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Last Months Journal   A year Ago Journal
June 30, 2012
Tomorrow will be July and 1/2 the year has gone, were did the time go, seems like only yesterday we left Palm Springs.

We have been taking it easy. Mike's back is still bothering him some and I have had to go back and forth for X-rays and doctor about the knee problem, seems the old bones are giving out.  Arthritis sure does suck.  I refuse to let it get me down!  Have a brace for the knee and using the cane says the doctor will do wonders, he should use them. I will when I feel the need but in the main time will exercise the leg and see what I can do.

We have been going out sight seeing when it has cleared enough to take photos, we seem to have rain now about every 1/2 day.  So Mike gets to sleep in and in the afternoon we go out for a drive.  Here are a few photos of yesterday's outing.
Mike sitting in car while I take photos Black Forest Restaurant
Drayton Harbor the town of old Blaine has great areas just to sit and enjoy the view
We ate at Big Al's Diner and had fun with the wall displays, they are old vintage and we enjoyed the meal and the restaurant. Review of Restaurant

We leave Wed. to go to Birch Bay TT.  We have decided if we can to get into the older area as it has shade trees, where the newer area is in the open for wind and lots of sun, those of you who know me know I do not like the sun to sit out in.  Love it when we are out but just to sit in NO THANKS, too hot.  We will be there for 3 weeks before heading onto La Conner. 

I still hope to get to Vancouver with my friend Bill, Mike informed me yesterday that under no circumstances would he enter Vancouver, seems as he was at Costco the Vancouver Canadians (they take over the Costco store every day, buying dairy products) where disrespectful and he was really irate by the way he was treated.  Don't know exactly what happened as I had stayed at the rig, but I have never in our 47 years of marriage heard him talk bad or see him so upset over some people.  We have a lot of wonderful Canadian friends, and they are friendly kind and wonderful.  I wonder why the Vancouver Canadians are not friendly?  I have found even here in the Beachwood RV park, they walk by and I am so used to saying hi, that I do, they sometimes nod but most the time they just keep on walking.  I tried to talk to a couple yesterday, as I was walking Keri, and they were walking their dogs, I said hi and they looked at me and kept on going.  Maybe I don't say hi the right way.  Oh well it's their loss not to get to know us!  So Vancouver Canadians you come to our states to buy dairy because your country is so costly, gives us the respect that you would give to your own family.

I guess I said my peace, on with the great venture of meeting people and seeing the country.  I know some of you are at home in the heat, and I would bottle up this rain for you if I could.  Try and stay cool, love you Carol

Please remember our troops on the 4th and everyday.
June 25, 2012
What a great day we had, Gary and Lyn (many know them from Palm Springs, he does the jam sessions and always attends our poker days)
They came to our park and picked us up for the tour around the area of Lynden and Bellingham.  They have a condo in Lynden, they own this condo which by the way is up for sale as Lyn would like to just live in the RV full time.  So if you know someone who would love the wonderful and beautiful town of Lynden check their place out it is beautiful, ground floor and has a small creek running in the back large 1 Bed 2 Bath home.  I loved it but I too only want to live in the RV.  After talking for awhile, Gary offered to show us around the towns, showing us where he used to work for the Railroad, and the old city hall of Bellingham, by Gary showing us these places we are now able to narrow down just where we should go to get great photos for the web and puzzles.

We will have to make sure Lyn and Gary enjoy a barbeque with us soon as he was a wonderful tour guide and fun.

Mike and I decided since I forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner to eat in Birch Bay, we found this restaurant and bar, the Sand Castle is right across from the bay you watch the tide come in.  Food was ok would not say GREAT but in a pinch I would go back again.  Cost about $35 plus tip.  Service great Mike's coffee cup got refilled many times.

