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August 20, 2009
We are at Hidden Valley Rv Park
here in Albuquerque, actually it is about 20 miles east of the town.  It is a park that one would stay in for a couple of days not weeks,it would take you about 30 min. to downtown Albuquerque.  It is a Coast to Coast, 50% membership club and ROD (not ROD Plus). The roads and sites are all dirt, it is very windy in the area so a lot of dust is constant.  I am not one who would like to come back to this one, the water pressure is low and your neighbors are on top of you.

If we did not have to have the brakes worked on we would be out of here. The weather around here is hot, around 90 during the day and 60's at night.  Mike says when we get to Las Cruces expect it to be hotter, all of this is reminding me of why we full time so we can get out of the heat. 

Mike & I went old town today and walked around, the buildings are suppose to be as they were in 1775, just updated.  You can see more pictures of
New Mexico by clicking here

This Navajo Indian, for a tip, I could take his pictures as long as I guaranteed no reprints could be made. 
We will be going to the Balloon Museum tomorrow, Wish we were here when they have their festival, maybe next year. 

Until tomorrow Love Carol
August 17, 2009
 Mike has found a place to do the brake work in Albuquerque a week from tomorrow, we both will feel safer when that is done.

Went to Arches National Park today,
All I can say is
WOW what a site, I had to make a separate page just for all of the pictures I took (over 100) had to choose only a few for you too see.  Click Here

The town of Moab is small, mainly tourist for the National Park and site seeing of the area.  There are lots of Adventure business's in the area to make sure you see it all, as well as RV parks, restaurants etc.

We walked the main town which is about 1/2 mile in length, lots of gift and T-Shirt places. The temperature today was around 85 nice walking weather, they get some snow in the winter can't tell how much as they are only 5000 ft.  If you are coming from Salt Lake which is about 236 miles make sure you take the time to stop.  Arches National park will take you any where from 1 to 4 hours to tour.  If you have a Jeep there are plenty of trails and there is also bike riding along the cliffs.  Love these National parks as they have some of the best scenery this USA has to offer.

Until tomorrow or the next day, will be on the road by 7 AM  Travel safe   Love Carol
August 16, 2009

We left about 8:30 AM  this morning and were only going to go until 2 PM our usual stopping time, we ended up going all the way to Moab, UT about 400 miles today, we both were tired when we got here so plan be is in effect.  The scenery on the way was wonderful, first it was Spanish Fork area then the cliffs as you can see below.  We decided to take Hwy 6 from Salt Lake to Albuquerque.

We had never been in this area before, Hwy 6 was being worked on but was not bad until you turned to go to Moab, hwy 191, and that road was 40 miles of rough bump after bump, didn't care for it.
If we ever were to come back this way I would try to avoid the above road.

Once we got on the outskirts of Moab, we could not believe the scenery, Mike has to make phone calls in the morning to see about getting the brakes on in Albuquerque so we have decided to stay an extra night and go see the sights.  There are cliffs that need pictures and a town to explore.

 I am so happy that we are taking a day, his dad seems to be doing ok otherwise we would hurry.  Click here to see pictures of this area

We are staying in a Passport America park to see those pictures click here
August 15, 2009
We made it to Meridian, ID to have the brakes put on only to find out they could not get the parts. So up the road we went.  Stopped at Garraty's RV park for the night (no discount park) and then went to Les Schwab to have the other two tires put on.  Mike is now trying to find out where to get the brakes, it seems our coach needs 6 hole rotors, and we are having a hard time in finding them. 

We are spending the night in a passport
America park, click to see more photos Village of the Trees, we have been here before, and the place now has new owners who have upgraded the park which now includes some sites to have 200 amps.  The larger rigs are going to love this.  We make this stop whenever we are going west or east, it is about 3 hours from Meridian and is the last passport park before heading into Utah, in fact Utah doesn't have any parks for passport until you hit Beaver, if you are going that way which of course we are not.  We will head for Salt Lake over to Moab and try to find a RV park along the way. 

We are trying to get to Las Cruces before the end of next week, as Mike's dad is still in the hospital and we don't know exactly how he is doing. 

I want everyone to know, if you need tires I highly recommend Les Schwab, they are in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, CA, Nevada, Utah and Alaska. and are easy to work with and will go out of their way to find you your tires.  They have, by the way, about 50 tires of the 235/80 22.5 XRV if you need them for your RV. 

