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July 28 2010
We are now back at Seaside, my favorite area.  Love the park it has lots of grass and tress looks cleaner and feels friendlier.  Wish we could stay here instead of going back to Long Beach.  You can read why I don't like that park on the park page click here. The weather has turned cool again with some mist and it looks like rain.  At least it is warmer over here on this side of the Columbia river.  We are not so close to the ocean as we were at Long Beach.

We are figuring a way as not to go back to Long Beach but haven't come up with a park close to this area, as we do want to stay north here on the ocean until Sept. Then we will head inland hoping the weather is not too warm.  Hope everyone is having fun this summer and until I take new photos next week will update then.
Love Carol
 How to build a Sandcastle 
They had a Sandcastle contest here this last Saturday, but during the week they had people demonstrating how to build one. Here are the photos from start to almost finish.  Took them about 4 days.
July 19, 2010
today the doe brought out her kids for us to see.  They are so beautiful to watch
On Saturday we went to the IIwaco Street Market,

they have all kinds of crafts, art work, fresh vegetables and fruit.  It was a partially sunny and warm enough not to wear a jacket.  We stopped and ate at the Tuscany Cafe, the food was good and not too expensive.

Here are a couple photos of the Harbor

On my birthday Mike took me to the "The Depot" Restaurant, it had been written up in Sunset Mag. as well as other dinning mag. for excellent food.  Susan and Bill joined us and off we went, I guess I don't know what excellent foods are as I did not find anything on the menu that sounded good so ordered the Filet Migon with the herb sauce.  It was very spicy and the price was very high for a restaurant in this area around $29 to 40 a plate.  Had we known guess we would have gone somewhere else. Take a look and you tell me would you have guessed the prices would be high?  This used to be the train depot for the IIwaco area.

Guess that's all for today will have more when go to Osterville on Thursday
July 13, 2010
Took a drive today to the two lighthouses in the area, about 15 min. from the park.  The first one is the North Head Lighthouse built in 1889 and is still working, the view was magnificent, the weather was wonderful around 68, which made the .25 walk great. the second one is Cape Disappointment they are both working lighthouses.

Had some clouds but that made the .25 walk to the North Head lighthouse nice and comfortable. You can take a look at all of the photos by clicking here there are some great photos of the ocean. 

The park deer is coming out every night now, Mike took this photo
tomorrow the Sandcastle building begins will take some photos, at the end of the month the kite flying contest begins. The town of Long Beach, has lots of tourist all summer long and the small town has lots of tourist attractions, from bumper cars to selling of kites,
July 12, 2010
Mike was walking Keri when I happened to notice a deer not far from him, it was eating the grass here in the park, ran for my camera but too late.  I then sat down waiting and sure enough he or she came back. She wanted her photo taken

They like the overflow area to eat as there are not many people close and the grass is close to the bushes so they can run into them.  There are bears in the area also, according to the newspaper here they caught 16 and placed them higher in the mountains.  They don't know how many are still here but last year the bears took over IIwaco and surrounding Long Beach.   Tomorrow we are going to the 2 Lighthouse around here will have photos again then.
July 7. 2010

The 4th of July we decided to have a barbeque, it rained all day and was chilly enough to have coats on, Susan had a canopy tent so we had it over at her rig.  I had meet Blaine and Robin in the park, Robin is the Activities Director down at Indian Waters in Indio.  Keri and I where walking a week before the 4th when I saw Blaine, seems they were in the park one week before us, so I invited them to come to our picnic.  If you are wondering what Susan has in her mouth, she had a cucumber using it as her smile,

Can you believe it there are only 171 days till Christmas, that is what a sign said when we went walking downtown Cannon Beach last Monday.  Bev, Susan and I decided to take the guys to breakfast and we knew they would not want to walk around so we took two cars, the men left and we walked and walked.  We are all proud of ourselves as we did not buy anything, will we did buy fabric to make Christmas gifts with so that doesn't count.  It was great and we were exhausted by the time we got back to the rigs.

Then on Tuesday we all decided since to have another barbeque using the leftovers from the 4th, everyone was packing up for Long Beach (except Bev, who went onto Portland till the 1st, when she will be back with us).  The girls surprised me with a birthday cake and presents, my birthday is not till the 14th but with Bev not being able to be there they decided to do it that day.  Bev baked a wonderful Angel food cake with Pineapple, it had so many candles on it, when she bought it out I thought I would have a hard time blowing them out, but the wind took care of that for me.  Susan made me a dish carrier with kokopelli designs it is beautiful, and Bev embroidered on her machine a towel that had grapes and says Wine a little you will feel better, also she gave me a how to make quilts book.  These gals are too much, they have become great friends and are teaching me how to use my Embroidery machine.

In June there was a Sandcastle contest we missed it, as I did not know about it, however Susan had a friend email her some photos so thought you make like to see some of the winners.

Can you believe these are all made out of Sand.  There is another contest here at Long Beach the 3rd weekend of July I will not miss that one, even if we are back at Seaside I will drive over to see.

We are now at Long Beach Thousand Trails, it is a small park but nice.  It was warm here today around 85, shouldn't complain seeing all of the very hot weather every where else.  The nights are cool. Click here to see the park.

Will have more later this week, we are washing the rig tomorrow or the next day, no day trips, the rig looks like it has gone through mud, wind and you name it, time to do something about it.

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