Tomorrow will be my doctor day, so until I find out what is going on with the knee will be taking it slow and easy, as I really want to get out and be able to walk around areas to take Photos, Gary showed us a small town south of Bellingham Fairhaven (used to be called South Bellingham) it is a college and tourist town so has lots of old and beautiful buildings to photograph. Hope can go there at the end of this coming week.  Until tomorrow stay cool and dry.  Yes it is suppose to rain again tomorrow until Thursday, then it will back off.  We had rain until today the sun came out just for Gary and Us.  Love to all
June 22, 2012
We are settled in here at Beachwood RV Park, it is under our KM membership, when we first arrived, let me back up first, Mel was kind enough to make our reservations for the 2 weeks and he emailed me that we were in, now to when we first arrived we were told our reservation was only till the 28th not till the 4th.   I became upset and explained that our friend did indeed make our reservations till the 4th.  We were told to come back the next day to see what could be done.  Mike went back up to the office only to be told that we would have to move to the overflow sites on the 28th, he said ok which of the handicap site will you putting us in?   They said they did not have handicap site in overflow, therefore would have to allow us to stay where we are in the handicap site with the 50amps and full hook ups.  When I heard this I was very thankful that the reservations office was able to accommodate us so we did not have to find a park to go to for one week.  There are no activities to do here at the park, it is up to members to find each other and make their own fun.  I much rather have a list of things to do but will see what happens. See park photos

Right now I am having too much trouble with my right knee to even think about activities.  The doctor will do a CT scan with a dye shot into the knee on Monday, he wanted to do a MRI but with my stimulator implant to the spine it can not be done.  Hope they find it is just something simple to fix with a shot of cortisone to the knee. 

While leaving Canada which by the way was a day of sunshine, it is back to rain here in WA as well as Canada, I took a couple of Photos.  First photo waiting in line to border, only when we got up to about 15 cars ahead of us did we realize we were in the wrong lane and could have gone ahead and not waited for more then 5 min.  We had been in line about 30 min. we were in the car lane not the oversized lane, who knew, oh you did, next time tell us. HA HA

Gary and Lyn who lease a site at Palm Springs live about 12 miles from here and I let them know we are in the area, they were kind enough to invite us to go with them tomorrow, Gary will be our tour guide for the area.  Gary heads up the Jam session on Mondays down at Palm Springs and has a great voice. I know we will enjoy tomorrow. So until then have a great weekend, by the way it is still raining.  But it does beat the heat anywhere else, high around the 60's this weekend.
June 16, 2012
Today it's back to rain, had breakfast at the clubhouse not many turned out, they are afraid that if this keeps up they might not have the breakfast Saturdays and Sundays next year.  It's a shame as it was great not to have to fix and for $4.75 you get potatoes, eggs and bacon or sausage . 
Yesterday the sun was out so we got to drive to Hope about an hour away from here, the town is small mainly a hiking, camping and tourist town.  There are wood sculptures through out the town, below are just a couple, more on the Canada Photo Page   The first photo below is just some of the mountains you see on the way to hope, lots of snow still on mountains.  That's another thing I love about Canada, you do not see bear spots where trees have been cut down, the mountain are full of trees and it is so wonderful to see nature in all of it's glory.

We toured the town, then drove over to see the Silver Rail tunnels, where a landslide had happened in the 60's and the railroad had to make new rails around the slide, however when we got there it turned out to be a 1.6 mile walk and I nor Mike could walk that far but the scenery getting there just breath taking

We leave here on Wed. to go to Beachwood KM park, for 2 weeks then Birch Bay TT for 3, they both are in Birch Bay about an hour from Vancouver, we will go to Vancouver sometime after the 4th to take more photos.  My Canadian friends you will have lots of CD puzzles. Have almost enough for 4 CD's now. 

Hope you are enjoying our journey and photos, email me if you have any suggestion of what to see also in the area we are in.  Carol856@gmail.com  Until we get to Birch Bay have a great Fathers Day!  Love Carol

June 13, 2012
Raining again but not enough to keep us inside, took a lazy drive to Chilliwack down to 5 corners to see the town,
Hwy 1 is a nice very well maintained freeway, as you can see in the photos the clouds are moving in.  Suppose to rain again tomorrow and Friday clear then back to rain on Sat. and Sun.
The above photo is of the old City Hall now a museum, photo to right is of a church across from City Hall. There are more photos on the Canada Photo page.  Friday, we go to Hope, about an 1 hour from here if Mike is feeling ok., he seems to be doing a lot better, he is taking it easy and resting, says driving does not bother him.

