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  Last months journal    
June 16,2009
I finally took a ride around the park today, and got all of those pictures I had been promising.  This park is huge.  It actually took me about 1 hour to get around, of course I did stop and talk to some folks in the Adult clubhouse which is downstairs of the main clubhouse, Vincent who is from Scotland wanted to be in the picture so made sure he was. His friends are from Canada and they were delightful people to talk with.  I really enjoyed our time together. 
Everyone we meet from Canada are so wonderful to talk with and I really feel like friends the first time you say hi.

 Anyway Mike is in Las Cruces, NM, his father is not doing too well and his stepmother is having a hard time herself.  It looks like we might be changing our plans again for this winter as we may need to go to Las Cruces and help them out, won't know for sure till after Friday when Mike gets back.  It will give Mike time to be with his dad and maybe I can help out some too.

Make sure you see the
pictures of the park I just put on especially if you have never been here, they may make you want to come. 

There is a casino (Skagit Valley Casino Resort) just down from the park, in fact if you call from the ranger station the shuttle will pick you up.  I made myself a promise after going to all of those casino's in Indio that I would stay away for 2 years, boy is that hard with one that close.

Guess I better quit talking, I mean typing, and get this uploaded. Until next time. Stay safe and have fun remember if you are traveling, which I know most of you are settled for the summer, no left turns and keep the wind to your back.  Love Carol
June 16,2009
I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since we arrived.  It has been peaceful and very quiet, the sunsets are a site to behold They are different every night, my file on sunsets alone could get filled just taking pictures here. 

We went whale watching The Island Explorer, was bought from Hawaii and now resides here for whale watching, nice large boat and we were extremely comfortable all 5 hours on it.  It was such a smooth ride, didn't feel like we were even on the water.  We were shown several of the island while looking for whales, it was very informative, we ended up in the Strait of Just De Fuca taking a look at Friday Island, which Mike & I had been too last time we were in Washington.  Another 45 min and behold our first whale, the only problem is you don't know where to look.  This was the best picture as I rushed to the port side to capture has everyone yelled there goes another, and there were about 5 or more sightings of the Minkas Whales.  They are the smaller whales only grow to about 30 feet and right now are the only ones in the area.  Then we headed back to the marina, that only took us another hour so we were able to get a good look at Widbey Island, it was funny seeing Mt. Washington park from the water since we had taken pictures of the island from there.

We now have Verizon air card, since we could not get internet service with Hughes through the trees, decided time to try the card.  So far it has worked great, looks like we can stop setting up the satellite, which I know Mike is happy about.  We are keeping the equipment just long enough to make sure Verizon works everywhere.  We are leaving for Mt. Vernon on Thursday (18th). and there are a lot of trees there also, so if it works there then we have a home run.

We will be at the next TT campground for 3 weeks also, then we come back here for 3 before heading west to the other side of Washington.  Our KM home park Elma is our next stop.  But before that I am totally thrilled that my sister Fran will be coming here to La Conner and spend a week with us, we haven't seen each other for 2 years so it will be great and since she loves to site see, Mike will be a happy camper, as she and I will take to the road site seeing and shopping.

Hey out there who is reading my  journals??  Could you email me and let me know if this is such a good idea ( journals that is).  I would like to know if I should be keeping this going.  THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE SUPPORTING THE SITE.  Email Carol

Take care and will show you pictures of the next stop.  Love Carol
June 05,2009
Today we went to Anacortes to find about Whale Watching, found out there are whales that we will be able to see so taking a tour on Tues.  We then headed on over to Deception Pass where we had gone under with the ferry to San Juan Islands 2 years ago now we were to drive over it.  But had to make a stop on Mt. Erie first, what a site you can see all of the surrounding islands, even with the haze, it was a breath taking. there are many photos on the Washington Photo page click here a separate window will open.

