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July 31, 2012
I know this has been going around but I really would like all my RV friends and friends all over the USA to do this COME ON ..this was sent to me and I had to remind everyone why we need to buy USA  CREATE  JOBS
Try this from Aug.1st 2012 to Sept.1 2012 (Better yet from now on never buy other then USA) see how many jobs can be created by buying USA made Keep this going

Did you know that some Hallmark cards are made in CHINA ?
Check the back of the card you are buying, and it will tell you if it was made in China or Kansas City, MO. This was verified with Hallmark on 2-27-12.
Hallmark cards are more expensive.
Dollar Tree has beautiful cards for 50-cents and $1.00 each.They are made in the USA.

I have been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. Kitchen Aid is MADE IN the USA .
Yesterday, I was in Wal-Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn't want to pay that much--so I asked the lady if they had any others. She took me to another department-- and they had some at $2.50 made in USA. They are just as good. It was the same with a kitchen rug I needed. I had to look-- but I found some made in the USA - What a concept! - and they were $3.00 cheaper.

We are being brainwashed to believe that everything that comes from China and Mexico is cheaper.
NOT SO! One Light Bulb at a Time...

I was in Lowe's the other day and, just out of curiosity, I looked at the hose attachments. They were all made in China.

The next day I was in Ace Hardware and, just for the heck of it, I checked the hose attachments there. They were made in USA.
Start looking people, in our current economic situation, every little thing we buy or do affects someone else -most often, their job.
My grandson likes Hershey's candy. I noticed, however, that it is now marked "Made in Mexico ." I don't buy it anymore.

Kellogs  Rice Krispie  bars: Made in Mexico. I don't buy these anymore either.
My favorite toothpaste Colgate is made in Mexico . Now, I have switched to Crest .

You have to read the labels on everything.
This past weekend I was at Kroger. I needed 60-W light bulbs and Bounce dryer sheets.
I was in the light bulb aisle, and right next to the GE brand I normally buy -- was an off-brand labeled, "Everyday Value ".I picked up both types of bulbs and compared them. They were the same except for the price. The GE bulbs cost more than the Everyday Value brand, but the thing that surprised me the most was that GE was made in MEXICO, and the Everyday Value brand was made in - you guessed it - the USA--at a company in Cleveland, Ohio.

It's way past time to start finding and buying products you use every day that are made right here.

So, on to the next aisle: Bounce Dryer Sheets. Yep, you guessed it, Bounce cost more money and is made in Canada .
The Everyday Value brand cost less, and was MADE IN THE USA ! I did laundry yesterday, and the dryer sheets performed just like the Bounce Free that I have been using for years; at almost half the price.

My challenge to you is to start reading the labels when you shop for everyday things and see what you can find that is made in the USA. The job you save may be your own-- or your neighbors!

Stop buying from overseas companies - you're sending the jobs there.

(We should have awakened a decade ago.)

Let's get with the program-- and help our fellow Americans keep their jobs--and create more jobs here in the USA .
July 26, 212
My sister is coming up to Port Orchard area, am excited to see her, we called Pat and Mel and asked if we could stay on their property they were kind enough to say yes.  Fran wants to buy a place around the area to get out of the heat in Tucson, she has chosen 9 properties to see and will buy one of them.  Meanwhile we are here in Mount Vernon, had to take the rig in for the awning repairs, the extended warranty covered the motor, and we had new shocks put on hoping the rig will rid a little better.  We had made the appointment about 8 weeks ago and asked that they get the generator parts so that it would be ready to go for the trip down south, Paulsbo here in Mount Vernon did not order them so now we wait on the parts. Even though they did not do all that was asked they were great service and I had to buy a new kitchen sink faucet at Camping World and Paulsbo was able to put it in for $60, Mike did not want to do it in case something went wrong.  That's ok as the Riverbend RV park is a nice little park and they were able to get us in for the week.  Also this saves us some traveling time as we were suppose to go into La Conner on the 25th, now we will just go onto Port Orchard and then to La Conner. 

