those Newmar people we have just meet, Thank you for a great time!!


September 12th 2007

We had a walking day today, went to Seaside what a wonderful old town feeling.  Great area to walk around in, checking out all of the shops and watching candy taffy being made, of course we had to stop and buy some.  YUM YUM very good.  We haven't tried the Pigs N Blanket restaurant yet but will soon, they say the breakfast is out of this world. You can walk down the main street of Seaside and find a lot of different stores, from original candies, beach items, and toys including fun times riding the bumper cars, carousel, video game center & lots of restaurants, the Pigs in Blanket has over 35 kinds of pancakes and breakfast items. This town is lovely to walk around in, So bring your pocketbook or better yet leave it behind and put on your walking shoes. The Main street is one way, we parked at the beginning of the town and walked to the end where you will find Lewis & Clark statue End of the Trail 1805-1806.  Love towns where they are laid out so you can walk from one end to the other and have fun while doing it.  You can take the board walk (first picture) for even further walk, I couldn't walk that, looks like a nice bike ride.


September 12th 2007
We arrived in Seaside after leaving Long Beach about 1 1/2 hours of driving, long day..haha.  Love this kind traveling.  The park is beautiful, lush trees and green grass everywhere, as well as large back in spaces.  We were lucky to get a corner spot so we get to wave to everyone that comes down the road, I put out the dogs and everyone stops to see our welcome, they love them! We are here for the Newmar Full timers Rally which starts on the 20th and ends on the 25th.  So far we have seen a few Newmar including one that looks exactly like ours the only way you can tell it is not ours,  their window cover and tire covers are grey and ours are black.  We went over to introduce ourselves (Mike was going to ask them why they were in our home) but they were not in. Maybe tomorrow we will see if they are home. 

Will be taking lots of pictures in the coming days and learning more about this park.  Read about the park

I don't know if Mike and I will survive each other in the coming week, as we both have cut down on smoking and are going to try and stop all together, I don't think we are going to make it, but one step at a time, as I write this I WANT that cirg.  So if for some reason you don't see an update in the next week PLEASE call us to make sure we haven't lost our minds or taken blows to each other.

Until tomorrow
Love Carol

September 9, 2007
This week has been very active, there was the ROD Runners to the end of the World here in Long Beach when we arrived, the town was packed with all those hot rods from the 50's 60's , it was great seeing them all.  Made me wish I had kept that 55 Chevy I had for my first car, and had only paid $500 for.  Oh will hindsight is not my expertise.  We are at an RV park that is in walking distance to the ocean, I took this picture just as the sun was setting, it is great to be able to just go out your door and down to the ocean. Weather here has been cool until today, had to turn on the AC, and at night it is comfortable sleeping, it does get a little windy at times not too bad,

Yesterday we took a drive to Astoria, taking the 101 over, where we found Costco in Wellington and did that shopping thing, after that we found a restaurant in Astoria on the water called the Cannery the food was not all that good but it wasn't bad either.  Astoria was packed with tourist, all walking the old main street. Taking the bridge back to WA was fun,

When you take this bridge you feel like you are going up a roller coaster and then down again.

We are going over to Seaside on Wednesday, for two weeks, where there will be a Newmar Full timers Rally, never been too a rally before so this should be fun.  After that we go to Hillsboro where we have a few things to get fixed on the coach, why is it that when one thing goes there has to be 3 more.  I guess we should feel lucky that they all can get repaired at the same time and not one at a time.

We have enjoyed our stay here in Long Beach but it is not a town for us, if you want the beach life it is for you, we are looking forward going south, where south we don't know yet, but one thing is for sure we will be somewhere that is not too cool and not hot.

Until next time

September 4, 2007
Vendors Village, a little village next to the Green Lantern in Copalis Beach, which by the way serves very good fish and chips as well as breakfast, also has the old fashion shuffle board, lots of fun while you are waiting for your meal.  In the village there are many Artists who only show and sell their art on the weekends during the summer closing right after Labor Day.
I was lucky enough to meet several artist (they had me do their business cards for them) right in the center is a large carved wooden turtle it is so real looking. A wonderful place to walk around, have a cup of coffee and just relax.  If you are ever in this area during the summer you just have to go there.  I have been told that the previous owner of the Green Lantern wanted it to look like a village from Alaska, I haven't been to Alaska but I imagine this would be what a small fishing village would look like.  It is so peaceful and the shacks are rustic.  I fell in love with Vendors Village.

