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August 31, 2007
We are in our final week at Ocean Mist and of course we had to put on the Texas Holdem games...Mike and I love doing it.  On Tuesday we had about 8 in the tournament and on Friday 10.  Joe who played both nights, won first on Tues and 2nd on Friday

Bruce came in first and told us that this was the first time he has ever played, he had a lot of fun,as you can see he was so wonderful to be around laughing and joking, made it a fun night, Mikeshown here came in 3rd.  I told them I needed there picture for the IRS, so here is Mike looking like "OH NO are you really going to do that?
Rick in the background became our permanent dealer and he was really good at it, his wife Maryanne was fun and made our table really enjoyable.

There is a Ferry that takes you from Ocean Shores to Westport, we are going to do that on Sunday.  On Saturday we have been asked to go back to Copalis Beach to hold the Texas Holdem game there.  So off we go...what would make this even better is if Mike & I could start winning. 

We again have meet some wonderful people and have more RV friends to add to our long list. So I end the this month and we start a new one.  Hope everyone is enjoying there Labor day weekend and if you are traveling stay safe.

Love Carol

August 22, 2007
showdown at Copalis Beach
Getting ready for the game tonight I had to get into the right frame of mind.

Kick some of the clods off my boots and shine up my belt buckle, this would really be my ace in the

hole. It would keep all the other players from seeing my eyes with the glare coming from the silver and

gold on the buckle. strapped on my trusty six shooter with my little buddy in my shirt sleeve, just at

the cuff. This would make sure that all was on the up and up, and a little in my favor. ok, just about
ready to go. place my cowboy hat on, with it tilted just to one side. Ok, let's go. AS I wandered down

the gravel lane, the rocks making that cracking sound every time that my heal hits the ground, I

noticed that there were a few players standing outside talking to each other. ok. I got

their number, making plans on how to handle this high roller and try to put him out early. Hah, no

problem, I can handle anything that they got to dish out.  Wow 22 players, I can do this,

 I'm ready. shuffle up and Deal.

Being the dealer, I thought that I might just teach these tenderfoots a lesson on the first hand.

Look at my hand, King, four. Not a very good hand, but what the heck, I can just bluff my way to

stardom, being the poker king that I am. ok, I raise. Little did I expect here comes Sharon with a

counter, Adon matches, and then Juan raises. Oh man, what is happening. Sarah, puts her chips in,

and here comes Allison matching it. Jeff gets a frown on his face, sure, going to slow play huh, puts

his chips In. Sheila, plays with her chips and places her bet on the table. NOW wait a minute, I am the

one that is supposed to be bluffing here. They all can't have good hands, can they?  Danielle is not to

outdone, and raises. Lana calls, and Stella has got to see what the flop is, so she is in. Fay isn't going to

be outdone and places his chips in the middle, and says let's go. Hey what could I do. FOLD ...

well, to make a long story short. I was the non playing dealer for the rest of the night. I don't even

know how or when, but my chips just up and disappeared. Maybe, I dropped some of them on the

floor, that's the only thing that I can think AS the game progressed, the chips were going back

and forth between the plays faster than a little wiener dog chasing a chicken across the road. And

then it happened. In all my years and experience at card playing I have never seen the WHOLE TABLE

go all in. But, here is a night to remember. First one player, scratching his head said," All In". The next

thought for a moment and repeated "All In." Then the next, and the next, and the next. whoa, slow

down just a moment, being the dealer, I am going to have to figure out who is going to get what pot.

So, for about 5 min. we all set there and counted chips. here was going to be six different pots, and

lord only knows how this is going to turn out .. Sure glad that I wore my six gun. This thing might

just get a little ugly before it is over. The OK Corral allover again.
AS the hands were finally turned over, Ace-King, Queen-Ten, and so on.

