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See what we were doing last year
May 21, 2012

Our trip from Palm Springs to Las Vegas was great we took the 95 what a great road, 2 lane hwy, no traffic and no bumps smooth.  After Vegas where Mike & I did play Texas Holdem tournaments but never got to the final tables.  We then proceeded to Reno, we stayed on the 95 stopping in Fallon so Mike could visit his Uncle, the night before we stayed at an empty lot next to a casino in Tonopah, they allow truckers and RV's to spend the night, it was cold and windy, Mike had to get the jacket out and as of today 05/21 we still have jackets on.  Mike had a nice visit with his uncle, we then left that afternoon for Reno, we stayed on the 95. 
It was wonderful, I have decided from now on no freeways unless we absolutely have to travel on them.

Passing thru Hawthorne, on the way to Fallon,
 I did not know that this
military base was there, could not believe
all of the bunkers,
where they keep who knows what.
Walker Lake a huge lake in the middle of
the desert
Next to the base, great R&R for our guys.

We stayed at the Sparks Marina and RV park, we had stayed there the last time we were in Reno it is a great park, fees run around $39 a night, we stayed 4 nights.  Russ and Jody lived close by, we called them and they came by and we all went to the Peppermill for a Texas Holdem game,
Russ and Jody had us over for a bar-b-que lots of food great chef's and they have a beautiful home just outside of Reno. 

While walking around Reno came across the Blarney Stone rubbed it for luck, guess it worked came out ahead at the Peppermill.

All of the streets were under construction, it had been 47 years
since Mike & I had been downtown, could not remember anything
there. The Welcome to Reno sign was moved from the original
spot to the main area downtown now.
Brew Brother's upstairs in the Eldorado, there are 3
casinos inside the same building, we went in the
Eldorado, upstairs was the Brew Brothers and when
we went to get our car from valet, found we were
at the wrong casino had to walk all over
just to find the car

We left Reno and headed for 7 Feathers exit 99 in Oregon, on the way we stopped at Canyon River Dance RV park,
nestled in the trees with a view of Mt. Shasta

click on photo to see more of park

On to 7 Feathers RV park and Casino, we spent 4 days at the park going to the casino and playing Texas Holdem every day, 2-4 limit, they have rewards if you get AAA-88 you get $50 I had it the first night and was ahead until I went on the floor to play slots. We love this park it is gorgeous, it's a great stop over going north. 


We are now in Elma, at Travel Inn KM Resort, Pat and Mel had already arrived, it was so good to see them, we have had lots of fun, they were suppose to stay till today the 21st, but they got a call that there son's father-in-law who was diving with their son, somehow got tangled up below and drowned, they left to be with their family.  We had intended to go to their place on the 29 for 4 days before heading to B.C. we will see in a couple of days if they are up to having us.  They are great friends and lots of fun to be around.  Our prays are with them and their family.

We still have jackets on, raining till Thrusday they say, we will see.  I just hope it will stop long enough for us to enjoy B.C. am getting ants in my feet to be on the road to a new destination.  Until I take new photos and have another update hope all are where they are wanting to be for the summer. Take care and stay dry and cool.  Love Carol

April 19, 2012
We are now in TT in Las Vegas, is warm windy but staying inside with the AC's on makes it comfortable.  Will be here till May 7th then head north.

Went and found the Poker Stuff store and ended up spending $134. for the 8 new very large buttons ( yes folks we got the big ones), we added 150 $10 chips and 25 $5000 chips, also had to purchase 2 new cases (this way I may even be able to carry the chips),as the one we had was heavy & gave out at the last tournament & was very heavy to carry, as Mike was carry it to the car the top almost came off and we would have still been in the parking lot picking up the chips if it had.  I am planning on putting a donation can for people to donate to re-coup our expenses.  Mike says that he hopes since we have been paying for everything since we started.  I know our poker buddies will not mind helping to cover the expenses.

  Prior to leaving we had our final Texas Holdem Tournaments and Pizza party.  It turned out to be a blast, everyone had so much fun we have been told it is now a tradition and we need to make sure we come back to hold the Sunday Tournaments and party. Here are a few photos I know I probably missed some of you who play with us, and will try and get your photo next year.  (Last year I cooked Chimm's glad to have done it, but a pizza party is way too much fun.

Vivian surprised us with a cake, it was a thoughtful and wonderful cake everyone loved it Ray & Nancy, they put on Texas Holdem every Thursday night, ours are on Sundays, Nancy is a doll, whenever I need help with Keri for walks or anything else she is right there. They are like family, you know the ones who you can kid and still be friends.  However if she keeps getting items of Kokopelli's I will have to consider if we are friends. ( We both love Kokopelli's and she is giving me a gift at least once a season) Love you Nancy AW the final Table, we started with 4 tables of 9 at 2 PM and around 5 we had our final 3, Todd, Gary who always play and the new guy.   As you can see we are the same as you  see on TV cheering and awing our players.  Jodie in red and back to us became the permanent dealer and what a great job she did!
As you can we are all very serious when it comes to our poker, Gary has an uncanny winning streak going this year, he has won 1st, 2nd and 3rd and he has also lost with 4 aces to a
Royal Flush. He came in 1st this time also
Todd, came in second, he is one hack of a guy, when Mike & I are out the park we come back and put the game on, Todd was out of the park and he too came back and played he also came back the night we had Casino Night, he is funny and loads of fun. And always there to help.  Vivian his wife in next photo also a great & wonderful person
Vivian what a gal Jodie and Russ who are not full time yet, they come from Reno where she and he play Texas Holdem in the casinos, both are great players and a lot of fun, Russ helps out whenever there is a need.  Casino there was a need and Russ stepped up to the plate. Gary giving a toast to Nancy, Ray, Mike & I
Marge's Husband Bob is not in this photo don't know how I missed him, Don who helped with ordering the pizza's and making sure everything was in order.  Was I glad he did we had over 22 pizza's delivered and with everyone ordering their own toppings, Don made sure the names where on the correct boxes, and he did a wonderful job.  Needless to say who will be ordering next year too, Don you have now been added to the Carol's great help list. Nickie assistant activities director, she is a happy person to be around and we all love her Ray, I want that shirt, he is a great guy who puts on the Texas Holdem tournaments on Thursday's
Here are a few more of our friends who play and are in the park for the season, upper left Alfie and Liz, upper center Ralph and Kathy,
Left Jake and Nancy, right backs to the photo Bill & Gloria, Jim in the white shirt and others

Our season is over but we will keep in touch, we love all of these people just like family, because they are our family of TT friends and we will probably see them on the road.  If not we will see them next season, YES guys Mike has agreed on coming back to put on our Sunday's, he keeps saying unless plan b comes into effect.  Don't worry I love to play so much and enjoy all of you I will make sure we come back for one more season.  After all it has been now 4 years we have been doing it what else do we have to do!!

While we were playing the sky turned gray and a beautiful rainbow appeared 
Could not have happened on a better day, this is proof that gold at the end of the rainbow is in Palm Springs TT, all of our friends are a pot of gold!

Love Carol