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Sept 05, 2009

We did some site seeing today, La Mesilla the oldest town in the southwest.  La Posta is a restaurant that Mike bought me too when we were first married, over 35 years ago (we've been married 43 now).  It still has great food, although some things have changed such as adding some gift shops inside and a new parking lot.  Our waiter Mr. Chavez was delightful, he kept Mike's coffee cup filled and waited on us as if we were the only ones in the restaurant. 
The history of this town is so old, did you know that this little town of La Mesilla once housed the capital of NM and Arizona, Billy the kid was tried and sentenced to hang, this was the first headquarters of the Butterfield Stage Coach.  If you get a chance to come to Las Cruces do not miss going to La Mesilla, it has a lot of history and the food is just old wonderful authentic mexican.
See more pictures and history of this little town click here

Sept 01, 2009

Hot is not the word to describe Las Cruces, NM more to the point it's like an oven here.  Since Mike & I have not been anywhere, other then the north for the summers, our blood got use to cooler weather and this is terrible. 

Mike's father has taken a turn for the worse, he is now in the hospital under cardio care, we don't know as of yet if he will be going back to the Nursing home or stay in the hospital.  He is 88 and his mind is still with him but his body seems to be shutting down. 
 We just hope he is not suffering any pain.

We are staying here at the Sunny Acres RV (see more pictures of park)

until the 26th, it's a great park with grass and trees, we found the park in the Passport America book, if you need to stop into Las Cruces this is the best park around.

We think we will head towards Benson to stay a month, Mike would like to go over by Casa Grande for a couple of weeks before we head to Indio to spend the winter.  I am looking forward to going back there as we made so many friends and I can do my personal cards for people.  I also have made jig saw puzzles out of the best pictures I have taken and put them on CD, hope to sell them also.

We will be going back to NJ on the 16th as Michael wants us to meet Liz, so he is flying us out there for about 4 days, I haven't been back to Jersey since I was 18, this should be interesting to see the area and to meet his girlfriend.

Don't have pictures to show you of the area but hope to take time soon.  We did go to the balloon museum in Albuquerque that was fun.

Above art of the Balloons
Below an 1800's Balloon
One of the first baskets used to travel in.
Below where the Balloon Festival is held every October, this is where they take off and have games in the field for the balloon navigators.

I had hoped we might be able to attain the balloon festival but since it is in October, we will be most likely in AZ.

Until next time.  Take care and if you are traveling stay safe and keep the wind behind you.
Love Carol

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