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May 17,, 2013
Left Palm Desert on April 29, where it was hot around 100 and now it is May and raining here in Elma, WA temps are in the 60's during the day and low 50's at night.  We arrived on the 9th and had 4 days of sun since then cool and sprinkles all day and night.  I love it, the grey sky is nice but don't know how long I will like it.  Pat and Mel came over to pick up her stuff that we bought from Palm Springs.  We all then went to the casino where I lost of course, been on a too long of a losing streak.  We will be going to their place in Port Orchard on Tues. for a little over a week.  Pat wants us to come sooner so we can play Uno and or cards, we really love doing things with these two are they a lot of fun and we get along as if we have known each other all of our lives.  Nothing to do here in Elma except Texas Holdem on Tues and Fridays.  Mike won last Tuesday hope he can win tonight. 

We took the I-5 all the way up, the worst freeway in the world I believe.  It needs repaired badly, you can tell immediately without looking at any signs you are in Oregon as the freeway is wonderful easy to drive they maintain it constantly.

We stopped for Breakfast at Harris on the way up had never been there before it is right off of the Freeway, an 18,000 acre ranch of cattle and fruit trees, great breakfast, gift shop inside the area where the restaurant is and a hotel.  Exit 198 great place to stop. Prices not too bad, breakfast was around $28 for the 2 of us.

Harris Hotel Exit 198

We then headed for Delta Shores where we stayed for about 5 days I did not want to spend the week there as their was nothing to do.  They had a craft show on Saturday cost me $10 and did not do anything the people did not come out. Was suppose to be a big day as they had all of the restaurants and B&B's participating in a Fiesta weekend.  No one came down to the RV park.   

We then headed for Eureka were we where to spend the night, Pat called reminding us of Rolling Hills Casino RV park, that was only $10 a night, so we cancelled our Passport America reservation and went there, only thing was it now was $28 a night.  But I did not have to cook as they had a dinner buffet.  Below are Photos I took while Mike drove.  Hope you enjoy your photo trip along the 5

Delta Shores Sacramento
  Shasta Lake
We are now in Oregon  
  7 Feathers Casino
We got gas in Medford at Flying J it was only $3.599 7 Feathers RV Park
Portland Temple  

We Headed to 7 Feathers and stayed for 2 nights, they have closed the poker room so no more Texas Holdem there.  Mike was not happy so we played the slots did not win.

We were suppose to spend the night at a Wal-Mart but Mike missed the exit so we drove straight to Elma.  That was a long 7 hour trip, I keep saying no more but it seems that we do it anyway.  That's all for now will update once we get to Birch Bay, (Blaine, WA.) area.

Love Carol