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Aug 24, 2011
We have been having loads of fun, from Elma to Seaside lots to do, arriving in Seaside the Ramblers were putting on all sorts of Activities from barbeques to craft shows and auctions.  Here are just a couple of photos of our trip to and from Long Beach over to Seaside .  We are now in Long Beach till the 6th and then back to Seaside till the 19th.  We will head on down the 101 to Neskowin making a stop at Tillamook Cheese factory, I love their cheese. 
The photos above and to the left I took while Mike drove across the bridge from Long Beach( Seaview,WA)
The meat was put on at midnight for our dinner on Saturday, it was tender and you could cut it with a plastic fork boy was it good. Here Keri and I are selling my jig saw puzzles
Aug 2nd 2011
Just found out please read the following Lorna sent this to me so if you have ROD thru TT you will need to call to upgrade your RPI  I did not have to as I have ROD thru KM so I am fine.  Wonder if all parks will be dropping ROD I  hope not as we use these after.
To all Thousand Trails members who are also members of ROD

As previously communicated, Resorts of Distinction (ROD) recently terminated the agreement affiliating select Thousand Trails and NACO parks with ROD. As a result, the affiliation of Leisure Time parks with ROD has also been terminated. Thousand Trails has made arrangements with Resort Parks International (RPI) to provide TT members who are impacted by this decision with a complimentary trial membership in RPI. Thousand Trails recognizes that certain TT members may have memberships in both ROD and RPI, for those members, an extension offer or discounted upgrade offer to RPI Gold or RPI Preferred will be provided. Please call RPI at (800) 635-8498 for details on how you can take advantage of these offers today!

We are in Ilwaco, (Long Beach Seaview WA) till the 8th then over to Seaside for 2 weeks then back here till the 12th then Seaside till the 19th the to Neskowin till the 28th of Sept.  Talked Mike into going there since I like that park.  We will be in Palm Springs TT on the 3rd of Oct.  Won't be taking many photos to put on web as the US cellular is so slow will see how long this takes to upload.  Travel safe everyone going south and have a great Labor day if you can.  See you South Love Carol
We are now at Travel Inn RV Park in Elma WA.   We had to change our plans as we were still having some problems with the hot water tank.  It seems the switch that let's the water heat up stayed on and burned out.  Mike needed to be close to an RV parts center, when he finally figured out what was wrong he would be close enough to get the right part, Chelas is just 30 min away.   We will be here till 31st of July then head over to Long Beach and Seaside for the rest of the summer.   I thought by coming here to Elma it would be sunny, I was wrong it has been cloudy and raining, a harder rain then in Sequim, at least it is not hot.  Temps in the high 60 or low 70's.

While in Sequim the Lavender Festival took place, we went to just one of the farms, the town of Sequim become a little Phoenix, (if you have ever been on the freeway during rush hour in Phoenix or LA you would know what I am talking about, where did all of these people come from?)  It had been raining for about a week but the skies cleared up enough to walk around. 
They have a great gift shop all items are made from lavender including their coffee.  Tried their Lavender Green Tea did not care for it will stick with my Lipton Green Tea.  I could not believe how Lavender is used in so many ways, from medicinal to spices.  This Sunshine Farm has over 20 acres of lavender, they ship the lavender out to be crushed and then they make it into the different products.  There are 7 farms in the area that participate in the Lavender festival along with Sequim, quilt shows, food, art and crafts are going all weekend.  The cost for the farm was $15 a person but you could see all of the 7 farms with your ticket.  We choose only this one, Mike does not like driving in traffic and this farm was close to the RV park.  

I will be making some puzzles out of some of the photos here is one that will soon be on the web. 
I took 5 of my photos and painted them into one picture. 
We are going to play Texas Holdem tonight, I really miss playing and so glad we can be at a park that has activities, miss the interaction between the RV'ers.  I know that is one of the reasons I love Palm Desert so much, the people are always friendly and we have so much going on.  Wish me luck, it is only $3 buy in with first two players to win the pot.  Doesn't matter if I win or lose the fun is what it is all about.  Take care everyone see some of you soon.

July  4, 2011
We are now at Diamond Point RV park, we left Gigal Oasis at 10:40 and by 11:40 we were all set up in our site #85.  On arriving we were given notice that a cougar has been spotted in the area, I would love to see it and take a photo, everyone here seem to be worried for their pets, I am not as Keri is always with me and on a leash.  Tomorrow I will be going to the visitor center of the Cedar Casino to take photos of the Totems. They looked wonderful and maybe even stop in the casino to try my luck.  You can see the photos of Diamond Point RV park by clicking here.

There is a RV park next to Diamond Point called Sunshine Acres, they put together their small tractors decorated with 4th of July , and traveled from RV park to RV park in the area. Great fun to see and celebrate today, guess I should have gotten my scooter out and joined, in what fun!
July 3 2011
Leaving tomorrow for Diamond Point RV park, will spend two weeks there, the week here in Sequim went fast, visiting Port Angeles which is about 14 miles from here and taking care getting all of my computer back to having all of the updates.  Having DSL is so great just wish there were a way to take it on the road with us in the motorhome.   The weather here has been windy, raining and cool.  I can't complain as my sister in Tucson, says it has been around 111 there, way too hot for me.   They say this area usually gets about 17 days of rain but everyone I have spoken too says that has changed in the last 2 years.  They have not had a summer for two years now.  The sun did come out yesterday and it felt good to put those shorts on and a t-shirt, no coat.  It did not last long by the time we came back from Port Angeles it had turned windy and cool.  Around 65 during the day now you cannot beat that.  I like the area and the green, you can see the snow on Hurricane ridge from here looks so wonderful.  Everyone should come this way at least once in a lifetime, we are fortunate to have done it twice. 

