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September 28th 2010
We made the trip south in 7 days, going from Seaside, OR to Banning CA.  We left being cold with jackets on, now we have T-shirts and shorts.  It was hot here at Silent Valley 104, when we arrived, around 3545 ft. in the mountains of Banning actually it is Idyllwild, CA..  See scenery photos along hwy 365 click here.  Our first stop from Seaside was Clackamas, OR, we stayed at the Clakamette State Park for 2 nights this way we only had a 15 min drive to Clackamas to have washer fixed, took about 1 hour then we hit the road, arriving at our first stop for the night the Kla-ya-mo Casino, just 26 miles before Klamath Falls. Rough road and busy as it was only 2 lanes.

I played at the casino and won a little.  It was cold that night around 29 degrees, headed out on the 365 hwy again it was beautiful scenery till you go past Bishop CA.  Then it becomes desert uphill and winding roads, Mike says this was a different way to go, but with the roads as rough as they were and all uphill, he would not do it again.  We did use more gas then we did going up north, seems we were going uphill all of the time.  

We stayed at 2 nice parks on the way down, you can read about them  Sparks Marina and RV resort Sparks, NV

 and Highlands Park.  Bishop CA

We changed our plans once again and now are staying at Silent Valley RV resort instead of Wilderness, when we saw the temperature for LA area, our plans said go up higher.  Found an ROD park that is 3545 elevation so here we are for 2 weeks. Then we go to Indian Waters in Indio, suppose to be around the high 70's by then.

I enjoyed our trip down, except for the heat and the traffic at Victorville otherwise I really had no complaints, Mike drove safe and slow, he however, did not like the trip, with having to go up and down so many times his trip was not fun.  It is a one time highway for us.

Will have more photos of Silent Valley soon so come back,  we played Texas Holdem here at the park today, finally playing games we like.  Mike and I will be playing again tomorrow. Let you know how we do.  Hope you enjoy what photos I did take and are driving safe when you head south, come back in on Friday the 1st will have photos of the park and more.  Take care Love Carol
September 12,,2010
The weather yesterday was wonderful, high around 78 and sunny.  If Oregon where like this during the summer, you would never hear me complain again.  We aren't doing too much, I am making my Christmas presents, those I send out, will be getting home made this year. Embroidering almost everything. Started with making new table covers for the motor home now onto Christmas and having fun doing it. 

We will leave here on the 21st. Going to Portland (Clackamas) first to get washer/dryer fixed, Splendide is there, instead of having to stop at a Camping World .rather have them do it since they make them.  Suppose to only take about one hour, then we will be on the road.   Planning on taking the route through Carson City, Reno etc.  Hope to have lots new photos for the web and puzzle making.

I am ready to move, being in the same area all of this time is nice but long.  Seaside, Long Beach, Astoria and Cannon Beach are beautiful areas to visit and would come back too, just would not spend all 3 months here next time.

Above are photos of the kite festival and of Astoria Bridge looking from the Column

This will be the last update till Oct. since we will be traveling so take care everyone and travel safe.

Love Carol
September 1,2010
We lost a very wonderful and loving Activities Director, Kathy Howerton on Aug. 29th please read about her by clicking here  

the s
uns out and we have bright skies today, we had a wild and wet Monday, the wind and rain came in like a tornado cleaned out the park not only of debris but of people.

 We are in Long Beach till Wed. will start packing up on Saturday as it is suppose to rain the rest of the week.  Haven't done too much, I am taking the time to make Christmas gifts, Bev and Susan have helped me a great deal in how to cut and use my embroidery machine to it's fullest potential.

We are heading south early this year, will be in Wilderness Lakes around the 25th of Sept then onto Indio from the 8th of Oct to Jan 7th, that's all of the reservation I could make at this time. I will have my right hand operated on, so I can shuffle those poker cards and do so much more not to mention getting rid of the pain.

Until we get where Verizon works better I have not put any new photos on the web, takes too long to upload, the problem will be solved when we go to Seaside next then watch out, I hope to put a few photos of the kite flying and more. Until then have a great day. Love Carol