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July 21 2008
Drove to Mirror Lake today, it is about 1 hour drive from Rockport going to Kamas and turning onto the 150 hwy east.  Wasatch-Cache National Forest is about 10,000 feet and still had snow on Bald Mt. We stopped at an old bridge crossing the Provo River which led to a campground  All sites are dry camping with a water spout between 2 or 3.  It is a beautiful park and huge lots of camping areas one right at Mirror Lake which is not that big, but there are small lakes every 2 miles for the fisherman. A Fish hatchery is at the entrance of the lake.  Bridle Veil Falls was really a site too see not tall just had lots of greenery and the sandstone is bright tan and reds. Here are just a few pictures the rest of them can be found on our State park page or Utah photos page.

We will be going to Strawberry Lake next it is also about 1 hour away, and is a National Park said to have the biggest lake here in Utah.  We are now looking into used boats with Mike and I always by a lake we need a boat again. 

But how do you pull one with out giving up the car??  We laugh and Mike says he will ride his bicycle to town and get what we need each day, YA right!  Maybe we will just rent one, with the gas prices bet we could afford to put a least one gallon of gas in the thing. LOL

Until next time hope all are enjoying there summer. Love Carol

July 2008 See what we were doing July 2007 click here
Here it is July already and 2 holidays down with 2 too go.  Pioneer week is a Utah State holiday and starts on July 24th so again we will be busy.  So to get things started Ranger Joe put on the feed bag with a great pot luck and barbeque. We will have only 1 more holiday after the next one,  which will be Labor Day then Mike & I leave for who knows where!
July Barbeque pot luck    Joe
Great Food and a good time and break from work    
Marlene, Emily, Bill and Dwayne   Kevin, telling about the way that got away.

Prior to this event Kevin who has the concession stand here at the park, put on an evening of entertainment.  Ranger Steve and his fathers Detour Band, played Country, Bluegrass and gospel we all had a great time and really enjoyed the sounds of the band.

That's Steve playing the ukulele with his father in the background

A large crowd turned out to hear both bands including Mountain Mama's, just look at the view you see while listening to the greats bands.

Mountain Mama's played who were sensational

Here we are the camp hosts enjoying ourselves

That's Bill & Emily, they are down on the other side of the Dam, Leon and Marge are at Cottonwood just as you enter the Park, Leon also does all cleaning of every restroom on site and what a great job he does, we have told him he is not allowed anytime off as the bathrooms are just not the same when he is away. Below Leon & Marge working

Here are just a few pictures of Rockport State park more can be seen on the State Park page

This is the site that Bill and Emily take care and what a great job they are doing, they are friendly wonderful people the kind you know will be long time friends, this area has picnic tables, fire pits and a river from the lake to catch those Trout's.

I hope you can see the Boat dock as it is large and every weekend is so full they are tuning boats away at the gate.

Now what can be better then this site, as Camp host we have it made, we work when we need too and take time to enjoy the mountains, lake and areas around.  I have not been to too many State Parks but I have to say of all the ones we have been too this will be my favorite!

The Girls at the gate have to be crazy to work here as they are so busy with the entrance you would think you were at some kind of concert, with as many camp sites to rent out and boats too let in they are going 24 7 and they keep there sense of humor, I could never do their job they have offered to let us but we have kindly turned them down.  Cheryrl has a great personality and her daughter Chelsey work great together at the gate


Marlene and Joanne also work the gate here is Marlene, she is on the right in the blue shirt,

Now Bryon really works his you know what off, he is in charge of Maintenance and goes from sunup to sunset there are is a lot to do to keep this State park up to the good looks it has and making sure everything works.  Steve who is the head Ranger

 had a great deal too do over the 4th of July, the main water pump went out which meant the well would run dry. Since the entire park relies on the well we had to shut down water to all of the Camp Sites except here at Juniper, but the showers did get turned off which meant everyone who had a tent could not shower, boy were Mike and I going, we kept telling everyone there is a Lake, of course that did not go over too big.  And poor Steve had everyone all over the park telling him about the no water problem.  So come on down the water is on showers are working, ask him how the showers are, you just might get an earful!

Here are our Rangers Joe & Chris, Chris is the one who saw our resume, we sure are glad you did we could not have asked for a better job for the summer.


I'll end this weeks journal just by saying come on down to ROCKAPULCO



Rockport State Park  for more information check it out