Until next time HAVE A GREAT 4TH OF JULY AND PLEASE REMEMBER OUR TROOPS.  Love to all, by the way let me know who thinks they saw the best fireworks show and if you have a photo send it to me and I will post it on the site.
June- 29,2011
Today a little cold and windy with sprinkles all day, high in Sequim around 55.  Decided to drive into Port Angeles to have dinner at the Landing Restaurant where we had eaten back in 05, food ok, the sun tried to shine but not for long, extremely windy. Here are some photos of the area.  We will be taking the ferry sometime next week over to Vancouver if we can find someone to take care of Keri, I may end up boarding her don't know yet.  That is the only problem about having a pet, not being able to leave and come back anytime you want. But she is worth the sacrifice.

4 more days here at Gigal Oasis RV park, this is such a nice park love having DSL and it's free, back to Diamond Point RV park on the 4th.  Will have photos for that park later. 

Mike finally got on Facebook.  He did me a favor as he knew I needed 2 more neighbors to expand my garden in Garden of Time game.  He is enjoying it as he is also playing, the game has your mind and eyes working all of the time.  Might make our brains work better?
Port Angeles Inn
Downriggers Port Angeles
  Ferry to Vancouver
June- 2011
Travel to Mel and Pat's was wonderful, the roads where not bad and the view fantastic as you can see by the photo this photo
Arriving at Pat and Mel's place in Port Orchard was so wonderful, what great people and friends they are. They have a beautiful place and had a spot for our RV.  Their Rig was in the shop for painting, so we were able to put ours under their RV carport.
They have 1 acre of forest, beautiful, had Mike and I had a place like this I don't think I
would be full timing it.  A beautiful home sits in the center and Mel and Pat have put a lot of work into
this fabulous place.
Pat lives in an area that is so breathtaking, she is minutes away from one of my favorite author's Debbie Macomber, who writes all about Port Orchard (Debbie says in the books Cedar Groove, which by the way was the name of the town before becoming Port Orchard). They are also just a few miles from Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Silverton, Bermington and ferries to Seattle and only 1 hour from Sequim. Oh to live in such an area in the summer would be grand, sorry folks no RV parks in Port Orchard, what a shame as I know I would have loved to stay there for as month or two.  Below are photos of places Debbie Macomber writes about. She also owns them.

Debbie Macomber tea house
Tea House Debbie's gift and Tea house

puzzles if you like puzzles then you will love these
  Having Tea with Pat lunch was super
Coffee Oasis Port Orchard Library
Light House Restaurant Court House
Pat I entering the candy shop Saturday Market in Port Orchard
Navel Ship yard where Mel used to work. Income from most residents comes from this shipyard.
I have made jig saw puzzles out of some photos above, to order or see click here
What a month we have had ,fun and trouble, we found a water leak while at Mel's and decided to get it fixed in Sequim, after spending 3 wonderful days at Mel's & Pat's onto Sequim we went about 1 hour drive on the 101. We crossed over the Hood Canal Bridge what a site.  Will have photos of Diamond RV park soon.

Checked into park then headed to Peninsula RV repair shop, spent the night there while they fixed the leak.  Tuesday before we left the repair shop, I fell off the steps of their shop, my left leg got banged up and my right wrist also my right ankle twisted.  By the time we got to the RV park I was hurting.  Then my computer crashed again and had to take it back to Silverton to Best buys they had it for 9 days 1 hour away, it still is not fixed right, as they did not put back all of the HP touchsmart software, I had planned on buying a new computer but found out the software I use to write this web would not work on Windows 7 without a $700 upgrade in software.  Microsoft should be shot, if you have certain software it most likely won't work on windows 7.  That is why you have not had any updates, what would we do without our computer? 

Took almost 10 days to get back to normal, meanwhile they did not fix the leak, turns out the drip from the connection was not the problem after all, it was a bad weld on the hot water tank.  Mike called them on Thursday to tell them and Larry( photo below) had one delivered by Monday.  Off we went, now I have to tell you I don't mind packing up every 2 or 3 weeks but to do it over and over again, no thank you.  However that comes with full timing doesn't it, I will not complain again, as the area scenery is so wonderful and breathtaking, worth all of our troubles.  Got the new water heater, I am 90% back to being me and all seems to be going fine now. 
Penninsula RV Repair
Peninsula RV Repair
Great Repair shop and Larry did all he could to get our Good Sam Warranty to cover both times, and they did, thanks to Harry.  Great job and wonderful place to go if you need RV items or repairs. If you are in Sequim stop by and tell them Mike and Carol says Hi
They are at
261293 Hwy. 101
Sequim, WA

We now can begin our tourist trips, Mike says he is not a tourist, but there is so much too see and do in the area he will just have to suffer.  Right Gals?   Our first trip will be Port Angeles, then Victoria also Port Townsend.  So the next update will be after we leave Sequim.  Have a great 4th of July and keep our troops in your prayers. Love Carol