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May 17,, 2013
We arrived at Mel and Pat's staying one week, had a wonderful time, Mike is really learning how to beat Mel and I at UNO, Pat has decided we need to play Pegs and Jokers instead, they didn't work Mike and his partner are still winning.  We then traveled over to Mt. Vernon, at River Bend RV park for 1 week, right where the Skagit River Bridge collapsed from the wide load truck that hit it.  Picture below showing them working on the bridge.  Also pictures of the Potlatch RV park below.

Mel and Pat have joined us in La Conner for 2 weeks, we are exploring the town, just got back from Friday Harbor where Mel & Pat had never been.  We tourist have to show the natives their area.  We did not have the time we wanted on Friday Harbor as I had wanted to see the American Camp and the British Camp where they had back in the 1800's a pig war.  It is suppose to be a National Museum now, we could not find it so that took up more time then it was suppose to.  We did find Kiln Lime State park where one of the camp workers told us the history of the Pig war, it seems that the Brits and the Americans each had one side of the island us on the south and they on the north, a British pig got lose and the Americans killed, and that started a small war.   We ate the pig, food for the troops.  Love the story.

Below are photos taken on the island and on the way over

Pat didn't want her photo taken so tried to hide from me
she could have sworn this photo would not be good as it was from the back of the car thru all of the windows, boy was she wrong.  That will teach her to stick her tongue out at me!
This ferry, the Elwa, also went to Sidney, BC, we left
the RV park at 8AM so we could take the 9:30 Ferry to Friday Harbor only to get on this one at 8:30. That was great as we did not have a long wait we thought.
Ferry coming in Look from the port of Anacortes
Mike and Mel waiting at the port Leaving Anacortes for Friday Harbor a really nice overcast but comfortable day
Mel and Pat just before the announcement of Man overboard and ship abandonment was announced This was a Coast Guard surprise drill, they do it 4 times a year and you never know when, it took an extra 40 min to get to Friday Harbor, but it was something to see and know how to get yourselves safe off if something would happen.  EMS drills .  Pat participated in all of it, as all passengers can join in the drill.  Pat said it was very worth while to do.
While driving around trying to find the British Camp there were foxes along the road we stopped and they poised for us.
Lime Kiln Point Lime Kiln lighthouse
We are now at Potlatch RV Park under our membership ROD, Pat and Mel are next to us and we are exploring and playing UNO, Pegs and Jokers every evening.  They are great friends and are becoming like family to us.  We love you guys.

Potlatch an ROD park  Pat and Mel next to us we had trouble with the
30 amps it kept blowing they did not, don't know
if it was us or the park 
Inside pool with 2 spas  Very clean park  
All in all this park is nice, full hookups, 30 amps,
all back-ins with you parking your car on the outside in the
parking area on the road.  We had no problems and Mike was
able to park the tow dolly in back of the building. 
Walking distance to downtown La Conner, about 20 min. from the Anacortes Ferry Terminals' and about 2 hours from Seattle and about 30  min. from Mt. Vernon and Birmingham where if you have to have a Wal-Mart you aren't that far away and there is a Camping World off of the I-5 close by.
We all leave next week, Pat goes back home to Port Orchard and we head on over to Birch Bay, for the summer.  Don't know when we will get back together but will miss them a lot. 

Weather here has been sunny with some overcast and only one day of light rain.  Could not ask for better weather.  Highest temp has been 70 low at night in the mid 50's.  

That's the update for now, will update again when we get to Birch Bay.

 By the way if you have a pet and need sitting I found a wonderful person Lena here in La Conner cost was $15 for a one time home visit and she spent 1/2 hour with Keri, it gave me peace of mind to know she was looked after when we went to Friday Harbor.
Bushey Pet Services 

Take care everyone and Happy Fathers Day to all you guys.

Love Carol