AS we got down to Juan he turned over a pair of Jacks. Hey, this is not a bad hand, but with all the

high cards that the other players had, naw, not a chance. Turn the flop. Six,Nine,Jack. couple players

had a pair but Juan now has trip Jacks. Not bad. But still two cards to go. Turn King. NOW there is a

pair out their that could get trip, and a three other players that could get a straight. Yup, and one that

had a good chance of a flush. Those Jacks didn't look that good anymore. ok, let's go for the river.

There was a scream and a yell along with a bunch of ooos and ahs. Not to mention some other words

that were not real audible. It turned out to be a JACK!  Hey, this guy has four Jacks, now they are

looking real good. one good point to this story is the dealer didn't have to worry who was going to get

what pot. JUAN, took them all. Juan moved to the final table, and the game was on. There were four

left.  Barry, Juan, Scott, and Sue. with the blinds so high it didn't take long.  Sue was the first to go

with $12.00, then it was Scott with $18.00. Barry and Juan fought it out like pros. Heck, I was

worried that they were going to lock the doors leaving us inside. when they were almost even money,

Juan called all in. Barry, wrinkled his nose and rubbed his cheek wondering what did this guy have.

"ok, let get it on." ALL IN.
Barry Juan Scott Sue

AS the card got turned over neither player had that good of cards, but in the end Juan took home


$30.00 and Barry came in First $50.00, Scott came in 3rd and Sue 4th
Good Game Everyone had a good time, a lot of laughing and joking around.

ok ... There is always next time. And, Paybacks are fun.

Shuffle up and Deal

Charlie Tuna, ya did good!

well, it was time for Mike to do the acookun and man did I do good!

Got to talk with Harvey, yep, he's the one by the grill

AS he told me of his tale of going down to the dock and meeting the boat as it came in,

 grabbing the tuna before it even hit the dock and with a grin hit the road and raced back to the park.

 with his pedal to the metal weaving in and out of the traffic and yelling at all the big trucks to get

out of the way, got to get this load back to the park as fresh as it can be. NOW picture this, here is a

 guy with one hand on the wheel, head out the window, and a bunch of dead fish lying in the back

seat. What cop in his right mind would even dare even think about pulling this guy over. Not me,

that is for sure. AS he rounded the corner on two wheels coming up to the park, everyone understood,

 get out of the way. Harvey is heading for the Long House, and we all were saying a little prayer that

he would be able to get stopped before he ran into the front door. As advertised, with all wheels

sliding on the gravel, the front bumper scraping in the dirt as the front wheels dug in, he came to a

 stop at any race car driver would be envious of. "Hey, the faster that you go, the fresher the tuna is.

that's his story!


As we entered the Long House we were greeted by Linda

who was the cashier, who informed us where to go and what to get. Yep, they had coffee. Hey, it's

got to be decent if they have coffee.

Bell, was serving at the counter, making sure that you got

 everything that you were suppose to get, and even more. Charlie

and Mary LOU were back in the kitchen getting the spuds,

corn, rolls, and all the dressings that go along with the dinner.


Here is one of the plates, and look at that chunk of tuna. Now you already know

how fresh it is. Thanks to that speed demon of Copalis Beach.

Here is Lyn,  she helps here in the park and let me tell ya, you have any

questions or want to know what is going on, Just ask her and she is more that happy to let you



Roland,  stays here all year. Grew up is this neck of the woods. He takes care of any Maintence or problems that you or the park may have. Heck, I was watching

him do some of the chores around the park, and
I got tired. But, he just

kept going, and going, and going, and ....... .

After dinner I had to waddle back to the coach, oh it was so good. Thought about taking a

little nap, but carol reminded me that we had a game on tonight and better get with it.

