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  Last Update  
Here's our winter schedule for 2016/2017
Las Vegas 11/22-12/13 2016
Palm Desert 12/13-1/10  2017
Wilderness Lakes 1/10-1/21 2017  Looks like we will not be going back to St. David spending winter in CA
Time flys we are back in Elma for 2 weeks, 06/28 2016, then we will head over to Pat & Mels place for 5 days, back here to Elma for 2 weeks, then we head over to the coast, we will be on the coast till Nov. then we will head over to Vegas for Thanksgiving hope to see some of you down the road. seems strange to read about the 2012 below, since then I have had my knee surgery doing great, have been an Activities Director at St. David RV park since 2014-2016. 

We won't be going back as Mike does not want to go back to Arizona I will miss everyone as I did enjoy being there at the park, it was a lot of work but I had fun and I lost some weight doing all of the activities, since we left April 1, 2016 I have  put that weight back on what a bumper!
I hope I will get my butt off of the chair and start doing more.  I personnaly would love to go back to St. David as I really enjoyed all of the RV'ers and the staff we had a great time. Will miss you guys!
September 24, 2012
Here's our winter schedule for 2012 and 2013  (Palm Springs is TT)

Palm Springs 10/10/2012--10/22/2012    Desert Pools 10/22/2012--11/05/2012

Palm Springs 11/05/2012--11/26/2012    Desert Pools 11/26/2012--12/10/2012

Palm Springs 12/10/2012--12/31/2012    Desert Pools 12/31/2012--01/07/2013

Palm Springs 01/07/2013--01/28/2013    Desert Pools 01/28/2013--02/04/2013

Palm Springs 02/04/2013--03/04/2013
September 23, 2012
I know I have not updated the web for 3-4 weeks have been busy, so here goes a short explanation of what we have been doing, NOTHING!!  Since my knee has gotten so bad we have stayed here at the RV playing on the computer games and making puzzle CD's.  Looks like we might be going down to Palm Springs area early if I can get my appointment with the knee doctor changed.  Hope so this thing is getting to be a pain in the....., Mike has been wonderful he walks Keri morning and night, she is not running from him anymore.  I thought that with his coffee pot breaking and being without he would be up in arms but so far he is doing ok, his new coffee pot should be here tomorrow.

Saturday KM RV park had there annual Pig roast, I have not been to one since Kiwi, and there they had the pig in the ground covered with leaves here they roasted it on a spit.  The meat was dry, I think due to the fact they baste it with salt water.  We had pig, fresh green beans, macaroni salad. mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob, for desert Pineapple upside down cake.  All for $8 a piece. Other then the pig not being great the rest of the food wonderful.

When we came across Seattle to get here to Elma, WA. The sky was overcast, I thought at first a storm was coming  then Mike said no it might be a Marine layer, we were both wrong there have been several fires around the area
and this was all smoke.
There was fire in the forest around Seattle this is what
Seattle looked like with all of the smoke overhead 
Before leaving Birch Bay Gwen and Mike friends we meet in Palm Springs, were here and took us to the Nuthouse Grill in Lynden. What a wonderful place for lunch or dinner and on Sundays they have a brunch. We all choose the full rack of ribs they were fantastic, while waiting for dinner we got to enjoy our bucket of peanuts throwing the shells on the floor, Gwen had to keep reminding me to put the shells on the floor and not on the table.  By the way the reason we all ordered the full rack it was only $4 more then 1/2 so we all had a dinner for the next day. The fresh baked yeast rolls are too die for, they were so good I bought some to bake.  If you are using the Sumas border crossing then you will want to time your drive for lunch as you pass this place on the way to the border. It is at 8874 Bender Road.  Lynden, WA.
Gwen & Mike Nuthouse Grill
Lynden is mainly Dutch and they close up on Sundays the way it should be. Mt. Baker

We will leave here on the 3rd of Oct. travel to 7 Feathers, then to McCloud, Reno and probably Las Vegas instead of Pahrump as this will shorten our days by about 2 hours.  It is cool up here 40 at night and around 65 during the day, I am hoping by the time we get to Palm Springs, Oct. 10th, the hot weather has left and will be cooling down, I find I do not like any temperature over 78 getting spoiled with the way we live never hot or too cold.  LOVE IT
We know some of you are already heading south so travel safe and see you soon.  Our first Texas Holdem Tournament for the season will be Nov. 11th, I am so looking forward to our 4th season with everyone. Love Carol

August 28, 2012
This will be my last update until we get back to Palm Springs, on the 22 of Oct.  Mel and Pat will be traveling with us to Reno, Pahrump and Palm Springs, we have booked of all things at 7 Feathers Casino and Reno there are casinos galore, then we head to Pahrump for 2 weeks more casinos.  And I said no more casinos.  RIGHT!
On the way to Birch Bay we stopped and had lunch at Angel in the Winds nice casino, they gave us each $5 I turned mine into $365 we then left, had not won in a long time felt good especially to walk out with cash instead of leaving it there.