 Headed for Bow Bay, it is just before you get to Deception pass, there is a long boat dock that you can walk out to see the Straits of San Juan Fuca.  
It is a State park very clean and well maintained as all of the parks here in Washington are.  Then onto Deception Pass
We stopped at the view area to take pictures and read about the bridge. It cost $494,000 to build in the early 1900's and today over 14-16 thousands cars go from Anacortes to Widbey Island and Oak Harbor.  More pictures on the photo page 

What is a trip without stopping to eat, we asked at the Visitor Center where we could get a late lunch and see the water, she suggested E' Pueblo, got directions and headed there, it was on Oak Harbor, you stay on the 20, which by the way is the same road you take from Anacortes over Deception Pass, back to the restaurant directions, you stay on the 20 till you get pass the Safeway, it is actually almost as far as you can go on the island.  The 2nd light after Safeway you make a left, then watch for the Well's Fargo Bank on your right as you will turn right as if going to the bank, then immediately turn left, this will take you to E'Pueblo, it doesn't look like it is even open, but it was and the food was good and reasonable, of course we were paying for lunch but the dinner menu didn't look any higher. 
The dinning area is upstairs and there are few steps, almost made me not go up, but then the view of the bay and the food and service were outstanding.
I would recommend this Mexican Restaurant. 

It was a very good day we both enjoyed this drive as the scenery was wonderful the traffic not bad and it was an easy drive from La Conner to Oak Harbor.  If you come up this way make sure you take the drive including Mt. Erie. 

When we got back to the rig, and opened the screen door the latch broke, then went to use the toilet and a spring broke, to top it off on the way from Newport one of my latches had broken on a draw, so guess we will spend Saturday at, YEP, Camping World which is a matter of 20 min.  I-5 going to Bellingham.  Mike just informed me we have to go to Bellingham to get the part for the toilet, that is about 40 miles north of here and on the way to Camping World.  Breakage comes in threes so guess we are done for the year, wishing it to be true.

Until tomorrow enjoy your day.   Love Carol
June 03,2009
We are in La Conner, WA at the Thousand Trails park, see pictures of the park click here

this is what we see from our picnic table, in my opinion the #1 park in sites, scenery and people.  We were very lucky to get a Puget sound site with full hook ups.  I love this park it is like camping in the forest yet having the amenities of clubhouse, store and even Fri.-Sun. breakfast and barbeques.  We are close to Anecdotes 8 miles,  Whidbey Island 11 miles and by ferry San Juan Islands as well as Orca Island.  The town of La Conner is a crafty antique town with lots of fishing boats and of course Puget Sound.  Our RV next to one of the cabins and as you can see we have the sound right behind us.  This is the rear of our site.

 I am heaven with this site
  It has full hook ups, however we could not get the internet with our satellite so we had to purchase an air card from Verizon today so I could up date the site and Mike could play some poker.  We cannot get Direct way as the trac vision for some reason can't go through trees.  But that's ok, I have a new software program that I can take all my pictures (one at a time) and turn into jig saw puzzles.  I am having loads of fun with it,  I can even put these on CD so anyone can become an attic like me.  Sure is easier to put together a jig saw on the computer then worry about getting it done so you  can put it up and out of the way, this way it is always on the computer.

Anyway getting back to not having TV I don't mind and Mike doesn't either now that he can get on the internet. 

We went to Anacortes the other day and up to Mt. Washington where you can see almost all of the islands, I don't know if you can see it but way in the back is a sail boat going between the islands on the way to San Juan Island. 

We will be going into La Conner next week so I can take pictures to show everyone of wonderful town.  We love the area so much that we have gone to plan B, we will be going to Mt. Vernon up the road about 15min from here towards Canada for 3 weeks on the 18th, then we head back here to La Conner July 9 the to the 30th, probably won't get as good as a site we have now but at least we will be here where the views are fantastic.  We then hope to head over to our Home park Elma, WA to spend about 2 weeks before heading down the coast, taking our time through Oregon and CA.

Mike gave up the air card so I could update web, gotta go so he can have air time.  Will put new pictures on web soon.  Take care Love Carol