I took the time to make my first Canada Puzzle CD I think it turned out great.  Will take the photos from Chilliwack and Hope & make another one.  When we get to Birch Bay we will drive over to Vancouver so I can get photos there too.  I am trying to talk Mike into taking the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria so I can get photos there also.  I want to do as much as I can and see as I don't know when and if we will be back in this area.
June 12, 2012
Mike is doing a lot better, still hurting but walking around and doing some honey do's.  I don't have him doing too much, he needs to walk and not sit too long.  We drove over to Minter Gardens about 45 min. from here what a beautiful garden not everything in bloom yet, Mike took care and was able to get my scooter out of the car so I could view and take the self guided tour, it is large not as large as the gardens in Victoria, but very nice and beautifully maintained, cost per adult $15, story about the garden and lot more photos on the Canada Photo Page
(click here)

We then drove over to Harrison Hot Springs, it is about 15min. from the gardens, the hot springs under a glass roof we did not see, but the lake was calm and kids were having fun in the water.  We walked around, had lunch, and I finally found some Canadian T-shirts. 

Also had fun walking in Sasquatch steps, they ran along the entire side of the Harrison Mall and lead us to
 Followed the footsteps and sat down to a very
nice guy  sign says " Just hanging around
with the locals in Harrison Hot Springs"

He really did need a shave, but he was freindly and
sort of handsome in his own unique way.

Lots more photos on the photo page CLICK HERE
We had a great day, the sun was out in fact we had short sleeve shirts on, around 70, no rain it was wonderful to feel the sun and be out looking at the scenery, Canada has some spectacular mountains and landscape, I am so glad we were finally able to come, I wish we could stay the whole summer maybe next year. Will be going to Chilliwack tomorrow if the rain stops, yes it started again today, there is an old court house that has been turned into a museum and I want to take photos.  Trying to talk Mike into driving up to Hope B.C. about 50 miles away where I understand there are lots of old buildings and sculptures that would make great puzzles.  Will see how he feels on Friday so we can go.  Until then have a great day. Love Carol

June 8, 2012
There I was looking at the couple who were fixing up the horseshoe pit and thinking I have seen them somewhere before, Dorothy looked at me and said have we meet and I said I think so, we got to talking turns out she had seen me down in Palm Springs with my business cards that I make.  Also they are good friends with Gary and Lyn. Small world.  Dorothy who helps out here at the park with activities put on reg. Bingo and I went with Looney's in my hand.  I have never won at bingo I paid 4 Looney's ( love that word) for 4 cards and the calling started, Dorothy won the first game, the next 3 I won. Got 3 of my Looney's back and had a great time.  Dorothy and her husband George are great people, she made sure to introduce me to all of the folks who came to play. They play under a roof with a large fireplace, my back was to the fireplace so I kept warm while playing.  Had a great time. Thank you Dorothy & George.  Bob and Marge I know you will appreciate the following picture.

Tomorrow we head up the road to, I have been, told some wonderful scenery. The rain has subsided and by Thursday suppose to be down to 20%, Monday we head over to Minter Gardens and Harris where there is an 100 year old Hotel that I want to take photos of.  Today is cleaning day. So I best be getting started, Mike is doing a little better he is in fact doing the wash right now. So until tomorrow Love Carol
June 7, 2012
Mike seems to be doing better, he still hurts and has trouble walking. Thanks to Mel and Pat who changed our reservations for us, we will be heading back to the states on the 20th. We will go to Beachwood a KM park in Birch Bay till the 4th then onto Birch Bay TT for 3 weeks.

The rain continues, but we were able to get out a little & take a few photos, of the area, which is highly active for kids and adults.  You have the Aquadel Golf and Restaurant walking distance to TT and you have the Giggle Ridge Min. Golf and Huge Water Slide about 15 min. drive.  Mike and I will try our hand at min. golf as soon as he feels better. There is large creek running here in the back of the park called Frosset Creek, with all of the rain it has been running fast and wild.

