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August 31,2010
Kathy Howerton
August 07,2010
The sun is starting to shine about 1 hour a day in the afternoon now, it is still misty in the mornings and most of the day cloudy, the air is damp all of the time here, they say this is the most rain this area has had in a decade about 38" inches so far.  The temp is around 65 during the day and 55 at night, if it wasn't for the dampness, that makes you feel cooler, it would be great.  I am getting used to it, not minding it as much as I did.  

We had a great time with Marge and Bob in Astoria, took the trolley and explored the Maritime Museum, had a great lunch at the Bowpicker, and went up to the Column to see Astoria, here you can see all around the 3 rivers and the bridge,
you can walk up inside the column about 184 steps to see more if you want.  Take a look at the photos

We move back to Long Beach on Wednesday for 3 weeks and then onto Elma, WA till the 15th of Sept. then we come back here at Seaside before heading south.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and relaxing before that drive south.  We should be in Indio around the 29th of October and hopefully will stay the winter.  I know I will see a lot of you down there so if you are needing business cards or more puzzles CD's let me know and I will have them ready for you.

When we get to Long Beach there will not be an update as we are on roaming and they are slower then snails.  Takes too long to upload, will update again when we get to Elma, until then keep smiling and enjoying the great outdoors.  Love Carol
August 01,2010
What happened to Seaside Leisure Time RV Park from 2007 and now 2010
the park has changed, since they no longer have work campers, employees only, do they not like their job?  Some are very augmentative, others seem to not care. 
One example when I asked the housekeeper person who looks after the pool area if they could raise the temperature about 2 degrees so that it was warmer in the mornings she gave a very loud why the manager would not allow her to do it.  She came across like she did not care, she went on to say how busy she is doing everything from mopping to pool bathrooms etc.  She says she does not have enough hours in the day to complete her work.   Then we go to the spa which by the way she has just told us it was checked and it looked bad due to high usage Saturday night.  Susan turned on the jets and oh my, there was looked like vomit coming to the top, I know what you are thinking didn't she just say she checked it?  The pool is closed everyday from 1-2 for cleaning so why is she putting cold water in the pool in the morning and why does the pool and spa look so bad?  Susan & I both looked at each other and went what the ....is going on with this park all of a sudden. I would suggest you bring a test kit if you are going into the spa or pool.

 Is it us?  Guess not just talked with several people and they too don't like what is happening, have not talked with the manager will on Tuesday too see what he says.

When going to breakfast on Saturday, usually you have a great meal ,a little pricy, but you don't have to drive and the food is decent, however, there again the cook was telling us that we could not get hash browns due to the fact so many people ordered pancakes, now think about this if you can't get hash browns because the grill is full of pancakes, then what are you going to order since hash browns cannot fit on the grill due to the pancakes, does any of this make since, several of us looked at each other and said "WHAT"  Why isn't the grill split into three areas one for pancakes, one for the eggs and one for the hash browns? 

Next we go to the little store  here in the park, happened to be open so we went to see what they had, it will be closing according to the clerk, since it did not make money, the hours for it are 4-8 PM on Friday and 11-5 Saturday and Sunday closed the rest of the time, how would you make money when it is never opened? they had 25% off a lot of things, Susan asked about the picnic table covers and was told since all RV parts where not on sale, since when did picnic covers become an RV part?  Can you place it into the engine, can you use it for tires, I don't understand how this is an RV part, could someone enlighten me.

Maybe everyone was having a bad weekend after all the sun did come out today, they might not know how to be happy with sun.

The park is still well maintained and the people at the gate are wonderful, some of the ground crew are friendly but the ones you do see almost everyday such as housekeeping act like they do not want you here. 

OK I vented, as you guessed we are back here at Seaside, I still love the park and the surrounding area, just not what is happening to it, too bad work campers are not allowed as they did know what RV'ers wanted and they were friendly and everything including the pool was clean.

We are going with Marge & Bob, friends from TT in Palm Desert, they live here in Astoria,  to explore Astoria tomorrow so should have lots of new photos. Will update again on Thursday so check back

Thanks for letting me vent, and yes the weather is turning wonderful it got to 72 today and there was sun and clouds made for a great day.

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