Rocky Brown Owner of the store in Baker City will be happy to get them for you his number is 541-523-3679, even if you don't buy from his store you can call and he will make sure of where you can purchase tires for your rig.
Their site is http://lesschwab32.reachlocal.net/default.asp

We seem to stop every day around 2:30 P.M. which is ok with me.  As I am ready to just relax and enjoy the evening.  Don't know where we will end up tomorrow but when we get there we will stop and enjoy.

Until Tomorrow  Love Carol

August 14, 2009
Traveling down the I-84 we stopped at a rest stop, Mike noticed the rear tire on the passenger side was low, thank goodness we had an air compressor (we had bought one from Wal-Mart about 1 year ago for those just in case times).  It took an hour to get the tire up to pressure and by the time we got down the road 20 miles it was low again.  We stopped into Baker City to eat and to look at it, Les Schwab said he could get us in right away so off we went.  The town of Baker City is small and looks like a quaint town to stay in.  It is on the Oregon trail and there is a lot of hiking and things to do in the area. 

While Mike stayed with the tech who was looking at the tire, I went into the office and asked if they had the Michelin tires that we wanted for the rig, our tires are over 7 years old and they really need to be replaced, I had been looking for about 1 year for the tires, and no one had them.  Les Schwab found 4 that could be delivered the next morning, and we could pick up the other two in Boise, ID about 2 hours away, since we are going that way we could do that.  So finally we are going to get those new tires.  I will feel so much safer now.  Boise, Id haven't stayed there so will let you know how that turns out.  Until Tomorrow (By the way take a look at the park we stayed in at Baker City, OR worth the money.)  Love Carol
August 07, 2009
Every night I have been playing Nickel Nickel.  It is a fun Rummy game, 11 nickels and a quarter, you play with 3 decks of cards the first hand you are dealt 3 cards, keep in mind all of the jokers and deuces are always wild.  Since you start with 3 cards that makes the 3's wild, whoever can lay their hand down without a discard can say "pay me" you each give that person a nickel.    You then get one turn to see if you can lay down as many points as possible, the next hand you are dealt 4 cards which mean the 4's are now wild.  This goes on until you end the game with the K's as wild.  Whoever has the lowest score wins the quarters.  It takes about 1 hour to play so we usually play two games a night.  I was told here at Travel Inn RV park any day that has a "y" in it they play.  Below are my playing friends. Dan, Gloria, James, Jennifer, Hettie, and me.  The next picture is of Jerry, Dorothy, Norma (Jerry and Norma are the activities Directors here at the park).

Below are pictures of inside the clubhouse, the coffee is always on, so Mike is a very happy camper as he puts a dollar in the donation box and can have coffee all day long.  Next to that is the puzzle area, where you will find over 100 different puzzles to work on, there is always someone working on one or two. 
Click here to see pictures of the park
August 07, 2009

Plan B has now come into effect.  Mike's father is gravely ill so we will be heading to Las Cruces, NM.  on Tuesday.  It will take us about 5 days since I can only go about 300 miles a day, the trip is around 1720 miles.  We will use our passport America along the way so hope to take pictures to give you some idea of these parks.

Mike thought we would go down there around Nov. but with his father back in intensive care, we feel now is the time to go.  We have been trying for 5 years now to go down the 101 to stay along the California coast line and get some wonderful scenery.  But it will have to wait another year.

If all goes ok we will head for Indio around Christmas, since I want to be there among so many of our friends that we made last year.   

We have been having a lot to do here at Elma, every night there is something going on, card bingo, nickel nickel, entertainment and the all you can pancake breakfast on Saturdays are wonderful.  I have not missed a night of fun.  Mike usually stays at the RV playing his games except of course, Texas Holdem night.  We both played and lost, just to play again was fun.  There is also a lady's tea every Thursdays we bring something to eat & show our crafts, of course gossip a lot, no men are allowed until 12:30 PM that is when we all are finished with our lunch and what is left the men get.  They are lined up at 12:29, it is so funny to watch you would think we women don't feed the guys.

Just realized been so busy around here forgot to take pictures, sorry will have some soon.

Everyone travel safe when you go north and we hope to see you on down the road.


Love Carol