Jacque Plante
Precision Stamp Carving

Bell Hoyecki Pine Needle Baskets

Whisper in the Wind
  Barb Savary

Just before heading to the Green Lantern and the Vendors village we stopped off to see if the work on the bridge by Copalis RV park was done.  It will be a walk bridge for everyone to cross to the ocean, as you can see in the pictures they have put in the pylons' and have yet build.  So we walked across the workers bridge and took a look at the ocean one last time before leaving this area.  It was a grey and misty day

We then headed to Elma, I wanted Crystal (from Choppers Hair salon) to do our cuts one more time and of course to get our last taste of Saginaw's Bread Pudding.  It just gets better and better. So good by to Washington until next time.  We had the best time at Copalis Beach RV resort and hope to come back this way soon.


September 2, 2007

Last night Carol and I went to the Last Rib Roundup at the Sunrise Resort, and what a bash it was.

We were invited back after we had spent a week here, to put the Texas Holdem game on for Saturday Night, just before the Red Wings would give everyone a ride, had a good turn out

Carol, John, Dale, Bell Mike, Sue, Roland and James
Bill came in 3rd (end of table) Karla & Stacey 1st & 2nd Place

and this is also the weekend that all the motorcycles come and give rides to all the kids at the park. These bike owners spared no expense on placing all of the customized lights on their bikes

  If I hadn't known better, I would have thought it was Christmas. Needless to say there were thousands of kids everywhere, hanging from the trees, in the playground, throwing sand at each other, and a lot of them on there bikes running up and down the road. Of course they all had their playing cards in the spokes making like they had motors. Hey, this is a good thing. You can hear the roar as they get close, and you can get out of the way. If ya don't, they'll run ya over.

Harvey, the manager of the park never ceases to amaze me. Now bear in mind that I did not see all of this happen, and it is second hand, but I got this story from a good source. Who wishes to remain anonymous. For the reason of what happens at Sunrise Resort stays at Sunrise Resort.

In the wee hours of the morning as the sun was just having it's first cup of coffee, knowing that it was going to have to peek over the mountains and through the clouds. Trying to recuperate from the night before. The ground started to shake and vibrate. There was a muffled roar in the background and all of the trailers, motorhome, and fifth wheels started to rock back and forth. Needless to say everyone wondered if there was a earthquake or Boeing 747 was going to land right there at the park. As everyone jumped out of bed, flipped on the lights and ran to the door to see what was happening, kids started to scream and cry from being scared as the roar became louder and louder.

The vibration now had become so great the it was shaking everything off tables and counters. Last nights half filled drinks were now spilled on the floor, and the potato chip bag opened up making a mess that Mom knew what she would be doing for the next hour. Like in a movie, all of the doors opened at once like they were on que. There was Dad in his boxer shorts and Mom trying to look over his shoulder wondering, what the heck is making all the noise and vibration.

Then they saw HIM! Yep, there he was in all his glory. Not to be outdone by the Motorcycles with all "their" lights. Up on the tallest white horse anyone has ever seen, his vest blinking with neon colors showing the American Flag. His sheepskin chaps with red and white bars so bright that they lit up the road, as though he didn't already know the way. With his head band, that he always wears, you could see the bright lighted Chile peppers in great detail, glowing red, as he moved and swayed with the great white steed that he rode. He stopped at the guard shack, reared his horse into the air while swinging and popping the bow whip directing a thousand head of cattle into the park. The dust and roar was almost unbearable, but the cattle started down the lane to the long house, now knowing what was about to happen. As Harvey followed them he said, "Ok folks, you can back to bed now." Sure, Harvey, you don't know all about the spilled drinks and potato chips still on the floor. MOM does!!

Well, the sun finally came up and Mom got the mess all taken care of. The kids went out played all day. What more could you ask for. A wonderful day at Copalis Beach at the Sunset Resort.
Oh yes, after having the rack of ribs that evening, all was forgiven. Man, were they good.
Just to give a heads up. If all works out, next year, the last weekend of July. Harvey is going to put Pigs on a spit, yep, they are the whole ones.

Are we going to be there? YEP! I would like to see him herd them there swine into the park. Upwind of course.

Harvey, your great!

Until next time