We are back at Birch Bay and enjoying the cool weather, it is just right, sweatshirt in the morning and by noon time to put on the T-Shirt then by 6 PM back to sweat shirt, loving every min.  Yesterday we went to Whiterock, BC. Several people have said that we had to go and eat at Tim Horton's. It is a sandwich and donut shop.  Everyone has said that it is the best donuts and you must try a sandwich cup of coffee and donut.  So off we went.  The Marine Drive was so full of people we could not find a parking space so we went in further to the town and found Tim Horton's by the way he was killed years ago in a car accident, apparently he was a famous hockey player in Canada.

We had the sandwich and took home the donuts, I was not impressed with the restaurant nor the donuts, talked to someone here in the park today told them and they said they had nothing to compare them with so that is why they are so famous.  Here are a few photos of the day. We only had a 15 min. wait going into BC but had a 45 min wait coming back in.  Seems there are a lot of Canadians who come to the USA they love to shop here. You will see a photo of the USA flag below, it is in the Peace Arch Gardens and will only see it when coming back to USA.  What a grand picture to see as you are entering. When taking some of my photos one Canadian stopped his car so that I could get the photo without a car in the way.  I thought that was so kind and to stop traffic, of course we all were crawling towards the border, he was great thank you whoever you are for being a great Canadian.  We have found some great Canadian's up here who are wonderful.

I have some sad news Keri is going to a new home we think today, My leg and back have gotten really bad for me to walk her and Mike has been great about getting up with her in the mornings but does not want to continue.  It is unfair to her so we are meeting with Dianne today, she and husband travel a lot, they own a roller skating rink in Lyndon and travel south also, she want to take her to the rink everyday, hope that works out.  They have a condo here in Blaine.  She has been looking for a poodle to take with her everywhere she goes.  She is really excited to meet Keri. I have told her since we are in the area till the 17th and she will be too, we will see if Keri takes to her and if not I WILL GET HER BACK.  It will be hard to give her up, but at the same time she deserves to have a lot more exercise. 
See more of my Canada photos by clicking here
August 7, 2012
We left Birch Bay to go meet my sister Fran and Bill who had flown up from Tucson to see about buying a place to get out of the heat.  We stayed with Pat and Mel, they have enough room on their property for us to park the rig and plug into 50Amps.  They are such wonderful friends and great fun.  As we sat around talking about Fran and what she might be looking at, somehow the subject came up about more storage in the rigs.  Pat told me how Mel had made a door for their bedroom TV so she could have storage behind.  One thing led to another and the next thing I know I am buying a new TV and wood.  Mel did a wonderful job.  Mike took some photos but I forgot to tell him the focus was on moving so excuse the look but here they are and see what a great job our friend did for us.
Looks like it doesn't match by this photo but it is perfect match to the wood in the rig.  Thank you Mel a wonderful job. Pat and Mel's son Kenny went fishing and caught some Dungeness Crab, this one was a fighter Mel had a hard time getting him out of the cooler.  Mel made us some Crab cakes using Paula Dean's recipe. .  They were very good, it was the first time I had crab.
We took Fran to Debbie Macomber Tea house and yarn shop, she had fun and since we all love her Cedar Grove books it was a real joy to see the buildings that she writes about in her books. Fran and Bill did not find what they were looking for in property but have decided that Port Orchard, Silverdale and Paulsbo will be the place they will buy for their summer retirement.
Aug. 6 2012
We are now in Sequim WA spending about 10 days before heading back to Birch Bay where we will stay 5 weeks then onto Elma WA till Oct. 3rd. Pat and Mel will join us when we leave Elma, we will all head to Desert Hot Springs, they will stay till Nov. before heading back to Port Orchard.  While at Pat's we played UNO Mike was so funny, he kept winning and Pat made me laugh so much that you know the saying I laughed so hard I pee'd my pants will you guessed it!  They are coming up here to Sequim tomorrow so they can bring me the new baffle and remotes for the Sleep number bed.  It is about 1 1/2 hour from Port Orchard and a great drive over the Hood Canal Bridge.  My promise of staying out of casinos for 1 year is not working seems every we go there is one around the corner and Pat is not helping me she loves them just as much as I do.  Gotta stop going but then we are having fun!