Until next time that Mike cooks

Take Care

August 22, 2007
After spending 2 weeks at Travel Inn in Elma, we are back at the beach temperature in the high 60's day and low 40's night.  This park has limited activities, they do have breakfast and dinner on Saturday, pool tournaments but no card or member generated games.  We really did enjoy Elma, Dana was a great activities host and putting on the Texas Holdem games by Mike and I was a lot of fun.  I don't know what is happening but Mike and I are not getting to the final table, all of the people who play the game we put on are pros...ha.ha..we are having way too much fun...One thing about KM resorts. they cater to the families more then the retired and the complaints I hear "are not enough going on at their parks for all of us old people".  I must admit the only park so far at KM that did have something going on is ELma and that is only because of Dana,  I meet several people in the last couple of weeks that say they wish KM would take more interest in getting activities and not cater to families since the retired use their parks more. 

We go to Ocean Mist after here which again is a KM park, I saw about 3 couples who had just left there and they complained again about no activities...Being our first year with KM and first time really using their parks we are starting to wonder if we should have joined Western Horizons instead...since they do cater to the older with lots and lots of activities and they have parks everywhere.  We did not make a mistake in joining a membership as the cost to us for the year has been next to nothing, we have only had to use RPI about 3 times at $8 a night and pay our yearly dues.  So joining was the best way to go for us being fulltime.  Only we should have checked out other membership packages (Western Horizons had activities at all the parks we had stayed in which were a lot of parks).  We have nothing against KM, their parks are well maintained and the camp host do the best they can to help, also they welcome the idea of letting us put on the Texas Holdem games. I guess you would say this year has been a learning experience, we have found parks that we will love to go back to and parks that we would never go back, all in all we cannot complain too much.  As they say " You make the park" so we are now asking as soon as we get settled if there are activities and if not could we put the game on at least once or twice that week, So far everyone has let us.  Like Elma everyone wanted 3 nights so we gave them it (Dana did the one night, along with her many other nights of fun).

You may wonder why activities are so important, you see once you are retired and on that monthly budget you cannot be a tourist everywhere you go. sure you can go sight seeing and   do as much as you can in the area, normally that is done within the first week, so that leaves the evenings and days, you need to get out and around other's just like you...the activities are where you meet these people and hear from them about places to go and parks to stay in. This is also where you meet those who will be friends forever.

We will see what is in store for us at the other parks and the scenery as we will finally head for Oregon the beginning of Sept. for our very first Rally. It is a full-timers Newmar Rally and it will be in Seaside OR, which I hear is like a peace of Heaven...I could use a peace of Heaven right now. Since we came to the area it has been cloudy (including ELMA) and drizzle now I know what they mean by grey sky's. I don't care for it...I much prefer the sun.  Mike doesn't mine the grey he just  likes everything except the rain when he can't ride his bike.  Even with everything I still would not change how we are living.

Until tomorrow "TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME"

Love Carol

August 14, 2007
We have now been in Elma 1 week, Carrie who is the park host here has her work cut out for her, she has taken over for the manager, since illness of the manager's husband prevents her from doing her job, anyway Carrie is doing a great job,  the park has put on many activities which we have enjoyed. From Texas Holdem on Tuesday held by Dana the activities Director who also puts on the Bingo and crafts for the ladies. Dana is a great person to get to know, she is funny and fun to be around.  Mike and I put on Texas Holdem on Friday and the players asked that we do it again on Sunday which we did. We had about 9 people that night and on Friday as well.  Claudia, (who had been at Maple Grove with us and where she won 3rd, picture with husband Dave),  again came in first Friday and then second on Sunday (Ed came in first on Sunday)
and Ed, really enjoyed themselves.

I was able to go back to Crystal at the Chopper Beauty Salon to get my hair done finally this week, it was all black roots and the last person to cut it chopped pits and pieces everywhere, Crystal did it last year while we were here in Elma and I loved the way she styled it, so glad to know there is someone out there who really can do hair.  That is one of the hardest things about being Full time finding a hair dresser in all of the places we go.  Her salon is wonderful, not the usual inside when you walk in the first thing you see and then all of the

miniature choppers along the windows and shelves
So far Linda at Rockport (she stayed in Bayview the same time we did) and Crystal have been the only ones who really can do hair.  Wish I could take them on the road with me, Mike even liked the way Crystal cut his hair. Crystal says if I can find her room in the RV along with her chopper she would go. Will be making a trip back to her when we go to Ocean Mist to make sure it is done before moving south.

