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June 26, 2010
We are now at Seaside, OR. We arrived on Wednesday, I have been running around like a chicken without a head.  Bev and Susan arrived the same day and we have been going to all kinds of fabric stores.  They are quilters and are now getting me to start.  I am going to try and make a quilt for my niece Leanna who will have her first child in Dec. 

Driving over here on the 101 was so marvelous, the ocean and trees along with the wild flowers that grow along side the highway are beautiful, it only took us 2 hours which was nice, we left around 8:30 AM and arrived here around 10:30, I love these kind of days as we were all set up by 2. As soon as every one was set we all went to the Pigs n Pancakes for brunch.
Susan Bill bottom and Ted and Bev top photo Bill Susan Ted Bev and Mike, Bev's Birthday Party

We are in site 135 here at Leisure Time RV Resort you can see more photos of the park by clicking here

Took a photo of Keri in her new pen she stuck her tongue out at me

Bev Susan and I went to Astoria for fabric and then to Cannon Beach, which is a site no one should miss,

You will find flower's all over the city, it is beautiful and with the sun out what a wonderful day for all of us walking around.  We are all going back next week sometime as we did not see enough. Seaside is about 1 mile from the ocean and the town is not that large and don't have much too say about it, other then, normal ocean town, I like Cannon beach better as it is so cozy with lots of color. 
June 10. 2010
It is still raining, my sister asked to see rain, as she is in Tucson, AZ and it is hot and dry so here are a couple of photos for all who would like to see rain.

The rain is suppose to stop by tomorrow and be dry all next week with the highs in the 60's. Would love it if this happens.

Mike and I went back to Newport the other day so we could get some things from Wal-Mart, as we were going we stopped at Boiler Bay State Park.  What a site it was clear no rain at the time and the ocean was wonderful here are a few pictures, you can see more on the Oregon photo page.

We have till the 23rd and then we move onto Seaside, the activities have been going over big here especially my Joker Card Bingo.  Last Saturday when we played we had one gentleman who looked like he was not having fun moving around but then he came up to me and said he had been playing card bingo since 1972 and this was the first time not only did he really have fun but won. 

We are having Western Days this Saturday, having the kids and Adults shoot out.  Water guns shooting at cans, then we will have Circle the Wagons, where I have two groups one who are wagons and one who are the bandits, the bandits will try and get into the circle of wagons, then we will have a sack race adult and kid, then onto roping the hay.  I hope the kids and adults have fun, after lunch there will be a hay ride and singing around the campfire making smore's.  Gosh I haven't had a smore in years ,yummy.  Since we have Western Singers coming in Saturday night, everyone wanted to make sure they got to play Joker Bingo again so putting it on Sunday night instead.

It has been fun meeting so many new people and playing the games.  Pegs and jokers are also among the favorites.

We went to the Chinook Winds Casino the other night, came home with what I took, so not too bad.  Would have liked to win, Mike says we should just give them the money at the door and leave.  He did not play anything thought he would try 3 card poker but he only watched.  With the rain we have not explored as much as we usually do in an area, hope to get out of the park next week as it is suppose to be dry. YEY.

That's about all for now except tell me how to get a dog to sleep past 6 AM she is up at 5:45 every day and we go out come back wet and cold, I want to sleep at least till 7, let me know if anyone has any ideas. Probably won't update till we get to Seaside, unless I get some awesome photos, so take care and see some of you soon

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