Our Waitress at the Aquadel Golf and Restaurant gave us a lot of tourist information, which by the way has great lunches and you could also play 18 hole golf, we will be going to Chilliwack where they have lots of old buildings and the old court house is now a museum, also a supermarket where I will not be paying high prices for milk, she said the store I went to charges really high as it caters to those who come up on the weekend and forgot something.  Minter Gardens is only 1/2 an hour up the freeway, we will go there next week to see, it is suppose to a smaller version of the Gardens on Victoria Island. Can't wait to see all and take photos.  The rain is suppose to end by next Thursday, I hope so as I want to have great photos for puzzles, so all of my Canadian friends you will have your puzzles, and thank you for insisting I get up here and visit Canada.
Forrest Creek
Aquadel Golf & Restaurant
June 5th, 2012
I looks like we may have to change plans, somehow Mike hurt his back and can barely walk.  He is trying to take the next couple of days and lay still, I don't know what I will do if he does not get better, I am worried about him putting the car on the tow dolly.  I pray that by the time June 20th rolls around he will be better.  I have a friend that I emailed to have them change our reservations back to the USA.  Our health insurance is not covered here in Canada, and by the way Mike is looking and acting he needs to see a doctor.

I drove down the mountain to find a store for milk and found one about 15 min. away. Got 2 1 gal. milk and loaf of bread the gentleman rang me up and when I looked at the cash register could not believe the total.  I asked him if that was correct and he said yes, $17.75 , holy cow, how could you afford to live here, I sure would not be able to.  Good thing I got all of our groceries back in the states.

Took photos of TT you can see the resort by clicking here

Hope tomorrow if it stops raining I can get more photos of this area.
June 03, 2012
Where do I begin, first of all where is the sun, have not see it since we left Reno,
traveled from Elma, WA. to Pat & Mel's in Port Orchard, had a great time the 2 days we were there, meanwhile our awning as some you know had been giving us problems, in Elma it would not go up with the motor, Mike had to push it up with a broom while I pushed the up button, it was a slow process but we finally got it up.  Mike then called around to find us a new motor, of course, no-one had one in stock.  Paulsbo RV in Mt. Vernon said stop by and they would try and fit us in.  Driving thru Seattle the traffic was worse then Phoenix or LA.  I put my camera on motion and took these out the window of the RV.  They just might make it into jig saw puzzles.

We left Port Orchard on the 31st of May, went straight to Paulsbo, could not believe the wonderful service these folks provided for us.  We pulled up and asked where to park, was told to park in the back and for us to go into shop at service, while walking a great gal came out and motioned for us to come back to the rig, she had her service manager waiting for us.  They took a look and then the guy who would be working on it came out and next thing they tell us they will fix on our way back to La Conner. We made the appt. for July 24th, they have ordered all of the parts so we will not have to wait for them. They were friendly and made us feel like we were their only customer.  I pray that when we go to get it fixed they do it right since Camping World has missed it up so much.

We then headed down to the second exit off of the freeway and found a wonderful little RV park, Riverbend RV park. If you decide to try this one out don't follow the gps, we did, it took us across the freeway only to go back under the freeway on Stewart RD.  If you turn left getting off the freeway and at the second stop sign turn right you will go pass Wal-Mart then turn left the park will be on your left.

Rita the manager was friendly and made sure we got a pull thru that was long enough for the tow-dolly.
We liked the park so much that we booked to stay there on the 24th for one night $27 a night not bad for the area all 50 AMPS and full hook ups. Easy on off freeway and shopping.

Wal-Mart is right across the street, in fact when fixing
dinner I needed a tomatoes and Mike walked across to get it.
See more photo of park click here

We got up the next morning went to breakfast, bank only to be told we would need to stop in Bellingham for the Canada currency.  Went to Wal-Mart finished getting our food for the 5 weeks we would be in Canada, was told to make sure we got our dairy in USA as it is very expensive in Canada.  Got back to RV put all away and off we go.  Next stop was Costco, I stayed in the rig while Mike finished getting what we needed.  Off we go, next stop bank to get Canada money.  All done by 1PM.  That's a record for us.  Next stop border, we only had to wait 10 min.  We got to Cultus Lake around 3:30PM found our site and set up. It has been raining ever since we left Port Orchard, would like to see the sun once and a while! 

the above photo in the morning and the one to the right
afternoon, just before the rain started again.
Thousand Trail park click here to see photos  

Have not taken the car to see the park or area around yet will do that on Monday, Mike hurt his back and is having trouble sitting let alone driving.  I pray it will get better soon, he doesn't complain like me but I know he is hurting.  Gotta go now, my meatloaf is about ready and with 30 AMPs I have to schedule exactly when to wash use microwave etc.   Enjoy your sunshine as I have not seen any since leaving Reno.  Love Carol