Went to Elma's State fair last Friday, it is so small it could be walked around within an hour, not like I am used too.  The best part was the Pig races, I didn't know pigs could run that fast, it took less then 6o seconds for those pigs to get around the track.  Guess you could say Pigs really can fly.

We haven't ventured out much this time except to go to Shelton to shop at Wally Mart for groceries, it was about 30 min. drive and the scenery was wonderful, just like all of Northern Washington.  We will be going to Tacoma sometime this week, need to pick up some things at Camping World and look around the town.  Mike hates big towns, he would rather stay in a town with about 10,000 then any, which with all of the traffic I can't blame him. 

August 7th 2007
We are now back in Elma, Washington our home park Trailer Inn , will be here for 2 weeks.  Tonight we get to play Texas Holdem with live people...but first we have to go back to Saginaw's Diner, where they serve the best Bread Pudding on Earth.  They now are in Washington's Best Places Book, their bread pudding is so goooood, it is like getting a taste of Heaven. We meet Barry and Marty (whom we had meet for the first time at Mable Grove) and told them about the Diner and they joined us, they agreed it is the best, so if you are ever up in this area make sure you go for the pudding and lunch.

We stayed at Copalis Beach but there really wasn't much too do and there were no activities to speak of, wish we did not have to go back but Mike made the reservation already and he hates to cancel anything.  Oh well you do get too see and hear the ocean at all times.

Just meet Linda, she and husband pulled in after we did, they had just come from Seaside (Oregon) the RV Park we will be going to on Sept. 12th..Linda said the park is as close to heaven you can get on earth...can't wait to go there!!!  Seaside Park, not ready for Heaven yet,  hopefully that's where I will end up since I dislike the heat, Arizona was hot enough!

Don't forget to check out the DataStorm too see exactly where we are  DataStorm #5491

Until tomorrow

Love Carol

August 2nd 2007
We are now at Copalis Beach which is just about 1000 ft from the ocean, I am writing this while looking out the front windows of the coach, looking at the Pacific. 
We were suppose to go to Paradise Resort, just about 35 miles from Randle, while heading up the road to the resort we could see a huge lake it looked wonderful and we were delighted at the prospect of staying so close to the mountains and the lake.  Boy did we get a surprise, the resort is nestled in lots of trees and the spaces are so cramped we could not get our rig in any of them, beside that, we would not have been able to get TV or the internet, Mike and I can not live without our Internet, since the web site is priority and I like keeping in touch with everyone. this resort is for all of those who are camping a week or less and do not have big rigs.

So plan B came into effect, we called ROD and cancelled Paradise, drove down the road to pull off to figure were we could go, called ROD and they got us into Copalis Beach.  Thank you ROD they have been wonderful with all of our reservations and were a lifesaver on such short notice.

It has been windy here and cool, around the 60's during the day and around 40's at night.  We went into Ocean Shores for groceries (there is only one grocery store there) and their prices are high, guess being the only store and in a tourist town they can get away with it.  So if you come here make sure you don't need anything or you could drive to Aberdeen.  The area is nice with the ocean breeze and the resort has no trees to obstruct your view of the Pacific Ocean.  We will be here for a week then onto Elma, for two weeks, our home park.  We then come back to Copalis Beach for a week, and up the road to Ocean Mist for two weeks.  Since there will be little driving, it is really enjoyable for us. Here's hoping everyone who reads this is keeping cool this summer and if you are traveling stay safe.

We finally set up our DataStorm so you can find us on the map use this link  DataStorm #5491

Love Carol