Mike wants to stay up here in the north for as long as possible so we have made reservations and will head on down to Palm Springs on the 22nd of Oct. Booked to go into Desert Pools for 2 weeks and then to TT.  I am glad we can stay up here longer this way I will get to go to Vancouver YEY. 

Guess that's all until we get to La Conner hope all of you reading our journals find it interesting and will continue to support my efforts.  Love Carol
July 22,2012
So much to tell where do I start. Let's start with the crash of my computer.  I went to make a jig saw puzzle for a person here in the park when I noticed a black screen on the monitor turns out it complete crashed.  Took to Best Buys where they said it would cost more to fix then to buy new.  OK so new is what we proceeded to do.  I told them exactly what I was looking for and they said the Asus would fill all of my needs and it was a very reliable computer.  So we bought it had them take all of the programs I had bought with me and they took out the hard drive of the old computer and said they would have it done in 2 days to come back then.  That was on a Wed. on Friday they called said come pick up the computer ( now we are in Birch Bay they are in Bellingham a good 30 miles away) picked up the computer came home fixed dinner and proceeded to install programs that they did not.  First thing let's get the WI-FI going, can't find the WI-FI, that's funny had Mike come in he too had the same problem ok call Geek Squad sorry there is no WI-FI on that computer. WHAT..so we decided we will put the Net gear and use it tomorrow.  It is now around 12AM I am tired think I will play spider solitaire..Sorry your graphics card does not support this game..WHAT ok try some other things sorry your graphics card cannot be found...I am really mad now.  Pack up the car go back to Best Buy next day.  Talk to Zack he says who sold you this one I show him..sorry he is new..then why didn't he say someone else could help me???

Zack takes the list of what I need and says the Sony All in one is exactly what I am looking for but he will have to order it..I need it before the 20th as we are leaving the area..no problem..he refunds the money and runs up the rest.  On the 20th Zack calls sorry but your computer did not arrive as there was a train derail in Montana..please come down to the store and I have put together exactly what you need.  Ok so now we go back I give Zack exactly 4 hours to have everything done, he assures me it will be also it will save me money since this is not as much as the all in one.  RIGHT
4 hours later we get the computer and the cost was $100 more then all of the others.  Get it home GUESS what, yep no sound, seems it did not come with speakers.  We kept it and bought speakers.  I wish Microsoft would quit screwing around and let computer manufactures alone.  Windows 7 is not that much different except it will not run a lot of the old software that I use for my business.  Now I have to purchase new or updated software, so I can continue to make the business cards.  Too expensive to own computers today, what did we do before we had them, oh I know, we saved a bundle of money and actually talked and saw people, we relied on our minds and imagination.

One good thing came out of this we were able to go out and explore more of the area, went to Old Bellingham where the ferry's take off for the islands.  Here are a few of the photos
Mexican Grill Fairhaven WA photos by carol
Bellingham WA nice little town Mexican Restaurant we went to  not too friendly if you like spicy  this one would fit it, I did not care for the food and the prices were high.
Cruise terminal
You  can see additional photos click here
July 4, 2012
We are now at TT Birch Bay, Blaine on arriving we were meet by 2 friendly staffers, they went out of there way to help us find the right site.  The septic was overflowing at the site we choose, ( I wanted in the shade) and the two of them were back within minutes fixing the problem.  It sure was nice to see great smiles instead of that I have to be here look you got at Beachwood RV park..there is something amazing about the people who are members of TT they act like you are family and not just another paying customer.  If I were told I had to give up all but 1 membership then TT would be the one to keep. Here is just one photo you can see more of the park by clicking on photo

Don't know if we are going to see the fireworks as Keri is so scared of the noise, the fireworks have been going off for the last week, seems up here in WA. you can fire them anytime you wish.  Great looking and great too see kids enjoying the fireworks.

Still trying to talk Mike into taking me to Vancouver so I can take photos, he says NO way, wish I had never sent him to Costco.  Enough about that time to fix dinner and see what we are going to do for the 4th.  Take care until tomorrow Love Carol

Please remember our troops on the 4th and everyday.